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15.04.2003, 11:57
Auf meine Beschwerde wegen Pimmelverlängerungsspams (beworbene domain `erectionpills.net` = schrieb mir der postmaster#broadriver.com:

We have received a large volume of complaints from various sources. As
of 4/11/03 we have reclaimed the IP addresses in question from our
customer and terminated their account. On 4/13/03 or as soon as ARIN
recognizes the reclamation of addresses we will notify any upstream
providers to cease routing these blocks. This does not mean that you
will stop getting spam from Mark Joseph Hosting or any of their related
companies. I found out too late that they are hardcore Spammers not
“double opt-in” as they claimed to be. Our revocation of the address
space only means it will not be sourced from any of our IP addresses. We
shut them down from our facility a month ago and they continue to use
our addresses. My apologies for any inconvenience.

Michael L. Oken
Broadriver Communication Corporation

Warum nicht immer so?


der strom kommt nicht aus der steckdose,
die milch nicht aus der tüte und dein gehirn nicht aus dem schulbuch
(creavit zu verena im GiMiX-Forum)