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25.04.2008, 16:42
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EMAIL: zaohanglin2911 [at] yahoo.cn

Dear Associate,

Thank you for giving me your time. Please be patient and read my email
to you.

I am presently the manager of the Bank of China, Shenzhen branch.
Prior to this position, I was attached to Private Banking services. I
am contacting you concerning an investment placed under our bank's
management 4 years ago; you are contacted independently out of
investigation in the bank. I would like to intimate you with certain
facts that I believe would be of interest to you.

In the year 1998, a certain Mr. Robert Rice came to our bank to engage
in business discussions with our Private Banking Services Department.
He informed us that he had a financial portfolio of 30 million United
States dollars, which he wished to have us invest on his behalf. I was
the officer assigned to his case; I then proceeded to provide numerous
suggestions and advise in line with my duties as the de-facto Chief
Operations officer of the Private Banking Services Department,
especially given the volume of funds he wished to put into our bank.
We met on numerous occasions prior to any investments being placed. I
encouraged him to consider various growth funds with prime ratings.
The favored route in my advice to customers is to start by assessing
data on 600 traditional stocks and bond managers and alternative
investments. Based on my advice, we spun the money around various
opportunities and made very attractive profits margins during our
first months of operation; the accrued profit and interest at this
point stood at over 34.5 million United States dollars. He desired low
risk and guaranteed returns on investments, and as such we could not
utilise the full potential of the funds.

On November 6, 2001, he requested disinvestments and directed that the
funds be deposited in a Fixed (Numbered) Deposit account in my branch
for 12 calender months. His instructions were precisely followed to
the latter and all the funds recalled from the active market and
deposited. Upon maturity, I sent a routine notification to his
forwarding address but got no reply. After a month, we sent a reminder
and finally we discovered from his contract employers, the Chinese
SolID: [ID filtered]
On further investigation, I found out that he died without making a
WILL, and all attempts to trace his next of kin was fruitless.

I therefore made further investigation and discovered that he dID: [ID filtered]
declare any kin or relations in all his official documents, including
his Bank Deposit paperwork in my Bank. This money is still sitting in
my Bank and the interest is being rolled over with the principal sum
at the end of each year. No one will ever come forward to claim it.
According to Laws of Republic of China, at the expiration of 6 (six)
years, the money will revert to the ownership of the Chinese
Government if nobody applies to claim the fund. What I wish to relate
to you will smack of unethical practice but I want you to understand
something. It is only an outsider to the banking world who finds the
internal politics of the banking world aberrational. The world of
private banking especially is fraught with huge rewards for those who
occupy certain offices and oversee certain portfolios. You should have
begun by now to put together the general direction of what I am

Consequently, my proposal is that I will like you as a foreigner to
stand in as the next of kin to the man so that the fruits of this old
man's labor will not get into the hands of some corrupt government
officials. This is simple, I will like you to provide immediately your
full names and address so that the attorney will prepare the necessary
documents and affidavits that will put you in place as the next of kin.

We shall employ the services of an attorney for drafting and
tarization of the WILL and to obtain the necessary documents and
letter of probate/administration in your favor for the transfer. A
bank account in any part of the world that you will provide will then
facilitate the transfer of this money to you as the beneficiary/next
of kin. The money will be paID: [ID filtered]
the ratio of 50% for me and 50% for you.

There is no risk at all as all the paperwork for this transaction will
be done by the attorney and my position as the Branch Manager
guarantees the successful execution of this transaction. If you are
interested, please reply immediately to this email:
zaohanglin2911 [at] yahoo.cn

I am aware of the consequences of this proposal. I ask that if you
find no interest in this project that you should discard this mail. I
am not doing anything against good conscience. I know that this may be
hard for you to understand, but the dynamics of my industry dictates
that I make this move. Such opportunities only come once in a
lifetime. I am a family man and this is an opportunity to provide them
with new opportunities. There is a reward for this project and it is a
task worth undertaking. I have evaluated the risks and the only risk I
have here is from you refusing to work with me and alerting my bank. I
am the only one who knows of this situation, good fortune has blessed
you with a name that has planted you into the center of relevance in
my life. Let's share the blessing.

Do not betray my confidence. If we can be of one accord, we should
plan a meeting, soon. Please observe utmost confidentiality, and rest
assured that this transaction would be most profitable for both of us
because I shall require your assistance to invest my share in your

Thanks and regards.

Zaohang Lin.

25.04.2008, 19:01
Hehe die Chinesen kopieren eben ALLES


26.04.2008, 03:28
Zu 95% wird die Antwort aus einem der typischen Mugugebiete kommen. Und nicht vergessen - auch in China sind welche!