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07.06.2004, 15:49
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Subject: Dear Sir, please help me out
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The Royal Palace of Ogoni Kingdom,
Ogoni Oil Producing Community,
E-mail : princessmm6 [at] soon.com
Dear Sir,
I am Princess Mercy Mosheshe, daughter of Chief Olu Mosheshe, the king of
Ogoni Kingdom. My father was the King of Ogoni Kingdom the highest oil
producing area in Nigeria. He was in charge of reviving royalties from the
multi-national Oil companies and Government on behalf of the Oil producing
communities in Nigeria. After the hanging of the nine Ogoni Indigenes
including Ken Saro Wiwa by the late dictator General Sani Abacha, my
father and rest of these communities leaders continued to agitate for the
due right in items of the royalties, by whichthe present democratic
government resloved to be paying more quarterly 13% deprivation as a
result of environmental degradation in these communities. But
unfortunately, my father suffered stroke and died
December 7th last year.
But before his death, he called me and told me he has Eleven Million Five
Hundred and Sixty Thousand Dollars (USD11,560,000.00) cash in his
possession, specially deposited in a Security Company. He advised me not
to tell anybody except my mother who is the last wife ofthe (8) eight
wives that he married. My mother dID: [ID filtered]
Which implies that all my father`s properties, companies e.t.c., we have
no share in them because my mother has no male child according to African
tradition. My father therefore secretly gave me all the relevant documents
of the saID: [ID filtered]
and two younger sisters because he knows that traditionally,if he dies we
cannot get anything as inheritance. He importantly advised me that I
should seek foreign assistance and that Ishould not invest this money here
in Nigeria because of his other wives and male children who happen to be
my elders.
Since his death, my mother, two little sisters and I are trapped in
obnoxious custom traditional rites. We have suffered maltreatment and
untold hardship in the hands of my half brothers and my late husbands
family, simply because my mother dID: [ID filtered]
father. They have taken all that my mother suffered with her husband to
acquire including treasure, houses and his bank accounts closed by them. I
wanted to escape to the United State of America [USA} with my mother and
two little sisters on exile, but again they conspired and stole our
International Passports and other traveling documents to further frustrate
It has therefore, become very necessary and urgent to contact someone, a
foreigner like you to help receive/secure these funds overseas and to help
me invest it on our behalf as well, while we find a way of getting out to
meet with you in your country.
I have had several telephone discussions with the Assistant Director of
the Security Company and he has expressed willingness to corporate with me
whenever Ifind a reliable foreigner. This is why I have contacted you to
help save my mother, two younger sisters and I, by assisting us to
transfer and receive these funds in your account overseas on our behalf.
But you would need to give me sufficient assurance that if you help me,
you would not divert the funds My mother and I have resolved to give you
20% of the total sum. This is all my mother, two little sisters and I have
got to live on. Please, I have reposed my confidence in you and hope you
will not disappoint me.
Upon receipt of your positive response, I will forward to you the contact
details of the Security Company for you to open up communication with them
and to find out the possibility of you receiving this fund on our behalf
as the sole beneficiary.
I look forward to receiving your urgent response through my private email
address :You can also call my late father`s financial adviser Mr. John
Madu onhis mobile +234 803 3036398.

