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10.05.2004, 13:02
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Hello Dear,
I`m aware that this unexpected letter will come to you as a surprise I appologise for any inconvenience, but please do bear with me for I am only seeking for your help. I got your email address from network
directory. I apologize if I have infringed on your privacy.
I am JAMES ADAMS, the son of Late Mr, CHRIS ADAMS, he was an executive`s member on Economy Management to Mr,PRSIDENT, "CHARLES TAYLOR", the former president of Liberia. Before the death of my father, he imposed a great deal of confidence in me thereby leaving me with the responsibility of seeing to the safe and eventual investment of the family fund. The amount involved is $18,629,000.00 (Eighteen million six hundred and twenty nine thousand United States Dollars only) The fund was move from Libaria to Europe through diplomatic means and deposited with a security firm. Although this money was deposited as family valuables, All that is required by you is to carry and manage this for our family`s
This transaction is to be treated with utmost confidence because presently, The problem surrounding my family is over and the press is less interested over my family matters, so I`ve decided to invest this fund in your country for my family`s security reasons. As a matter of fact, my family`s have reached an agreement of 35% of the total sum for your assistance towards this transaction,while 65% is for my family and this will be invested in your country in any lucrative business.
Finally, I wish to assure you that this transaction will not attract any risk on your behalf. furthermore,we have finalized every arrangement for the successful completion of this transaction the moment we got your consent.
If you are interesting in assisting , mail me on my private email; jameslib55 [at] netscape.net for more information.
With Kindly Regards,

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Wehret den Anfängen!

11.05.2004, 07:32
Ich habe mich seiner mal angenommen...
Dear James Adams,
you will send by heaven. I am a farmer with the responsibility for 500 cows and 42 goats. At the moment I need some money, because I want invest some illegal earnings, to cheat at tax fiscal office, i have not enought money, to buy a building, were i can process my raw materials. I am very interested in the deal, but it MUST be utmost confidence.
Thanks to your offer. Sorry for my worse english, i hope you will not understand me nevertheless.
Best greetings
Frische Landmilch
Edit: Jemand hier hat mich auf die Idee mit dem "Not understande me" gebracht. Weiß leider nicht mehr wer.
Weiter geht es hier
http://210112.homepagemodules.de/t442260...artnership.html (http://210112.homepagemodules.de/t442260f11719957__Partnership.html)