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22.03.2004, 08:38
Fangen die Mugus jetzt auch schon an, eMail-Header zu fälschen? Ansonsten sieht mir die mail von Ursprung ( und Aufmachung her danach aus, als würde SOLOMON (http://210112.antispam.de/t414641f11746681__SOLOMON.html) versuchen, verlorenen Boden wettzumachen, denn leider leider hatte die vereinbarte Geldübergabe am Samstag im MadrID: [ID filtered]
Kennt jemand zufällig eine eMail-Adresse der spanischen Polizei, Betrugsdezernat? Mir sind da so einige Teflonnummern in die Hände gefallen, ich möchte gerne petzen gehen...http://img.homepagemodules.de/devil.gif
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I am MR. DANIEL MOYO, Director In charge of Delivery and Operations, SECURICOR SOUTH AFRICA. Our firm is an International security company of high repute with years of outstanding services with offices around the world. I have resolved to contact you through this medium based on business proposal that will be of mutual benefit to both of us. I got your particulars through a consultant company base on my research for a trustworthy and established person that understands investment ethic for entering into a lifetime profitable joint partnership investment and also co-operation with confidence and trust that you will treat this transaction with utmost importance and not divulged to any third party. To be explicit and straight to the point.
A reputable client of ours deposited a consignment in our company`s vault for safekeeping. And since then our client has failed to come forward to claim his consignment, which has accumulated a considerable amount of money in demurrage. Consequently, in my bID: [ID filtered]
Since the removal of our client President Charles Taylor from office last year, it`s obvious that The U.N. Security Council has voted to freeze the money and property of exiled Liberian leader Charles Taylor in a resolution drafted by the United States. It also asked all U.N. members to search for and freeze financial assets "and economic resources owned or controlled directly or indirectly" by Taylor, his wife, Jewell Howard Taylor and his son, Charles Taylor, Jr. as well as other associates. I am now soliciting your noble assistance to assist me in transferring this money out of South Africa to your country, in any nominated bank account of your choice.
I have also decided that you will generously be entitled to 22% of the total amount. Upon my receipt of your reply confirming your willingness to assist me of this transaction, I will immediately arrange and transfer all the rights of ownership of this consignment to your name to facilitate your easy clearance and transfer of the complete funds to your country, all the documents that covers this box of consignment will be send to you as far as am concern, you have nothing to worry about, as I will assist you in anyway necessary with all proper documentation. I guarantee you that there`s no risk involved. Please treat this matter with absolute professionalism
Please reply to me at your earliest convenient as we need not to waste time regarding this transaction.

Best regards,

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22.03.2004, 16:36
Kennt jemand zufällig eine eMail-Adresse der spanischen Polizei, Betrugsdezernat
Eventuell wäre sugerencias{@}guardiacivil.org richtig. Resultate sind aber bisher eher gemischt...
Verpetze aber den Daniel auch an die Südafrikaner. Dann wird sich zeigen, ob sein Moyo stark genug ist. http://img.homepagemodules.de/devil.gif
Wir kriegen euch alle!

23.03.2004, 16:02
> Eventuell wäre sugerencias{@}guardiacivil.org richtig. Resultate sind aber bisher eher gemischt...
Schaun mer mal...
> Verpetze aber den Daniel auch an die Südafrikaner. Dann wird sich zeigen, ob sein Moyo stark genug ist.
Daniel hat doch eine andere südafrikanische Teflonnummer angegeben und will mit mir scheinbar eine etwas andere Masche (WU-Transfer?) abziehen.
Erstmal ist SOLOMON dran, ich habe das komplette Protokoll meiner Kommunikation mit ihm an die Spanier sowie 419#419legal.org und hq.commercial#saps.org.za weitergeleitet. Mit etwas gutem Willen sollte da eine hybsche Verhaftung mit hoffentlich übertriebener Polizeibrutalität drinsitzen.http://img.homepagemodules.de/devil.gif


24.03.2004, 18:42
Da Daniel offenbar an starker Telefonitis leidet und ansonsten nicht zu Potte kommt, musste ich ihn leider an die südafrikanischen Behörden überweisen.http://img.homepagemodules.de/grin.gif
Vorher durfte er aber noch mit der SKL sprechen:
<font color="#FF8000">Dear Frank,
A very good day to you. I have tried several times today to
call you on the telephone numbers you provided to me
yesterday but could not reach on any of them. One of the
number was answered and they saID: [ID filtered]
Lottery Board.</font>
Na, ein ganzes Los werden sie ihm doch wohl aufgeschwatzt haben, oder?


28.03.2004, 12:55
Toller Service; jetzt verpetzen sich die Mugus schon selbst an die Fraud Sqad South Africa:
Ausgesandt an :
Jeweltaylor100 [at] hotmail.com, zang122 [at] indiatimes.com, frank140e [at] tatanova.com, williamduke01 [at] netscape.net, danielmoyo [at] webmail.co.za, nanakigbehin [at] telstra.com, maramassaquoe2 [at] netscape.net, michaelshaw [at] easyinfomail.co.za

My dear,
thanks for your mail. Your proposal sounds very interesting.
From what amount would you count my percentage?
What have I to do to help you?
What have I to pay?
What information do you need from me?
Do you need my coming to your country?
please answer asap to my adress: commercialbranch [at] commercialbranch.com
Best regards
Jäger des Betrügers

Daniel Moyo antwortete: #

Dear Jager,
A very good day to you. With reference to my reply mail to
you, I have not heard anything from you. It is essential
that you contact me as soon as possible so that I can
determine your position to this transaction.
My reply was sent to the email address you provided:
commercialbranch [at] commercialbranch.com. please confirm the
receipt of my mail and respond to me asap.
Thank you as I hope to hear from you.
Best regards,

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jetzt mag ich aber nicht mehr, schick mer ihm ne Unzustellbarkeits-Meldung:

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