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09.11.2003, 10:46
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FROM: Mr Paul Peters
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First, I must solicit your strictest confidence in this transaction, this
by it`s nature of being utterly confidential & top secret. You were
introduced to me from the liberian chamber of commerce (Foreign Trade
Division). I am a liberian businessman
I was formally into the importation and sale of medical equipment in my
country, liberia. My operational base was in monrovia, the capital city.
When the civil war broke out in my country, my office and warehouse were
burnt by the Rebels, who invaded monrovia. In that attack, I lost all my
properties and
assets. I was left with virtually nothing, except some money I had in the
bank. When
the United Nations sent in troops to quell the rebel`s on slaught and
was a relative peace in monrovia, I returned to business, but this time,
invested my resources in t he Mining of Diamond which abounds in my
country and I exported the Diamond through the help of a third party,
some Lebanese who were very much versed in the industry to Antwerp in
The returns I got from this business was quite good and my life was
gradually picking up again until early this year when the liberian
government banned private exportation of the
Diamond deposit and also called on the United Nations to ban the sale of
liberia Diamond at the international market. The U.N obliged the
and it is now illegal to sell/buy Diamond emanating from liberia.
this action, the government of my country clamped down
on all businessmen who had made fortunes selling Diamond. Consequently,
newly acquired properties were sold outby me and I had no option than to
leave the country immediately. But I dID: [ID filtered]
secure my money in a private financial firm. I had US$12.000,000(Twelve
Million United States Dollars) in my domiciliary account in liberia. I
had to secure money out of the Country
through a very secret arranged channel. This was done in very
methods, . Now, the money is in EUROPE under the custody of a private
security/financial firm. The help I am now seeking is someone who has the
capabilities of receiving the US$12MUSD in his account, because I am on
self-exile in a neighboring South African country from where
I am trying to work out my traveling documents to enable me travel
All you need from me,is the secret code to the fund,that will empower you
the recipient of this fund.you will need to meet with an official of the
finance firm who will process the money into your account. Secondly,
after you collect this
money, I would want you to help me get apermanent resident permit in your
country Germany. For your efforts and the expenses you may incure in the
course of
this transaction, you will be entitled to 20% of the total sum. But we
shall have an agreement to the effect that you WILL NOT take or spend out
of my (80%) money until such a time when
I am able to be with you. Please, feel free to reach me on my
e-mailaddress. do remember to include your full name and your direct
telephone number preferably
your private telephone and fax lines. I must apologize for the
inconveniences this
may cause you. waiting to hear from you ASAP.Please Reply to my Alt
Email:paulpeters [at] ukrania.com

Best Regards,
Mr Paul Peters

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