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14.09.2003, 18:49
Wusste gar nicht, dass die jetzt auch noch anfangen, für Bastelanleitungen zu spammen *loool*

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The Magic of Chinese Folk Art -Best Paper-cuts at WindowFlower.com!

What we supply:
We are one of the biggest arts providers based in China. We can supply you with high-quality, artistic, and customized Chinese paper-cut products. They are developed for all kinds of use in both daily life and business. We will also meet any design challenge!

How you use them:
Our paper-cuts can be used as fine gifts, business give-aways, promotional items, Christmas ornaments, car mascots, house decorations, wedding adornments, bookmarks, greeting cards, photo album colorings, arts collections, framed pictures, or for your resale.

Why are our paper-cuts different:
• Exoticism:
All of our paper-cuts are handmade by folk experts in China, where paper-cutting has been a traditional folk art dated back to 105 A.D.
• Quality:
The pictures are carved from special Chinese paper, and manually painted with bright Chinese ink. All products are acID: [ID filtered]
• Feature:
The pictures are cut out inside as well as at the edges, and each motif is a perfectly unbroken piece. Therefore they are harmonious with many kinds of background. You will marvel at how the delicate links connect the whole picture together.

Add elegance and cultural touch to your life and business! -- WindowFlower.com!

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