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15.11.2003, 17:48
ich leide an der 419 Desease. Gibt es einen Doc,der mich von diesem Syndrom heilt???

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Barr.Taylor Mboma
Attn:Assistance From You.
Dear Friend,
I am Barr.Taylor Mboma an aide in the Netherlands to former President
Charles Taylor of Liberia who is presently in exile in Nigeria.But he will =
want to have a trusted foreign business partner that he can invest =
substantial amount of money in his or her country.He has given me the mandate =
to scout for that reliable partner,like you.
I am contacting you due to the present situation in Liberia (Civil War),and =
also the aspect of investment in your country.My boss,President Charles =
Taylor who has mandated me to urgently look for a foreign partner
with good business experience to help us immediately move and receive an =
exact amount of US$7.5 million dollars out of the Netherlands into any =
account of yours.The account required for this project can either be =
personal, company or an offshore account that you have total control over.
Your area of specialization will not be a hindrance to the successful =
execution of this transaction.
This fund was brought into the Netherlands for investment purpose through =
diplomatic means and has since been deposited in a private security and =
finance company and was tagged an official consignment belonging to a foreign =
affiliate and placed in a crate and tagged antique, thereby making the =
consignment safe and the actual content undisclosed to the
security company.
All I want you to do is to receive the saID: [ID filtered]
on behalf of my boss family who shall be a partner (under
anonymity) in whatever business venture you intend investing the money on.
All documentation regarding this transaction are all in my possession and a =
power of attorney to transact this business has been fully given to me by my =
In the light of the above,I am soliciting your assistance andpartnership to =
move this fund out of the Netherlands as you and I stand to benefit immensely =
from this transaction.After due consultation and approval from my
boss, we have both agreed that 20% of the fund will be given to you for your =
assistance,while the remaining 75% will be for investment purpose in your =
country or any country
of your choice.While the remaining 5% will be set aside for any expenditures =
we may incure during this transaction.
Please contact me asap if you are able to carry out this transaction or call =
me to my direct line(+31 648 443 277).And please note that your reply should =
include your confidential phone number,through which further correspondence =
would be made.
Yours Faithfully,
Barr.Taylor Mboma.
Wehret den Anfängen!

15.11.2003, 23:42
ich leide an der 419 Desease. Gibt es einen Doc,der mich von diesem Syndrom heilt???
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