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17.12.2009, 17:23
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Allah Blessings,

In view of Investment Capital/Funding, It is my pleasure to Partner with you on this your wonderful business opportunity on the condition that you will secure my investment fund in your hand and run the day to day management of the joint venture.

I will oblige that we continue all communications via this email account
Sheikhhashim739 [at] aol.com with the below informatiom,
1. Your Full Names:
2. Mailing Address:
3. State/Country:
4. Company Name:
5. Fax Numbers:
6. Your Home Phone:
7. Cell Phone Number:
8. Email Address:

As I intend to make an 'Anonymous' Investment of a Million united states dollars and above in this your business project offer. I am into family business and will like to make this venture for my personal self and my immediate family.

I will be waiting for your full business details and proposal for a Joint Venture/Partnership with you.

May the peace of Almighty Allah be with you and your family!
Sheik Hashim S. Hashim
Trading And Industrial Holding Group.