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I know that you must have recieved the first letter I sent to you by post by now, but if you have not, here comes a follow-up to the letter.
[USD$45.5 Million]
It was packed in three(3)metal trunk boxes as photographic materials.
1.BOTH PARTIES WILL NOT FOR ANY REASON CHEAT EACH OTHER. Aber ganz bestimmt nicht!http://img.homepagemodules.de/devil.gif
[15% FOR YOU]
Yours Faithfully
DR. Bassey Okon

Da ist Prof. Dr. Herbert Feinbein (herbert.feinbein [at] quantentunnel.de), Ordinarius des Institutes für abgewandte Philatelie und theoretische Numismatik der Uni München ganz angetan, zumal ihm das Geld für äusserst wichtige Forschungsvorhaben fe lt:

<font color="#FF8000">Dear Dr. Bassey,
I am very surprised receiving a letter from you since I have never heard
from you before and I never received an email from you before.
Your mail made me very courious, so please allow me to introduce myself. I
am Dr. Herbert Feinbein, ordinary professor and head of the institute for
theoretical numismatic and abandoned philatelistics of the university of Munich,
I would like to assist you in your transaction and use the money for my
research work. Our research deals with the search of a flux compensator for the
quantum interrocitor of a sattelites warp drive, which is very expensive. Due
to cutbacks in the budget of my institute is it hard for me to continue my
research, so the lump of money would be very welcome.
I will grant you my strictest confidence and wait for your response.

Sincerely yours</font>

Hello Prof. Dr. Herbert Feinbein,
How are you today, i hope you are fine. Like you rightly observed although i sent you a mail thrrough the postal agency here in nigeria, i am not suprised you have not got it because the service is unreliable.
And that is why i have decided to contact you through the internet.
Like i expalin in the detailed email i sent to you, the fund is deposited with a security company in madris (spain) for safety.
As you have agreed to assist me in depositing this fund in your account untill i come over to germany to meet you, i want you to observe the last paragraph of the mail i sent to you which states that mutual trust is the watchword of this transaction.
I want you to send to me your fax and private telephone numbers to enhance communication, you can call me directly on my mobile(234 80238 47360).
I want us to conclude this transaction within the next 7 working days.
I also want you to send the bank name and account number where you want this fund to be transfered to, so i can contact the security company and they wiil start the transaction immediately.
Pleasew note that you have to prepare your travelling document to spain so you can meet the security company and collect this fund on my behalf(untill i come to germany after the fund is deposited in your account.)
I want you to call me for more details as regards this transaction,
i hope to hear from you soon,
best regards,
Dr. Bassey Okon.

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