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11.04.2004, 20:03
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Mr. Roubert Ada
South Africa
Tel: +27-83-467-8284
FAX: +27-11-5076408
Dear Sir,
It is a great pleasure for me to contact you but first let me start by
introducing myself. I am the son of Chief Mal Ada, a member of the
Movement for political change in Zimbabwe which is against the President
and his political party called Zanu pf.
It happens that he became a partner with a white man in business who is
one of the leaders of their movement, through him he brought his ideas and
Philosophy that they need to eradicate the idea of racism and torture
towards the white by the present president because they are the Minority
in Zimbabwe (South Africa).
Because of his relationship with their party for democratic change the
President and his party brought their wicked ideas towards us. They started
Confiscating our properties, our farm lands and even our company which my
father is a partner with a Whiteman because the president and his allies
been doing that to other white farmers.
During this process he was arrested with his partner. However according to
the instructions my father gave me to sell the remainder of his assets, I
as the son was able to sell his remaining assets which I realized US$35.5
million United States Dollars. And deposited this fund with a security
company in Johannesburg with the help of our family friend in South Africa
and was
Send to their branch in Holland.
But as of now I am in South Africa and the reason why I am soliciting for
your assistance is that ever since I came here to South Africa, I have not
be able to clear the consignment from the security company to deposit the
fund in the bank because I am staying here as a refugee in South Africa.
All I want you to do is to travel down to Johannesburg, South Africa. If
you can but if not, you can open the account via online banking, so as to
A non-residential account so that we will deposit the money and transfer
the fund from here to your nominated bank account. So that I will be able to
relocate the rest of our family away from Zimbabwe and use the rest money
for onward investment.
Sir, with your help and assistance I am ready to give you 25% from the
total sum of money and also I have map out 1% for expenses for both
parties might incurred during this transaction.

I assure you that this assistance and help is 100% risk free and this
won`t jeopardize the interest of you and your company neither my family.
Please I want you to keep confidential and private because the government
of Zimbabwe dID: [ID filtered]
assets that I was able sell to realize the fund.

I decided to contact you through e-mail because I want it to be private
and also I am waiting your reply through this e-mail address so that I can
now give you details and updates. Hoping to hear from you as soon
as possible and god bless you.
Yours sincerely,
Mr. Roubert Ada.

Wehret den Anfängen!

12.04.2004, 01:13
Ich versuche, ihm die südafrikanische Polizei auf den Hals zu hetzen.
Wir kriegen euch alle!