Hello Sir/Madam,

I hope that this e-mail finds you well. My name is Paul Peterson, an Accountant based in Peterborough, United Kingdom. My wife will be celebrating her 60th birthday on the 30th of May 2020, therefore I want to contract your services to organise a surprise birthday party for her. It has been the lifelong dream of Pattie to celebrate one of her birthdays in your country regardless of the location, and I am happy to make her wishes come true this time around.

The birthday party is for close neat family members, so it is not going to be a fanfare celebration but a moderate get together evening with close family and friends. Pattie loves a quiet evening with close family members and friends, reminiscing on the old times and sharing life stories. I have made the decision that you will take charge of organising the whole event because of your expertise. Consequently I have listed the services that will be required for the celebration to guide your planning for the event:

1). Venue with the capacity to accommodate 18 guests (I and my wife inclusive) for the date 30th May 2020 – I will suggest that a hotel venue will be okay for the birthday party or else any other suitable venue will be accepted.

2). Organise Transport services to chauffeur the guests from the airport on the day of arrival and the day of departure.(arrival date: 29th May 2020, departure date: 1st June 2020).

3). Book hotel accommodation for the 18 guests (9 couples), arriving on the 29th May 2020 and departing on the 1st June 2020 (3-days) - 9 double rooms or an apartment that sleeps 18 persons will be ideal.

4). Arrange Dinner nights for the guests 2-Nights Dinner only (29th May 2020 & 31st May 2020) in any nice restaurant. Any drinks ordered will be paid on the spot and No special dietary is required. The ages of the Guests are between 49 years - 70 years.

5). The birthday party will be on the 30th May 2020. The event should be held in the evening and the venue should be well decorated. We require the services of a photographer / cinematography, DJ (jazz music or any other cool classical music for the night). Dinner for the night (any menu whether continental or Mediterranean etc is fine) should be served with wines, beers and champagne for the toast. Produce birthday cake (with the inscription 60th).

The proposed budget is €16,500.00 to cover for the above-listed services and this budget remains very flexible pending the receipt of your price offer which will determine whether the budget should be reduced or increased - But please try to work out your price offer within the aforementioned budget and do not hesitate to make proposals or suggestions that you think will help towards the success of the birthday celebration.

I am looking forward to your timely reply whether you will be able to organise this birthday party and to advise whether my proposed budget can cover for the event with the regards to the services that we have listed above. Please remember that this is a surprise birthday party and I will like it to remain so.

Warmest regards,
Paul Peterson
The Village Green
Orton Longueville
United Kingdom
Tel-: +447459027648
@-: posts.webmasters@gmail.com
Natürlich ist die Mailadresse aus der Signatur der Mail eine andere als die, auf die man direkt antwortet. Das ist dann die infos.bookings@gmail.com. Lieber Mugu Paul, Du solltest dich also entscheiden, welche Mailadresse du hast. Oder fällt Dir das so schwer wie ein Brexit? Wobei: Du bist ja eh nicht in England. Du bist dort, wo es warm ist.

Dass so eine Anfrage ein Fake ist, sieht selbst der Hobby-Eventveranstalter auf dem ersten Blick, hoffe ich ;-)