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From: Calibale family
(UNHCR)Camp Porto-novo
Benin republic
Email:ic04 [at] mail.com

Your contact was reviewed after a devoted prayer session to our divine
who can only strenghting your resolve to help us out.
We are the immediate family of late Col Ibrahim Calibale, the rebel
commander in ivory coast that was killed in Bouake county on
I with my mother and two sisters escaped into Porto-novo Benin
after the incident when it became clear that the central government
Abidjan wanted us eliminated by all means. Presently we staying
with united nations high commission for refugee (UNHCR) here for
security reasons. Just last week we received some vital information
and copies of documents from his lawyer back home proving that
our father had some deposit in a security company in Spain. Now
we have opened up communication with the Spanish company and they
have confirmed been in position of some United States Dollars USD$
11.300 000:00 only in his favor and have agreed to releasing same
upon our request but not until provide valID: [ID filtered]
Now for the fact that none of us here possessed any valID: [ID filtered]
documents because of the circumstances of our exit from home, we
are afraID: [ID filtered]
of the deposit to this place, hence we are kindly requesting your
assistance to help us receive the deposit in your country. We are
ready to offer you some reasonable portions of the deposit if you
can oblige us your help.
Further information will be advance to you once you indicate your
Yours faithful
Anssah calibale
For the family.