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    Standard Personal Letter to XXXX

    Vorab ein Hallo an alle anwesenden hier. Nachdem ich nun schon eine Weile sehr interessiert mitlese hab ich ein kleines Zuckerli für euch. Also wer grade mal nichts zum baiten hat darf sich natürlich gerne bedienen !

    Ich werde mich allerdings auch mal an einem Bait versuchen denke ich

    Viel Spaß bei :

    Personal letter to XXXXXXXXXXXX

    My name is Kathy Olds. I do not know how to introduce this letter but please go through this website:

    I lost my son and my wife in this Zimbabwe and now I have serious neuro problem. I have stroke and other complications.

    What is the world doing about the situation in zimbabwe.

    Anyways, I am writting this letter to request for a business relationship from you or your company. My family owned a family busineses, and a major account with VEF bank Riga latvia containning the sum of $8 million (USD) only. I sold everything we had including our estates and secured the funds with Vef Bank.

    With the help of my friend Mr. Mike Woods the funds have been protected in a Trust company here in UK on my behalf when Vef bank started encountering problems in their financial system.

    Please I need you to come and help me to secure this funds for oversea investment. I am sick now with stroke and cannot do anything further.

    Please it is through the help of some organizations that I am able to write you thsi email from my hospital bed.

    May be some many people are writting you emails from zimbabwe. Most are true as the situation is getting hot.

    I may not be able to reply you but please contact my friend Mr. Mike Woods at for further information.

    He will establish a relationship with you and also get to know you better and you will know him better. Then he shall notify you of what I want to do with the funds and how I intend to secure the funds.

    Additionally please when you reply to him ensure that you send him your telephone contacts, mobile phone number and fax number and also a more private email address to discuss this business transaction.

    In summary I need a good business manager who can protect this fund for me in a good business project. I am ready to make an offer to him. A great one that he will not refuse. When you get back to us you will know about the offer. I am ready to pay you 20% of these funds for all your assistance which my friend shall prescribe and more for the investment. My friend shall provide you all the confirmable documents regarding the deal with Vef bank and information regarding where the funds are situated and what you are going to do. But in brief you shall arrange an urgent visit to UK my friend Mr. Mike Woods for this transaction. All documents concering this business shall be sent to you by Mr. Mike Woods and please do bear in mind that this is an urgent business concern and it requires extremely urgent attention.

    Thanks for reading my letter.

    Reply immediately to mikewoodsmail@sify

    Kathy Olds

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    Nanü..... Zimbabwe ligt wies scheint neuerdings in Indien...

    Satyam Infoway Ltd
    Maansarovar Towers
    271 A Anna Salai
    Teynampet, Chennai 600113

    Domain Name: SIFY.COM

    Administrative Contact, Technical Contact:
    Sify Ltd
    2nd Floor, Tidel Park
    #4, Canal Bank Road
    Chennai, Tamilnadu 600113
    91-44-22540770 fax: 91-44-22540771

    Witzig , witzig findet ihr nicht ?

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    Standard Sify

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    Nanü..... Zimbabwe liegt, wie's scheint, neuerdings in Indien...

    Domain Name: SIFY.COM

    Administrative Contact, Technical Contact:
    Sify Ltd
    Leider nicht witzig. Ich habe früher x-mal Nigeria-Mails über Sify bekommen. Auf Beschwerden haben sie nie reagiert, es dürften ziemlich hartnäckige Schwarzhüte sein. gehört auch in diese Kategorie.

    Wer mir was tut, sei auf der Hut!




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