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24.07.2003, 17:20
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From: Naomi Deleon <19yxbrq2 [at] serome.co.kr>
Subject: Put hair loss in the past
To: poor [at] spamvictim.tld
Why resort to snake oils and potions to keep your hair, when there is a
scientific and inexpensive way to do it?
Propecia is the most successful drug EVER to slow or grow back hair. In
years of clinical testing with Propecia on men aged 18-41 with mild to
moderate loss, 83% of the men kept the amount of hair they had (vs 28%
men on a sugar pill); 66% of men regrew some hair (vs 7% on a sugar
and 80% were rated improved by their doctors (vs 47% on a sugar pill).
problem is that Propecia typically costs users about US$100 or more per
But we have a solution that won`t hurt financially. We don`t sell
but we sell something with the same active ingredient: 1 mg
finasteride. So
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if not
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Our version is only available for personal use for men only. Want to
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