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Don Promillo
12.12.2007, 11:43
Captain William Johnson braucht dringend Hilfe!

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Hello Dear Friend ,

Please pardon my indignation for contacting you via this media. I have no option for now than to mail you. I know that my letter may seem strange to you, but I pray God that you give it a fair hearing as you will benefit from it too.

I am in need of your assistance. My name is Capt. William Johnson, I am in the Engineering Military Unit of Liberia. I have about $10.5 Million US dollars.

I made during the civil war in my country on diamond deal and I have moved this fund to Eruop and now I want to move this fund out of that country to your country as soon as we finalised.

I want to move this fund to your country through diplomatic means, to send it directly to you or anyplace of your choice in your country with diplomatic courier service, provided you will assure me of your capability to secure this fund untill I will come with my investment plans on my own share of the fund.

Once the fund get to you, you will take 30% out of this fund and keep 70% safely for me.

My good friend your role in this deal is to set up secured A/C where you will lodge in my own part of this fund safely untill I come for it.

Please reply me back immediately if you are interested. I will furnish you with more details soonest I read your reply.

I guarantee that this deal will be executed under legitimate arrangements that will protect you from any breach of the law.

Be rest assured of this my good friend. On your reply please indicate your telephone/fax numbers,Address,Age, and Country of Origen, for easier and oral communication.

Waiting for your urgent response.

Friendly regards,

Capt. William Johnson.

So ein geiziger Mugu...