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07.08.2003, 14:03
Jemand wirbt fleissig für Raubkopien von Windows XP Pro, Office XP usw.
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Habe unter anderem auch eine Meldung an Microsoft gesendet. Hier ist die Antwort der Deppen:


Thank you for contacting Microsoft Customer Service.

Allow me to assure you that Microsoft does not tolerate unsolicited or abusive mails originating within its internal domains. We have established this e-mail address to document and investigating mails from the Microsoft domain (someone [at] microsoft.com).

In this case, the e-mail you have forwarded us originates within another domain. As this is not a Microsoft domain or affiliate, we cannot assist you with this request. For your convenience, however, I will include some tools that you may use to reduce the spam you receive.

You may consider using an e-mail filter or spam reporting service. Information on spam can be found at the following Web sites:

If you want to identify the sender of an offending message, you may be able to do so through the following Web site: http://swhois.net.

Thank you for using Microsoft products & services,

Microsoft Online Customer Service

"Build Customer Trust And Value By Providing A Quality Experience The First Time, Every Time."

Ob denen egal ist, daß jemand ihr Software illegal verkauft?

07.08.2003, 14:10
Schreib doch mal an piracy#microsoft.com (wenn`s die noch gibt)

...und dann ging den Spammern das Publikum aus:

07.08.2003, 22:56
illegal#microsoft.com (Telefon 08 00 - 1 81 47 33) kümmert sich um so was.