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29.10.2003, 09:02
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Dear Sir,
I know that this letter will come to you as a surprise, with the full hope that you will bear with us to assist me in this mutual transaction that will extend our both families.
I got your contact from the Cote d` Ivoire directory. I am Consty Dujardin Toure from Abidjan in Republique of Cote d Ivoire. my late Parents Chief Dr and Lolo Ahmed Toure, who was into cocoa/Cotton export, died last year after a brief accident. before the death of my father he deposited four trunk boxes containing us$ 22.4 million with other family valuables with security company here in Cote d`Ivoire to ship it to europe and it was registered as art work belonging to his foreign partner who will be coming for the release of the trunks there in europe and export to abroad.
Please, I want you to focus your mind in this transaction for this is risk free , legal an Genuine business. I and my junior brother ask for your assistance and permission to submit your name as my late father foreign partner for release of this consignment and transfer/export to your country for safe keeping and investment. I humbly ask for you to response to this email immediately with your Tel/Fax numbers to enable me forward to you all the neccessary documents concerning this deposit.
So as to conclude this transaction under 15 good working days. My brother and I have conclude to give you 10 % of the total money after the release of this consignment for your noble assistance. and note that this is the only hope of my brother and me therefore try to keep it confidential for the security of this money and our dear life.
waiting for your urgent response.
Best regards.
Consty Dujardin Toure

29.10.2003, 16:34
Consty Dujardin Toure
Wieso muß ich da sofort an Chantré denken? http://img.homepagemodules.de/grin.gif
Der Knabe hat doch bestümpt eine Außenstelle in Amsterdam und da kommt dann wieder der Termin für das große Treffen am 18.11. ins Spiel.
Wir kriegen euch alle!

29.10.2003, 20:26
Und immer wieder das gleiche primitive Gedöhns.....
Den Typen fällt auch nichts neues mehr ein.... *schnarch*
Gruß wazi