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01.09.2003, 20:06
Kam gestern via Hotmail (naja, was will man von einem M$ Filter schon erwarten ...)
Ich hasse HTML Mails *argh*, aber diese ist einfach NUR schlecht.
Mit Word erstellt: xmlns:w="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:word"
[Ist Word 2000 ohne Service Pack und HTML Filter ...]
und zwar so schlecht, dass es aktuelle IE/OE Versionen nicht anzeigen können ...
Tja da hätte der Verfasser doch etwas aufpassen müssen *g*
Man Siehe:
<o:Author>Gene Mitchell</o:Author>
<o:LastAuthor>Gene Mitchell</o:LastAuthor>
<o:Company>MBEnterprise LLC</o:Company>
Hehe ausserdem:
href="http://fets3.freetranslation.com/?sequence=core&url=http (http://fets3.freetranslation.com/?sequence=core&amp;url=http)://www.mbenterprise.info/ameriplan.com&amp;language=English%2FSpanish"
Tja wir mussten wohl übersetzen ...
Erwischt - ein Mitarbeiter, der für seine Firma spammen muss ...
Abuse ging sofort raus an:
admin [at] ev1.net
Jetzt die Mail:
X-Message-Info: 6sSXyD95QpVD+zh8JElCbd+m7HVX8uyd
Received: from health.net ([]) by mc9-f18.bay6.hotmail.com with Microsoft SMTPSVC(5.0.2195.5600);
Mon, 1 Sep 2003 xx:xx:xx -0700
From: mbenterprise <mbenterprise [at] health.net>
To: xxx
Date: Mon, 01 Sep 2003 xx:xx:xx
Message-ID: [ID filtered]
Subject: Save 80% on medications, dental, vision & work from home...best opportunity ever!
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: text/html
Return-Path: mbenterprise [at] health.net
X-OriginalArrivalTime: 01 Sep 2003 xx:xx:xx.0103 (UTC) FILETIME=[ABD02170:01C370A3]
You’re Medical Insurance isn’t what you thought?
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Tja die Autoresponse war, und das will ich euch nicht vorenthalten:
This is an automatic reply
from the Everyones Internet/Rackshack.net Network Abuse
Response Center regarding the recent report that you sent to
admin [at] ev1.net. We have received your report of possible abuse of our network resources. The current number of notifications that require investigations limits the number of personal responses from the staff to senders and this might be the only response you receive regarding your notification; however, we do investigate each report.
For Spam (UCE): Please always include the full headers to any unsolicited commercial E-mail. Always leave the full message intact and never modified. Always include the subject line. For unauthorized Access Attempts If you are sending mail regarding a possible unauthorized access attempt, port scan, or attack of any sort that appears to be coming from a EV1/Rackshack IP address, please provide a portion of the logs where the problem exists.

Everyones Internet Abuse Response Center
admin [at] ev1.net
Hmmm ......