Best Regards,
HRH Princess Mercy Mosheshe
Reply to : princessmm6 [at] soon.com

10.06.2004, 16:04
Oh ich liebe Hushmail :)
Dear Mrs. Mercy Mosheshe,
I send you my passport photo so we both know with whom we dealing with,
since this planned action should be secure and private.
For security reasons I sign my mail with PGP.
Please get in touch with this program and sign your mail with the PGP key so we can both be sure that
this is a secure transfer, since a high amount of money is involved.
And you know in these days, there are many blackhats in the world ...
My Phonenumber is +49 xxxxxxxxxx, my Faxnumber is: +49 800 10 11 800
[Entnommen aus http://210112.antispam.de/t456181f11731515_BRNCHENBUCH.html] *g*
Telefonnummer frei erfunden und schon wieder diese Kommunikationsprobleme ... Faxt euch zu, ihr Spammer :)
Please send me a Fax, since I have telephone problems at the moment,
I am switching to cellular phone, since one day my phone is OK, the other day it is unavailable ... and that with ISDN - huh, digital, what a crap ...
So I hope that Mr. John Madu can reach me via Fax,
If I got my cellular phone (here called handy) monday or tuesday next week, i will give you the number ASAP.
It`s even the best solution, since you can reach me anywhere anytime.
Now to my person, I am 32 and work in the tv business as a cutter for
trailers. Interesting job, you can meet the so called VIPs and have free access to partys and cinema but it is sometimes a pure stress.
2 days ago we had a take which lasted till 04.30 in the morning ...
You wrote that you have a poligamous family. Sounds interesting, that is here totally forbidden :(
So I`m really looking forward to your answer,
with best wishes,
On Thu, 10 Jun 2004 xx:xx:xx -0700 MERCY MOSHESHE <princessmm66ng [at] yahoo.com> wrote:
>My dear X,
>First and foremost, I must thank you so much for your
>acceptance to assist in this special case of mine of
>which if properly handled on your side like you
>promised, must better our various lives especially
>mine which is right now in a predicament. I also
>appreciate your valuable advice which is encouraging
>to me at this trial period of mine.
>Because of this your first caring approach to me
>concerning my present predicament, I have decided to
>attach herein my picture, that of my mother and late
>father for your persual. This is why there was a
>little delay in my replying you, to make sure these
>pictures are really attached.While I will also
>appreciate it you send yours to me for us to know each
>other more better before meeting face to face. In
>fact, this caring approach must come from God`s
>fearing fellow & matured mind like my person hence if
>you do not mind, I would like to know how old you are?
>And what you do for a leaving?
>To this end, I will advise that there is absolute need
>for us to expedite action on this important matter
>because of the persisent trouble in my polygamous
>family,hence you should please send your private phone
>& fax numbers for the adequate communications & full
>commencement of the transaction. While my late
>father`s financial adviser, Mr. John Madu will equally
>reach you on the issue thereby breifing you in details
>the process of the claim in your name. By guiding you
>as you open communication with the security company.
>I will direct him to prepare an agreement which will
>bind both parties in the transaction which will surely
>protect each other interest in the business.
>Please henceforth you should be reaching me on this my
>new address because I found it very difficult
>attaching these pictures from the old address.
>I am waiting for your usual prompt reply,
>Thanks and God Bless.
>Yours sister,
>HRH Princess M.Mosheshe.
>Do you Yahoo!?
>Friends. Fun. Try the all-new Yahoo! Messenger.

10.06.2004, 16:56
So und jetzt dafür sorgen, dass garantiert gefaxt wird:
I am shocked and upset since I have read an article in a newsmagazine 2 minutes ago and it scared me.
I have translated it for you:
[Übersetzung von DER SPIEGEL Nr. 24 Seite 112 Ausland/Nigeria - Religionskrieg im Ölstaat]
I hope that you are OK and that Ogoni Kingdom is save for you and your whole family.
A civil war is a nightmare !!!
Please tell me something about Ogoni Kingdom since that sounds interesting.
Our country was a kingdom about 86 years ago but now we are democratic.
So please tell Mr. John Madu to contact me via fax right now,
so I can help you out and save you and your Family.
With the money you can leave the country immediately and save your life and your family.
Please stay healthy !
Yours faithfully,
und noch eine zweite Mail hinterher - dummstell
Etwas den Pazifisten rauskehren.
Mercy Mosheshe
My picture, second try.
Funny that we both have something in common, problems with attatching pictures.
Sorry for again mailing you but the newspaper story really scared me.
I hate war and I was against the Iraq war !
And I hope that it won`t continue in Nigeria.
No blood for oil and money.
We should love each other not kill each other !
And we all believe in the same god, when will the human race accept that ?
So long, please stay pleasant and healthy
and God bless your family.
Again yours,

