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23.09.2003, 11:36
Edit: Subject angepaßt - Fidul
hallo eniac
sorry wenn meine wortwahl manchmal anders ausfällt als ich selbst will.
aber danke für die korrektur.
aber nichts alldem,gestern gepostet,heut schon wieder was nettes.
nach dem prinzip,dies war der erste streich,der zweite folgt sogleich.
bin ich froh,dass ich die vollversion von superspamkiller plus hab.
wer solch einem schwachsinn folge leistet,dem gehörts nicht anders.
so hier der original mail text:
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FROM:Mr. Paul K. Harris
Dear sir,
In order to transfer out (US$ 22.5 Million) Twenty Two
Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) from First Rand Bank.
I have picked-up the trust and
courage to write you this letter with divine
confidence that you are a reliable and honest person
who will be capable for this important business
transaction believing also that you will never let me
down either now or in the future.
My name is Mr. Paul K. Harris, a senior Auditing Officer
with the First Rand Bank (FRB)in South
Africa. There is an account opened in this bank
in 1980 and since 1990 nobody has operated on this
account again. After going through some old files in
the records, I discovered that if I do not remit this
money out urgently it would be orfeited for nothing.
The owner of this account is Mr. Fernando Carlos, a foreigner, he was a miner at
ruger gold company, a geologist by profession, and he died since 1990. No other person knows about this
account or any thing concerning it, the account has no
other beneficiary and my investigation proved to me as
well that this company does not know anything about
this account and the amount involved is (US$22.5Million) Twenty Two Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars).
I want o first transfer (US$12.5 Million) Twelve Point Five million united states Dollars from this money into a safe foreigners account abroad before the rest. I am contacting you based on the fact that you are a foreigner because this money can only be approved for payment to a foreigner, more so it can not be approved by any local bank here, as this money is in US Dollars hence the former owner of this account is a foreigner too. I know that this proposal will come to you as a surprise as we don`t know ourselves before, however i got your contact from your Embassy`s Commercial Attache I was meant to understand that your race are trustworthy
however I dID: [ID filtered]
to meet possibly, sign some agreement before the final
transfer of the fund into any of your chosen
designated bank account.
I have involved a very senior offical in the
operational department and we have agreed that after
the transfer of the money into your account, you shall
be entitled to 25% of the total sum, we the officials
will take 75%. All necessary precautions have been taken to ensure a risk free situation on the side of the both parties. Please note that this deal can only take place on the
following conditions:-
1.you will provide the bank account and other
relevant particulars/information for easy and onward
Remittance of this money.
2.absolute confidentiality and sincerity will be
required and guaranteed, considering our (me and my
partners) positions in the bank.
3.Assurance that our own due share will be
released to us in good faith when this money finally
gets into your account. This transaction will last for
some days as soon as we hear from you.
Please treat with utmost confidentiality.
Contact me as quickly as possible through my e-mail
box. Expecting your urgent response,
Best Regards,
Yours faithfully,
Mr. Paul K. Harris.
gruss michael(mr.viggo)