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29.12.2016, 15:32
Sorry, I don't speak your idiom.
I'm looking for information about the shares of rapID: [ID filtered]
They have been sold by using cold calls, and now the companies don't trade on boerse.

30.12.2016, 10:19
We are not an institution here which can provide detailed information on the prosperity of flubdub companies which use to sell everything from cooked bullshit up to dried camel shit. Please contact your Russian muck spamming "get rich" dealer who will best know what you ought to buy so that you provide an obolus for his next gambling session in Monte Carlo.

30.12.2016, 20:52
Quod tibi fieri non vis, altieri ne feceris

I like latin too

31.12.2016, 11:21
Here´s the wrong platform to talk about fake or bankrupt companys ore sensless penny-stocks.
While using google or a trading-platform, you´ll find the needed informations.
RapID: [ID filtered]
Feike ag is traded ad Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Last Price 0,048 ct (just some trades the last few days)
Design your home is traded at Paris Stoc Exchange. Last Price 1,93 € (last trade 6 Month ago)
Mibro doesn´t exist.
If you paID: [ID filtered]

So you see - stocks, offered via cold call are all worthless. Never follow such offers.

02.01.2017, 09:45
Sorry to have caused any inconvenience writing in this forum.
The actions I asked for have been sold using cold calling.
I have also seen in this forum that similar cases have been reported (maxcell for example) and I dID: [ID filtered]
He might have asked the question another way.

02.01.2017, 10:23
received another SPAM mail today from: ( heute wieder eine SPAM mail erhalten von: )
Performance Financial <support [at] performancefinancial.de>

This time they promote : ( diesmal werben sie für : )
" StartMonday weiter klarer Kauf - 400% Kurschance "


02.01.2017, 20:07
Penny stocks make you prone to lose all your invested money and are often pushed by organized criminal gangs, f.i. Russian Spam Mafia. So better keep off.