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Dear Friend,
This is obviously an unusual mail and, probably a
wromg channel to semd it through,but, it is urgent and
it`s comtents real.Kindly bear with me as i have not
set out to make you uncomfortable.
My name is Senator John Abu, Executive Chairman
senate Committee on pension funds.House of senate
Federal Republic Of Nigeria.
I have the sum of (Fifteen Million Dollars) that I
intend to transfer overseas through the assistance of
a foreign partner who will also serve as a business
associte. These monies came as a result of the
unclaimed and over invoiced pension funds over the
years These funds has been moved and deposited in a
safe custody for obvious reason. I have agreed to
transfer the funds overseas for my campaign funding,
private use and for investment purposes with your
help. I am contacting you and your company therefore,
to stand in as the beneficiary to process this funds
into your custody.If you will be of assistance,i
intend to further strengthen our personal and
business ties by using my position in the senate and
my long standing relationship with the honourable
minister for commucation to include and lobby the name
of you/your company in the forthcoming bidding for
award of contract and the issue of license for the
supply and instalation of the global saterlite mobile
phone network which is today the fastest growing
industry in the communication and INFORMATION
TECHNOLOGY(IT) in my country.Part of my $15 million i
also intend to invest in this business too in
partneship with you.
However let me kmow what you intend to charge for
assisting me move these funds which i mentioned
earlier. The fund shall be transferred legally
to you as the beneficiary.
Finally, I want to thank you for your anticipated
Sen.John Abu,
Executive Chairman,
Senate Committee on Pension Funds,
House of Senate.

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