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Grant me the indulgence of this unsolicited mail to
you=2EI am Barr=2EAbbas Sholanke Attorney-At-Law=2E
I am the personal attorney to MRS=2E MARIAM ABACHA=2C =
the widow of the late GEN=2ESANI ABACHA former Nigerian =
military Head of state who died as a result of Cardiac Arrest=2E =

Since the death of her husband=2C their family has been under restriction=
of movement and that not withstanding=2C they are being molested=2C Poli=
ced and all there Bank Account both here and abroad are being frozen by =
the present Nigerian Civilian Government=2E =

Following the recent discovery and seizure of her husband=92s Bank Accoun=
t by the Nigerian Government with Swiss bank in which the huge sum US=247=
00 Million was deposited=2Cshe has decided to move the sum of US=2415=2E3=
Million Dollars which was secretly defaced and is sealed in two metal Bo=
xes and deposited in a security company unknown to the government for sec=
urity reason=2E
She has therefore given me the authority to look
for a credible and competent person to claim this fund and invest it in t=
rust for the family pending the time of there freedom=2E
However=2C arrangement have been put in place on how =
to move this boxes out of the country =2Cto enable =
you receive it without any risk of any kind=2E
As soon as you indicate your interest=2C i shall
then be obliged to let you know the procedures
involved that will facilitate the transaction
Conclusively=2C we have agreed to offer you =
30=25 of the total sum=2C 70=25 is to be held on =
trust by you until we can decide on a suitable
business investment in your company Subsequent =
to their free movement by the Nigerian Government=2E =
An agreement will also be prepared between you and the family with respec=
t to this
You should note that even if you are not interested you should not let ou=
t this proposal to anybody whatever=2E =

you can also view this website for the story=3B
Please reply urgently and treat with absolute =
confidentiality and sincerity through this email address=3Bsholanke2004=40=

Best Regards=2C
Barr=2EAbbas Sholanke esq=2E

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