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Don Promillo
27.02.2008, 06:56
Mit dem Text sollte sich der falsche "Pastor" bei B O L L Y W O O D bewerben..:)

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praise the lord

My Dearest Loving and Honorable Friend In Christ , Greetings I greet
you in the wonderful name of Christ Jesus. First of all I praise God for
this wonderful opportunity to share my ministry activities with you.
We know these are the last days and Satan is doing his best to crush the
children of God and to destroy the kingdom of God . At the same time
God's children are proceeding forward with a determination to bring down
the walls of the enemy. I sincerely acknowledge ourselves as belonging
to God's children. We are straining every our nerve to spread the
kingdom of God in India . I take the promise from Mathew7.7 and approach
you for your kind consideration for our ministry. I may be knocking at
your door at an odd time, but with the promise that it will be fulfilled.
We are a team of youngsters with a great zeal and enthusiasm to extend
the kingdom of god in India . We have no affiliation with any
organization and we have no any kind of support from anywhere. The
resources we have in our ministry are very limited and many times they
are beyond the reach of our basic needs. Our aim is to visit every
nook and corners of Indian villages and promote the Gospel to every
perishing soul. We really hope to see a great deal of harvest in the coming
days. In this regard we earnestly wish for your leadership and guidance.
Our ministry is mainly based on Gospel work in rural, tribal and slum
areas. We visit a number of villages in a month to proclaim the Gospel.
India is a country of Idolatry and superstitions. Indians have
9million of Gods and Jesus Christ is considered to be a foreign god. So what
we want to prove is that Jesus is the savior of the world. In this
regard we need your encouragement in anyway. Christianity in India is
considered to be the religion of lowest community. Christians have no honor
in the society. They are not allowed to live together with the people of
High community. They are considered to be untouchables. So they
live in their huts at the outskirts of villages. They work as laborers
in the fields for the landlords. They really depend on their potluck.
It is because of their poverty and illiteracy. We are regular victims
of nature calamities such as cyclones, floods and fire accidents, which
take away every year a number of lives and make their children orphans.
At such times we bring some of the orphans to us on look after them by
collecting money from our local people. But many times the money
collected in that way is beyond the reach of their basic needs. At present
we are looking after40 orphan children. When we found them they were in
a very pathetic condition. They continually cried for their lost
parents. Some midnight many of them got up and cried bitterly for their lost
mother and father. It was beyond our level to console them they are
gradually getting accustomed to our love and care. We have to provide them
clothes and coverings. Feed them twice a day. Send them to
school and buy their educational material and pay their medical bills.
Now days prices have gone up so high that a common man cannot reach
them. In such a condition we are not able to feed them and meet their
needs properly. If we forsake them to their fate their precious lives will
be ruined. In this regard we approach you for your kind charity and
generosity to wipe out the continuous stream of tears on their tender
cheeks and fill their little bellies with a little food. If you could
kindly find a sponsor to support them every month we will be ever grateful
to you. Please have compassion for them. In a very needy condition we
look on to u for your kind involvement. As we have shared with the
orphan children about this letter to you they have already started to pray
that our Heavenly Father may bring you their way. Waiting for your
loving mail God has given all of us the mandate to care for the widows and
the orphans, so much so that God says in His word that "pure
religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, to visit the
fatherless and widows in their affliction." James 1:27 "I needed
clothes and you clothed me. I was sick and you looked after me Matthew 25:36

Yours Obedient Servant,
D.Kiran Kumar

My mailing address is:

FaithLoveHope Ministries
D.Kiran Kumar
Jagannadapuram ,
Guntur District ,
Andhra Pradesh,
South India

Demnächst hängen die Mugus noch ne Soundfile mit ihrem Singsang an..