11.06.2004, 12:09
gleich 2X geantwortet ... :) Die Sache läuft ...
<font color="#00C000">
My dear brother
Thanks a lot for your ceaseless caring email, which I
must say is really encouraging & consoling my present
My brother, the story you just sent across is a
reality and that is Nigeria for you. Sporadic Unrest
every now and then in the country, and that is one of
the main reasons some of us want to leave the country
despite our different family`s problems which I must
say we inherited from the nation called Nigeria. Can
you imagine, citizens suffering daily in a country
which is blessed with numerous human resources such
as mainly crude oil & e.t.c.
The story is even old the latest one is the 3 days
nationwide stike between Nigerian Labour Congress
(NLC)& Ferderal Government over constant hike in fuel
price, which was just suspended late yesterday.
Can you also imagine that Ogoni Kingdom being the
highest oil producing area is upto now facing
immaginalisation of compensation in the hand of
Government, that was why Saro Wiwa & others were
killed as a result of struggling over the issue.My
brother, please we should not allow this perpetual
ugly situation occupy our mind & time especially now
that I am making a move towards joining you very soon.
Another important advice is that there is absolute
need for all coommunications both from you ,I & Mr.
John Madu strictly be through email for now, in order
to maintain the utmost confidentiality this
transaction requires because of the big/persistent
trouble in my polygamous family. Because at times when
you send message through fax, such message can be
hajike here. Please it also very very necessary you
maintain the same confidentiality on your side for the
safety & meaningful actualisation of this important
transaction which is of course my last hope for life.
I have directed Mr. Madu to reach you immediately for
the speedy actualisation of this matter. I dID: [ID filtered]
instruct him to prepare an Agreement which will bind
both parties interest mainly to sure you of agreed
compensation for your valuable assistance.
My dear brother, while expressing my sincere
appreciation for all your ceaseless caring approach, I
am very glad to receive your picture which must always
remain very close to my bed under my pillow,.
Thanks & God bless,
I remain yours sister.
HRH Princess M.Mosheshe.
My dear Mercy Mosheshe,
I am very glad to hear that you are ok and alive,
what a terrible situation in your country !
Since today starts the UEFA soccer european championship,
i will have less time since our company transmits almost all games and we have a lot of work do do, booking commercial breaks, cutting trailers,
rendering the transmission from Portugal in HDTV 16x9 PAL with AVID: [ID filtered]
so I hope that you or Mr. John Madu can reach me as soon as possible.
I don`t think that Fax is unsave, it`s my office fax and as i told you the next two weeks are pure stress, i will have to sleep at work if anything goes wrong.
Please tell Mr. John Madu to send me a fax, so I get to know him
or to use PGP for secure E-Mail.
BTW E-Mail is much more unsafer, we get about 40 Mailviruses a day ...

12.06.2004, 17:09
und weiter gehts ...
in HTML [*würg*]
<font color="#00C000">
From: John Madu
Re : Princess Mercy Mosheshe`s Inheritance
I was briefed this morning again by Princess, she saID: [ID filtered]
Please, for your interest and in the interest of the visitors, I would like you to assure me here and now that you will help this people to relocate to your country and you will help them in investing the money and that you guarranttee their safety abroad, you have to bear in mind that they are not paupers,they only had a family problem with his half brothers, over the inheritance, and they want to leave, the half brothers are gunning for the stool of the kingship of Ogoni land, with their uncles, and they believed the father left something of very high value with Catherine, Mercy`s mother and have confined them in a quater and since after the death of Mr. Mosheshe, they were restricted from going out of the compound, and were denied almost all the priveledges and freedom in the house so, that is why they want to leave.
In essence, you are now the only father, husband uncle and brother they have as soon as they arrived your country, so you have to assure me that you will treat them as such, I have been instructed by Princess to draw up with an agreement and I will send you the sepecimen shortly to go through, while Princess will also send you the certificate of deposit of the money which is in her possession, so that you will know what you are doing. Consequently, YOU HAVE TO SEND ME THE PHOTOPAGE OF YOUR INTERNATIONAL PASSPORT or ANY OTHER FORMS OF IDENTIFICATIONS so that I will have to submit them to the security company for the release of the money. This is because the father has made it clear that who ever will have the money will present his or her identifications and Princess Mercy or her mother has to approve it. This is not a fluke, so you have to identify your self, before the security company releases the money, especially as the funds was deposited &
amp; tagged SPECIAL OVERSEAS PAYMENT DELIVERY which makes it impossible for any withdrawal here in Nigeria. If you like I will send you my identifications for you to know me in person. You have to tell me your whole name, your house and business adresses and the identification.
As soon as your Identification is given to Profound Securities, and me and Princess gives approval, the money would be paID: [ID filtered]
If there is anything you do not understand in this, please let me know immediately, if you cannot HELP them, it is better to let me know it now
I want you to call me now on this number +234 803 3036398, or write me immediately with all I requested with this email address
Thanks for your understanding and co-operation,
Yours Faithfully,
Mr.John Madu,
My dear brother X,
Thanks very much for your quick reply & your valuable
advice therein.
How is your busy working schedule now? I hope you are
coping up with it? If so, glory be to the Almighty
I have already directed Mr.Madu to reach you, please
inform me if he has do so and always try to update me
for every dealings with him for proper coordination
and smooth actualisation of our transaction.
Yes, you maybe correct that fax should be save on your
side but it is not so here, and that is the aspect I
was mostly refering to. So please it is better we make
use of email since you have know my name and that of
John Madu even the security company`s name which must
definitely appear on your email box before opening any
of the message. With this, you will be able to know
all the messages that come from this transaction,
which are not of course virus at all.
Lastly, please I will advise you to take it easy
regarding your two weeks busy working schedule so that
the stress will not way you down.
I am waiting for your quick reply.
Thanks and God bless,
Yours Sister in Christ,
HRH Princess M.Mosheshe.
Dear Mr. John Madu,
First: Please do not write HTML Emails, since they are hardly
readable for me as you can see in this response.
Second, please do try to contact me at my Faxnumber, since the UEFA european soccer championship binds me at work as we are transmitting it from Portugal. I work for a television company so I can hardly check my E-Mails during work as we do not have internet in the broadcast studio.
I`m writing this from an Internetcafe in Porto/Portugal in a short break.
My Faxnumber is: +49 800 10 11 800, seems to be the best way to cummunicate for me.
Thank God the weather is fine here in Portugal, so work makes fun for our team here, almost holiday feelings :)
I hope i can do internet banking from here, My bank is
So please for security reasons singn your further mails with PGP,
so we both can be sure, that no other party is involved
because of as I understand a high amount of money is involved and we should enshure that all goes secure,
since I do not wan`t that Mrs. Princess M.Mosheshe loses any cent of her
I just want to help her to get out of the terrible situation.
So please answer via fax, since as I told before, I can only check Mails here in Portugal in an internet cafe and I do think that`s a way of unsecurity.
Thank you for your answer.
I`m sittin here in an internet cafe in Porto/Portugal in a short working break.
Mr. John Madu contacted me via mail, but:
Please, Please tell him,
that I can really hard read his Mail he sent, here, since it was made in HTML and it was not correctly displayed.
The weather is very nice here, about 40 degrees,
our team arrived today at 09.35 here and I haven`t slept for 35 hours.
After that short break we are going to transmit the game between france and england and I hope that everything goes OK.
So again pure stress but it really makes fun.
Yours X
So, back to work,the game kicks off in 1.30 hours and we have to prepare
the transmission and the satellite lines.

