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We wish to inform you that the United Nations Organization (UN) has
taking over the Inheritance/Winning payment issue in which you presently have with your transaction agents. Your funds was withdrawn by UN on your behalf based on the fact that you where subjected to too many process that will make you spend more money before receiving your funds.

Your Inheritance/Winning payment was paID: [ID filtered]
Organization, and they have succeeded in depositing your funds with us. They have ordered Western Union to take full responsibility in the transfer process of your funds, and we have received your application for the first installment of $5,600 USD from the total amount of $2.5m USD, Two million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars.

For some security reasons ,we need you to reconfirm your personal data's

Full Names**
Contact Address**
Telephone Number**

before receiving the MTCN for the first installment, and we will email you others after 24 hours of receiving each payment.

Yours truly
Dr.Michael Davidson
E-mail: moneygramtranssfer [at] inMail24.com