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Dear sir
I am Mr Tom Smith, the personal assistant to Charles Taylor,the
formal President of Liberia. He has recently stepped down from power
is presently in assylum in Nigeria.
Well dear friend we need your assistance in transferring some of the
money derived from God excesses into your account, because the
government is making plans to seize all his asets.I have been
mandated to
with anyone who offer assistance to have this funds transferred to his
account oversea.
The amount is USD$21 million, in a Security firm Abroad.All that is
needed is for me to instruct the company to transfer t
>e funds to your
account, I will remunerate you with 25% of the total funds transferred
to your vital bank account as compensation for your assistance, Five
percent (5%) would be set aside to take care of all expenses we may
incure during the transation. To indicate your interest,kindly provide
your direct phone and fax numbers and all relevant information for me
to be
contacted you and to let you know the roles you will play in making
this transaction successful. All the legal informatio
concerning this
Money will be sent to you as soon as we agree together.
we all have been confined only to Calabar and all our calls are
monitored,So I will use all available contact to get you all the
Thanks for your cooperation.
Tom Smith