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Hello Sir/Madam,

My name is Hitesh Patel, I am from way2voicesms.com, India.

We provide latest voice SMS Solutions across all the countries supporting hundreds of
mobile carriers worldwide.

Kindly find the details and the features we provide using way2voicesms which includes,

a) Sounds could be recorded by placing a call on your number and could be used for sending
the same in real-time to the bulk list of customers.
b) Type your text to be converted automatically using text2speech
d) Save recorded voices in drafts.
e) Customized Caller ID
f) Complete scheduling Control for sending voice sms
g) Analytics & Reporting
h) Record & Send on the Go
i) API Integration
j) Customer Satisfaction Surveys, polls, voting etc
k) Calls could be of 15,30,45,60,75,90,105, and 120seconds for sending to a list.

We also provide white labeled solution for the features mentioned above that could be
branded with your logo and banner for your website
and we provide you an admin control panel with below features with one time setup fee and
no hidden charges.

* Web based user management and reseller management.
* Full outbound routing management to modify standard prices for each customers.
* Full outbound routing control (at user and reseller level)
* Signup Activation could be set as per choice
* HTTP Based Voice API

Features of our Voice SMS Services

* Full CLI and Non CLI Routes Supported
* 24/7/365 operation for technical and commercial support
* Extensive reporting and statistics available
* Flexible payment terms
* Global reach
* Secure VPN or SSL connectivity

Kindly let me know if you have any queries and i ll add my technical person for further

Looking forward for your response.

Hitesh Patel
hitesh.patel [at] way2voicesms.com
hitesh.shreeweb [at] gmail.com
Skype: hitesh.way2way( chat/voice chat)
Gtalk: hitesh.shreeweb

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