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28.01.2004, 07:57
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Dear Sir,
How are you and your family today? I hope that you are
all okay? I found information about you and decided
to contact you for an important assistance. I am
Michael Nkomo a citizen of Zimbabwe , but i am contacting
from a neiboring country here in IVORY CAOST where i am now
sicking political assylum.
I Am the only son of Kenneth Nkomo, a wealthy farmer
and senior politician with the opposition political
party in my country, Movement for Democratic Change
[MDC]. My father was murdered by our wicked
President, Robert Mugabe and I fled my country, beause
I have become his next target to eliminate.
My father was a fighter for Justice and a moving force
in the MDC, a part wanting to end the several years of
brutal dictatorship government of President Robert
Mugabe. You will read more stories about President
Mugabe`s brutal acts by visiting this web sites;
My father was accused of Treason and also assisting
the White farmers in fighting the government. Few weeks
after his arrest, he was reported dead.
Thegovernment claimed he died of heart attack and his
body was never seen for proper autopsy, they buried
him in the government cemetery. My father`s associate Mr.
Martin Olds a White farmer from Britain
assisted me in fighting my faher`s death through the Court
and media; the government saw us as a big
to them and decided to eliminate us. Mr. Olds was attacked
and murdered in his house, but
before they came looking for me, I received the news
and I had tolee through the border to South Africa, to save
my life.
My arrival here in IVORY COAST still remains like a miracle
to me.
Here, is my reasons for contacting you,
I am having a huge sum of money in the total
sum of $18.6Million presently lodge in the security company
in holland.
My father kept this money in two trunk boxes in
disguise as family treasures and could not bank them,
because of the situation in my country.
My father`s business, farms and banks account were seized
by the government before his arrest and murder.He told me
everything concerning the funds while he was still in
detention and I have made several arrangements concerning
the shipment of the boxes out
of my country because we cannot invest it there.
I was on the process when I fled the country.
I need your assistance in securing the funds there in your
country, so that I can arrange on how tocome overto your
to invest with the fund.
I am willing to offer you 30% of the $18.6Million or your
Please, let me know if you can assist me, so that I can
give you more details on how we shall proceed.
As I wait for your urgent response, please treat this
information as
top secret.
Michael Nkomo.

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28.01.2004, 22:11
Der Knabe sitzt nicht in Simbabwe und natürlich auch nicht im "Nachbarland" Elfenbeinküste sondern in ... na? ... Nigeria! liegt mitten in - und das gehört:

person: Kenn Adejuyigbe
address: Turner Technologies NG, 8, Lateef Salami Street,
address: Off M/M International Airport Road, Ajao Estate
address: Mafolouku, Lagos
e-mail: lone_ranger_tx [at] yahoo.com
e-mail: olumind [at] yahoo.com
phone: +234-802346-2057Laut dieser Liste (http://www.globaltrekk.com/ic.nigeria.htm) soll es sich um ein Internetcafe handeln:

Turner Technologies NG Lagos
148 Obafemi Awolowo way Ikeja (opposite Airport Hotel)
PHONE: +23414936167
Wir kriegen euch alle!

31.01.2004, 14:24
Mit Nigeria Fraud kaempfe ich hier schon laenger. Sie registrieren kostenlose
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