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26.07.2003, 15:36
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Say GoodBye to MOSQUITO/BLACK FLY Bites Forever!
The newest technology is a device that gives off a sound that only bugs
can hear. Guess What? They hate it! This handy device works up to 25
feet so the bugs will stay clear of you and your family.
* Keeps annoying flies away up to 25 feet
* Protects you and your loved ones in the process
* WEST NILE? Keep those Pests Away!!
* Great for Outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, fisherman, & everyday people!
We GUARANTEE it will work or your money back. Simple as that.
Special Internet offer of ONLY $29.95 ! Plus get a FREE Cell Phone Booster Antenna ($20value) with every order!
http://www.4djfui.com/cart/customer/prod...partner=affil20 (http://www.4djfui.com/cart/customer/product.php?productid=16161&partner=affil20)
* As seen on the Discovery Channel, ABC News, & NBC`s Dateline
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