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12.11.2003, 02:01
ist der mit Mme abacha verwandt???

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Mohammed Abacha
Attn=3A Dear Sir=2C
I am Mohammed Abacha=2C the eldest son of the late president of Nigeria=2C I
was falsely accused of murder and as such was imprisoned=2C but thanks to
Allah=2C I have been released for my innocence=2E Well dear friend=2C I need your
assistance in transferring some of my money into your account=2C because
the government is making plans to seize them=2C as they dID: [ID filtered]
Please view these site and read the content carefully to prove my honesty=3A
http=3A=2F=2Fnews=2Ebbc=2Eco=2Euk=2Fhi=2Fenglish=2Fworld=2Fafrica=2Fnewsid=5F741 000=2F741506=2Estm
The amount is $12 million in a Security Company =2E All that is needed for
me is to instruct the company to transfer the funds to your account=2C I will
remunerate you with 30% at the end=2C but most of all is that I solicit your
trust in this transaction=2E I have been confined only to Kano and all my
calls are monitored=2E In the event that you are genuinely interested in the
transaction=2Cthe following information would be needed from you to expedite
1=29 Your Full Name and Address that would be used to establish you as the
legal beneficiary of the fund=2E This would ensure that the Security Company
releases the Consignment=2FFund to you=2E
2=29 Your Private Mobile=2CTelphone and Fax numbers where you can be reached
at all time by my lawyer because this transaction entails constant communication=2E

The transaction is 100% risk free as all modalities has been perfected to
ensure the hitch free success of the transaction=2E If you are interested=2C
send the requested information via email that we can proceed=2E I await your
response urgently=2E
Mohammed Abacha

Wehret den Anfängen!

12.11.2003, 03:04
Mohammed ist in der Tat der Sohn von Mariam.
Wir kriegen euch alle!