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10.07.2003, 15:27
Wenn`s die Spammer nicht selbst hinkriegen, dann suchen sie sich halt im "RentACoder" einen Deppen der Ihnen den Dreck programmiert:

I am in need of a simple IP rotation script the works as follows.
On a linux server using the IPS listed in IP_Tables I am looking to tell the server to replace the MAIN IP of the server every `X` - where `X` is defined by the user at shell level.
So if I have a server IP and I have 8 IPS listed in IP_tables:
ext, etc

The script would just reboot with the new IP at whatever interval set by the user when it was installed.
Should be a simple install via SSH and user should be able to go in and alter the IP rotation time delay as the require.
We will be running several applications on the server (a desktop mailer) and a proprietary instant messenger software - so you will nee to discuss with the programmer how your solution would work with these programs -- the mailer and the messenger are the only things running on the server.
We`d also like to discuss how to utilize your solution for other applications - since several of our partners have indicated an interest in having this software work on their server as well (they are running a different type of mailer)
Is this something you understand and can help with ?
We really need an expert on Linux, expecially when it comes to mail clients and setting up such solutions with a rotating IP -- some of our clients want to rotate 100 IPS (all in same subnet, all bound to server) -- they want a differet MAIN IP for their server everyday -- so there is potential for more work.
I am looking for you to provide the raw code of the component you design and I am willing to escrow upfront and will pay you the day it is complete and hire you for second project (helping my other clients with their server and IP rotation needs) if all goes well --

1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done.
2) Installation package that will install the software (in ready-to-run condition) on the platform(s) specified in this bID: [ID filtered]
3) Complete ownership and distribution copyrights to all work purchased.

...wonach stinkt das...??!!
(gefunden in http://www.rentacoder.com)

...und dann ging den Spammern das Publikum aus:

10.07.2003, 21:19
Ich habe die Leute dort informiert und ihnen auch die Links zu den SPEWS und ROSKO Einträgen des Kerls (Spammer übelster Sorte) geliefert. Dies kam als Antwort zurück:

Just to make sure you undertand..he may have spammed people but I can`t discriminate him because of that. If he asked for a spamming program the bID: [ID filtered]

Ian Ippolito
How Software Gets Done
Exhedra Solutions, Inc.

Nun, jetzt wissen wir wenigstens, wer tatkräftig mithlift, daß die Spammer gute Programmierer finden die ihnen die fiesen Tricks entwickeln. BESCHÄMEND für ne Firma wie Exhedra!
Übrigens der Spammer ist w w w.isellercentral.com, Pete DeCaro

...und dann ging den Spammern das Publikum aus: