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International Food Products Group, Inc.


Buy At: $ .32

Sell Target: $1.25

SPECIAL ALERT...Wal-Mart Super Centers and Sam`s Club Outlets stock
their shelves with IFPG patented food products representing a sector of the
food industry producing over $40 Billion in annual sales.

IFPG anticipates dramatic increases in both gross revenues and profits as the
magnitude of this alliance with Wal-Mart (NYSE: WMT) is staggering for a
company at this price level. The rewards and exposure gained from supplying
food products to Sam`s Club and Wal-Mart stores, the largest retailer in the US
with annual sales exceeding $200 Billion, will solidify the emergence of a
breakout year with record sales and bottom-line profitability.

The results of IFPG`s first full quarter with products on the shelves is
approaching which we believe will send shockwaves through this undervalued
and over-looked growth stock. It is apparent that these recent developments
have been perfectly timed as IFPG stock is at the beginning of an upward trend
while their products are now directly in full view of 5 Million Wal-Mart
shoppers weekly that are also potential shareholders.

The Company has recently signed several major contracts which will allow for
some of the largest international food companies to utilize IFPG`s distribution
network to bring their products to the retail level. IFPG`s food products division
operates under the name of Golden Choice Foods which has become powerful
enough to co-brand with Juan Valdez, the emblematic logo for the National
Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia for over two decades. The Juan
Valdez logo serves as a seal of guarantee that the brand consists of only 100%
Colombian coffee while representing one of the world`s largest coffee factories,
having supplied major US food manufacturers since 1981.

IFPG presently has a back-log of about a dozen new and unique food products
manufactured at plants in California and Illinois that have similar dramatic
sales potential when compared to some of the hottest selling snack foods on the
shelves of every food retailer in the US. The introduction of these products into
the marketplace along with additional food distribution contracts will
perpetuate the shattering of the Company`s own sales records.

Our research strongly indicates that IFPG`s alliance with Wal-Mart, their
international distribution contracts, and their tremendous exposure at the retail
level will lead to skyrocketing earnings and a soaring stock price. With a
typical cost of around $50 Million to bring out one national brand, we feel
IFPG is very attractive for merger or buyout prospects by a major food

DISCLAIMER: Stock Buyer`s Alert (SBA) cautions that small and
micro-cap stocks are high-risk investments and that some or all investment
dollars can be lost. We suggest you consult a professional investment
advisor before purchasing any stock. All opinions expressed on the featured
company are the opinions of SBA. SBA recommends you use the information
found here as an initial starting point for conducting your own research and
your own due diligence on the featured company in order to determine your
own personal opinion of the company before investing. SBA is not an
Investment Advisor, Financial Planning Service or a Stock Brokerage Firm and
in accordance with such is not offering investment advice or promoting any
investment strategies. SBA is not offering securities for sale or solicitation of
any offer to buy or sell securities. SBA has received ten thousand dollars from
a third party for the dissemination of this company profile. Since we have
received compensation there is an inherent conflict of interest in our statements
and opinions. Readers of this publication are cautioned not to place undue
reliance on forward-looking statements, which are based on certain
assumptions and expectations involving various risks and uncertainties, that
could cause results to differ materially from those set forth in the forward-
looking statements.