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03.12.2002, 17:06
zutiefst beeindruckt bin ich von der (Hilfe-)Mail aus dem Benin, die mich heute (wortgleich) unter 7 (!) verschiedenen Namen bekommen habe. Kann es wirklich sein, daß irgendwelche Leute daruf reinfallen, nachdem Nigeria eigentlich ja alles abgegrast hat??? :-)
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From=3A Andrew Guei
cotonou-republique du benin=2E
Tel =3A229 96-22-86

Dear Sir=2C
I got your contact while searching for somebody who will be of immediate
assistance to me now=2C then I decided to forward this business proposal to you with hope that it will be of beneficial to both of us=2E
Let me introduce myself to you=2C I`m Andrew Guei=2C the first Son of the former military ruler of =28 cote d=92 Ivoire =2Fivory coast=2C=29 who had just been killed on 19=2F9=2F2002 with some of his loyalist officers during a cross fire battle between them and government troops in his attempt to seize power through coup de eta in Abidjan on 19=2F9=2F2002
In brief=2C I have the sum of sixteen million seven hundred thousand united states dollars only=28us$16=2E7m=29 which I want to move out of here with most despatch=2E
This money was deposited by my late father in a security company for the purpose of using it to fine tune his administration in the invent that he succeed in the fail coup attempt=2E While I was also made the sole beneficiary and next of kin as the first son of my mother the third wife to my father=2C in a situation like this that we are right now=2E So because of the present situation in my country cote de ivoire =2C my mother advised me to leave the country immediately for security reasons=2C and also to look for a trust worthy foreign partner who can assist me to transfer the money out of Cotonou-Benin Republic=2E to his private or company`s account for investment=2E
Sir=2C I highly need your assistance both in transferring the money to your country and also investing it in a profitable venture with your kind advice =2Cas I confide in you hoping you will never betray me at last=2E
My mother and I have proposed =2840%=29 percent of the total sum of the money for you as your own commission=2C so as for you to give us all necessary assistance and protection we may need in your Country=2E Please treat as highly confidential because our future depends on this money=2C all the vital documents covering the deposit of the fund in a security company are with me here in Cotonou=2C and will be used to effect change of ownership in your favour for subsequent transfer to any account you may wish us to use abroad =2E
The identity of the finance company where the fund is deposited=2C will be revealed to you as soon as I recieve confirmation from you on your willingness to proceed=2C as seeing is believing=2E reach me through this mail box to discuss modalities on how to proceed=2E Call me on the above stated telephone number before sending your mail so that I can pick it up immediately as I am always in my hotel room for some security reasons=2E
Looking forward to hearing from you urgent=2E
Best regards
Mr Andrew Guei