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Thema: Spam von Jobzooma Ltd.

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    Standard Update from Companieshouse

    I love the smell of bad Jobzooma reviews on TrustPilot in the morning :-)

    With 40+ bad reviews on TrustPilot and counting, Jobzooma thinks they found a loophole in the TrustPilot T&Cs to silence the critics to their practices and clean up their increasingly bad reputation.

    Zitat Zitat von
    When can you write a review?
    1.1 You can write a review on Trustpilot about a company if you have had a buying or service experience with that company, which means that:
    you can otherwise document your use of the Company's service, including via correspondence or other interaction with the Company.
    I think asking Jobzooma
    a) what data they hold, b) where they got it from, c) to be removed from their database and d) to be removed from their spam-runs
    by sending an email to and getting no reply at all is a documentable service experience worth reporting.

    Anyhow, read them while they're still there !

    Today let's have a fresh look at the companieshouse database in the UK...

    Besides another capital increase on July 16th there is some stuff that rang a bell with me:
    Zitat Zitat von Jobzooma Company Details on
    Mortgage: Number of charges: 1 ( 1 outstanding / 0 satisfied / 0 part satisfied )
    Whoops? an outstanding "Mortgage charge"?

    See: charges for Jobzooma

    From there click on "Charge code <number>" to continue onwards to the details of the charge:
    Zitat Zitat von<id>
    Charge code 1012 7824 0001
    Created 15 May 2018
    Delivered 18 May 2018
    Status Outstanding

    Transaction Filed
    Registration of a charge (MR01)
    View PDF for Registration of a charge (MR01) (9 pages)

    Persons entitled National Westminster Bank PLC

    Brief description
    Contains fixed charge.
    Contains floating charge.
    Floating charge covers all the property or undertaking of the company.
    Contains negative pledge.
    In mid May, just a couple of days before GDPR goes into effect?

    Go there, download the PDF (it's free of charge) and read for yourself.
    Zitat Zitat von Registration of a Charge PDF
    Owner: Jobzooma Limited
    2 Charge
    The Owner, as a continuing security for the payment on demand of the Owner's Obligations and with full title guarantee, gives to the Bank:
    2.1.2 all plant and machinery, including any associated warranties and maintenance contracts.
    2.1.3 all the goodwill of the Owner's business {...}
    2.1.6 all intellectual property, licenses, claims, insurance policies, proceeds of any insurance and any other legal rights. {...}
    2.2 a floating charge over all the other property, assets and rights of the Owner owned now or in the future which are not subject to an effective fixed charge under this deed or under any other security held by the Bank.

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    Standard GDPR compliance spam continues GDPR-Compliance Spam continues as if it never stopped...

    The mail-header in this post is rather old, but I have more to come... - Jobzooma is really keen on keeping this thread alive!

    01: Return-Path: <someId [at]>
    02: Received: from (
    03: []) by (Postfix) with ESMTPS ID: [ID filtered]
    04: Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2018 xx:xx:xx +0000
    05: To: me <poor [at] spamvictim.tld>
    06: From: <support [at]>
    07: Reply-To: <support [at]>
    08: Subject: ${firstname}, please update your profile to help us comply with GDPR
    09: Message-ID: [ID filtered]
    10: X-Mailer: Sendy (
    11: List-Unsubscribe: <>
    12: MIME-Version: 1.0
    13: Content-Type: text/html; charset=UTF-8

    The usual "help us comply with GDPR" spam continues, after a couple of weeks of not spamming me...

    Want another joke: (from Trustpilot)
    Your review refers to emails you have received from us in the process of cleansing our data ahead of GDPR.
    Well, we are way past May 25th - and they still haven't cleaned me from their database...

    Regarding their Trustpilot "cleaning" - yes, they cleaned some of them (I have backup copies ;-)), but for some others they now "won" "verified order" tags on "one-star" reviews. Must have been quite an experience for them that cleaning up a bad reputation is not as easy as it seems...

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