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Dear Friend,
I am Mrs Ashetu Braihmah the wife to kadiri Braihmah the C.E.O. gulflink oil export
company Ltd. Who was killed by president Sadam Hussein and his cohorts over
allegations that my husband supplied crude oil to Europe, U.S.A. and revealed
secret information of Iraq`s arms & wealth to United nations security council & NATO.
I am absolutely certain my husband is innocent of all criminal allegations imposed on
him by president Sadam Hussein he was given no chance to defend himself they killed
him unjustly.I am so troubled,my spirit refuses to be at rest. The quick need for contacting
you is because my husband has been killed unjustly and I am sure if we
don`t act fast Sadam Hussein`s group will come for our wealth & millions of American
Dollars about ($27,000,000.00)twenty seven million USD will be seized
.my husband had an account with ARAB ROYAL BANK IRAQ.
If we don`t arrange for a quick transfer of all this millions of U.S Dollars,we will loose all to
Sadam Hussein`s group and nobody can ask them any question. I am a signatory to the
account and i have concluded all necessary arrangements for the
smooth success of this transfer of our funds overseas for safekeeping
and good investments. We only need a good honest, trustworthy,
highly-secretive and confidential person who we can offer 20% of
the total sum to so that the person can help us arrange for a good
offshore bank account for easy money transfer.
Contact me with your full details to this private mail
address braihmah [at] netscape.net for more confidential,
Thanks for your anticipated co-operation.
Yours Sincerely
Mrs Ashetu Braihmah.