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05.05.2004, 13:45
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Ist also dort vor maximal 10 Tagen abgefischt worden.

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Mr Wilson Korede
Treasury & Accounts Department,
Federal Ministry of Aviation.
Dear sir,
I take liberty anchored on strong confidentiality and trust to contact you with this letter.
I am Wilson Korede of the Treasury Department in the Federal Ministry of Aviation, and a
close associate of the immediate past Minister of Avaiation (Dr, Mrs Kema Chikwe).
We are presently in a position to transfer the sum of US$14,200,000.00 which is a leftover
from the sum of US$38, 000,000.00 recovered as a result of the privatization process
going on in the Aviation Ministry. A total sum of US$23,800,000.00 has been transferred
before the untimely removal of Dr Chikwe as a minister in this present Administration,
leaving the balance stated above.
I have made proper arrangement to transfer this balance which is retained in a suspense
account of the Federal Ministry of Aviation (FMA) with the Central Bank of Nigeria. We are
soliciting that you help us to receive the fund in trust. We cannot complete this transaction
without the participation of a foreign partner who would provide an offshore account where
the funds could be lodged, as the Federal Legislature does not permit Civil Servants to
operate offshore accounts.
The remittance of the funds requires little documentation that would be completed as soon
as you provide us with a secured bank account that you have absolute control over, where
you may wish to receive the money. There is no risk involved on your part in this
transaction since the former Minister and I have covered this transaction with adequate
contract and external credit documents.
Since it may difficult for you to divulge such private information, what we require from you
by email are viz:
(i) Acceptance of this offer
(ii) Your name/address, a secured telephone/fax numbers and a bank account that
you have absolute control over where the funds would be lodged.
(iii) Convincing Honesty, Trustworthiness and Willingness to abide by the
requirements of this proposal paramount of which is CONFIDENTIALITY
We have agreed that you will retain 20% of the entire US$14,200,000.00 for your effort in
this transaction, 70% for us partners here in Nigeria and the remaining 10% will be used for
defrayal of incidental cost in the course of this transfer.
Please reply urgently by email, as we expect that the transaction will not take more than
seven working days. And please note that this transaction must be top secret.
Best regards.
Wilson Korede


Ich wünsch dir viele Mails, du Spammer: wilkor [at] whipmail.com

05.05.2004, 14:21
Exakt dasselbe hier, gespammt auf eine Spamtrap, die ich erst seit ner Woche benutze...

Spammer, go to http://www.arghcor.de/

05.05.2004, 20:29
schnief, jetzt wollt ich ihm antworten, dass ich ja so interessiert wäre, da ich
grad ein Haus kaufen wollte. Und ich mich sooo freue über mails aus Nigeria.
Hab doch Internet erst seit ein paar Wochen und schon kennt man mich in Afrika.
Nur leider ist des Mugus Mailbox schon voll...