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Subject: Outstanding Inheritance Payment
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Remittance/Foreign Allocation
Department (CBN)
Email: dr_jimiesho [at] gawab.com
Outstanding Inheritance Payment
According to the investigation I carried out in my office on your Inheritance payment file which was submitted to my office for final remittance of your fund into your account, I Discovered that you are not the real next of kin, that is to say that you are not the original Inheritance because each time I want to remit this money into your account it always show error in the computer system and also the zip code could not fit in with the code number in the system.

Be inform that anyone telling you that he/she will release this money to you is just deceiving you because you know within yourself that you are NOT the next of kin as you claim. In other hand, I felt so uncomfortable when I found out on my computer data, However, I contacted you base that your name was found in my computer system but after proper investigation, I discovered that the original next off kin of this fund Which is now late has not been paID: [ID filtered]

Similarly, don’t be deceived by the ignorant of those who is trying to reap from you and what you stand to gain because at the end you will lose all. Every payment regarding international debt to the foreign beneficiaries will be paID: [ID filtered]

As you can see or have heard about the debt relief to the Federal Government Of Nigeria by the international creditors lead by Paris club and American Government which the British Prime Minister, pleaded to the world during the G-8 Conference in London few months back. After the relief, The Nigerian Government has mandated the central bank to release all foreign debt to the beneficiaries. It was sequel to this that the Governor Of Central Bank passed an instruction to my department to carry out the investigation to know who has been paID: [ID filtered]

It was on the process that I discovered your name as I explained above regarding you not been the original of the beneficiary. There for I will advice that you re-confirm your bank details your full details {Name And Home Address} and the real amount you supposed to be Inheritance so you are to enable me make some corrections and proceed with the transfer. This fund was owned by an American who was late, And the fund which is now floating in my department awaiting for transfer and nobody is aware that you are not the next of kin to the deceased except me which I will never disclose to any one apart from you base on the following conditions:

1. That the money will be shared as thus: 50% for you and50% for me.
2. You will never let anyone know about this development because of security reasons.
3. You should stop further communication with any other person(s) in regards to this payment.
4. You should send me either your international passport or driving license for better identification.

If my conditions are acceptable to you, do not hesitate to send the above requirements for further directives.

You should stop further communication with any other person(s) in regards to this payment both here and offshore payment center

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regard
Dr.Jimi Esho
Director - International Remittance
/Foreign Allocation Department (CBN).
Email: dr_jimiesho [at] gawab.com

dr_jimiesho [at] hotmail.com
dr_jimiesho [at] hotmail.com
dr_jimiesho [at] gawab.com
dr_jimiesho [at] gawab.com