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Confirmation ReferenceNumber:UK/2551256008/07
You have won =A3850,000.00 in free lotto email program held 7th
December 2009 in In Liverpool.
Email Ticket Number X-3007893284-Z ReferenceNumber:UK/2551256008/07
Draw Lucky Number:09-22-37-39-41-49-2-7
BatchNumber:JPK14/0115/IP,Serial Number: HMML3214-07
Please note that the validity period of the winning is 24th of
December 2009.
Contact: Mr. Frank Arthur with your Full Name, Home Address, Age,Gender,
Occupation,Country Of Residence,Nationality & Telephone Number.
Email: claims-office [at] nl.rogers.com<mailto:claims-office [at] nl.rogers.com>
Tel: +4470111 83202+, 4470111 83206
+447031994752, +447031978650
NB Please Note do mail back through the alert email contact Mr. Frank Art=
via email:claims-office [at] nl.rogers.com
Brooks, Ken
For The British National Lottery
This message is intended for the addressee named and may contain
privileged information or confidential information or both. If you
are not the intended recipient please delete it and notify the sender.
claims-office [at] nl.rogers.com
claims-office [at] nl.rogers.com
claims-office [at] nl.rogers.com