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25.03.2004, 08:42
admin<at>rbow.net ist raus. Ist auf die Infos nicht die Nigerianische Polizei scharf? Hat jemand passende E-Mailadresse?
Gruß PP

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Eleme Province
Tel:234 8033254029

Dear Greeting,

In appreciation of your esteemed contact received through a reliable source and the choice of your country I wish to introduce myself .
I William duke the first son of His Royal Majesty, WIWA DUKE and the
traditional ruler of Eleme Province in the oil area of Rivers State of Nigeria. I am making this contact to you in respect of US 65,000,000.00 which I inherited from my late father. This funds was accumulated from royalties paID: [ID filtered]
Security Code Number was also revealed to me, he then advised me to look for a reliable business partner abroad, who will assist me in investing the funds in a lucrative business as a result of economic instability in Nigeria.
So this is the main reason why I am contacting you for us to move this funds from the security firm to any country of your choice for investment purposes. So I will like you to be the
person taking delivery, so that the funds can be moved in your name and particulars to any country of your choice where it will be claimed and invested. Hence my father have had intimated the security firm personnel that the owner of the consingment is his foreign partner whose particulars will be forwarded to the firm when due.
But I will guide you accordingly. As soon as the fund reaches, I will then come over to meet you in person, so that we can discuss physically on Investment entials. Based on this instance I and my family have unanimously decided to give you 20% of the total funds, 2% for charity homes and 3% for expenses, which may arise during the transaction, fax and phone bills inclusive. The balance of 75% you will invest and manage for my family. I hereby guarantee you that this is not government funds, it is not drug funds and it is not funds from arms deal.
I will give you all proof of deposit and existence of funds once urged and fully satisfied with your capability and honesty. I hope this will be the beginning of a prosperous relationship between my family and your family.
Nevertheless if you are for any reason not interest, kindly inform meimmediately so that I will look for another contact.
I am waiting for your quick response.Reply me with this my private mail box(williamduke01 [at] netscape.net)
Yours faithfully,

25.03.2004, 08:57
> Ist auf die Infos nicht die Nigerianische Polizei scharf?
Eher weniger, da die Polizei des korruptesten Staates der Welt am Betrug sicherlich in irgendeiner Form beteiligt sein wird.

> Hat jemand passende E-Mailadresse?
- 419 [at] nigeriapolice.org
- fpro [at] nigeriapolice.org
AFAIK bouncen die, weil die ungelesenen Postfächer überquellen. Kannst es ja trotzdem mal versuchen.


28.03.2004, 16:42
William alias Frank hat schon geantwortet:

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From: william kishali <kishaliwilliamduke [at] yahoo.com>
To: poor [at] spamvictim.tld
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Greetings Jäger des Betrügers,
I want to thanks for your mail and your kind
acceptance to assist my family and I in this very
My intention in this very message is to break down in
details the totality of this business at once.
Firstly, I just have to trust you, place some measure
of confidence on you for this business to go ahead. It
must be the same with you.
Secondly, I want to assure you that this business is
100% risk free.
This money is in cash form and is presently with the
diplomact in Athens, Greece.
I have been making arrangements to have this money
delivered to my partner who I am going to nominate and
presented to the diplomact, before they can transact
with him and invite him over to take delivery of the
consingment. Upon taking delivery of the money we will
proceed with banking and transfers to our chosen
For the business to have a smooth and a successful
conclusion, I will need the following from you.
1. To be very honesty with me as well show the highest
amount of seriousness and promptness
2. To start making traveling arrangement to meet up
with the diplomact in Athens, where we will meet, take
delivery of the consignment and proceed with the
banking and transfers of the funds into your country
or any chosen destination, we might decide.
3. To help me open Two non-residential domiciliary
transit bank account with your name in Athens (Greece)
, so that we can lodge the money in the bank account
upon taking delivery of the money.
4. To Furnish me with your full details. Your full
name, your occupation, your private phone and fax
numbers including cell phone and for easy reach.
5. We must adhere strictly to instruction of the
dipmomact as regards their operational guard line, for
us to have a quick conclusion to the business.
6 You will be giving 20% of the total fund as soon as
the transaction is complete
7. we have to settels some handling charges with the
diplomact,it has to be settled before we can be
allowed to take delivery of the consignment, inspect
and proceed with the banking and transfers into your c
Please get back to me immediately through Cell
Phone:234 8033254029 for further discussion.
Looking forward to speedy response. Thanks.

und schon haben wir Willis 3. Adresse: kishaliwilliamduke [at] yahoo.com
aber nicht arg lange, denn:

Thank you for writing to Yahoo! Mail.
In this particular case, we have taken appropriate action against the
Yahoo! account in question, as per our Terms of Service (TOS). For
further details about the Yahoo! TOS, you can visit:
Please know that Yahoo! is unable to disclose the action taken on
another user`s account with a third party. We are not able to make
exceptions to this rule.
Thank you again for contacting Yahoo! Customer Care.
Yahoo! Customer Care

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