13.06.2004, 09:57
<font color="#00C000">
My dear brother X,
Thanks for replying my email promptly inspite of your
busy schedule.
I am happy that Mr. Madu has actually contacted you at
last.It is a pity that you could not read his email.
I must try to get in touch with him this morning
advising him to try and get new email address from
yahoo ID: [ID filtered]
Since he is the main actor of this important
transaction and as such should have a lot of messages
to send across.
Lastly, please do not allow your busy schedule weigh
you down as I am of advice that you should always be
under medication to enable you be fully healthy for
the around the clock assignment.
Wie meinen ? Versteckter Aufruf zum Drogenkonsum, oder wie soll ich das verstehen ? *g*
<font color="#00C000">
I am waiting for your usual quick reply.
Thanks and God bless,
Yours Sister in Christ,
HRH Princess M.Mosheshe.
und weiter gehts, mal sehen ob sie mich erreichen können [Prust]
zur Not ist die EM schuld, falls es nicht klappt *g*
Da fällt mir vieles ein, von Hooligans zusammengedroschen usw.
wird amüsant ...
Dear Mrs. Princess M.Mosheshe
Good news, I got my cellular phone today, so contacting me now should be no problem at all.
It was a great day yesterday, france vs. england 2:1
and everything wen`t fine with the transmission.
Sometimes i do really love my job.
Many soccer fans here pay a lot of money to see the games and we can see them for free :)
We are back in Lisbon now and have 4 hours free time to make sight seeing.
And after visiting 2 old churches i saw an internet cafe (where I am right now) which is very nice, you can sit outside in the sun
and they have even Carlsberg beer ...
Here are my telephone numbers:

[aus dem Fax Spam von Gibraltar]
http://210112.antispam.de/t431861f117315...aus_Seide_.html (http://210112.antispam.de/t431861f11731515_Gibratlar_FaxSpam_Big_Bubbles_Sonderposten_Lorbeerbaumlume_aus_ Seide_.html)

Mobile Phone
+49 (0)163 389 27 61
Work-Phone/Fax in Lisbon/Portugal
private Phone:
+49 231 - 72 50 71 61
Please reach me at the mobile phone as soon as possible and
tell Mr. John Madu that he can reach me anytime anywhere now.
With love and hughes from Portugal,
Hope to hear from you very soon.

14.06.2004, 12:20
Es kommt Bewegung in die Sache, hehe jetzt müssen sich die Mugus für Fussball interessieren *g*
<font color="#00C000">
From: John Madu

Re: Princess Mercy Mosheshe`s Inheritance

My dear brother X,
I was just free from some family visitors now and I
decide to reply your email which is always loving to
I am very happy that you have got the new mobile
phone, but I tried serverally to phone you but was
receiving recorded message, perhaps from the Portugal
telephone exchange. But I will also try tomorrow.
I have as early as this morning invited Mr. Madu
thereby advise to make sure he reach you through yahoo
id, and he promised me of doing it unfailingly today.
Please do update me if he has reached you again as
I hope your country(Germany) will be playing with
Holland tomorrow. I am really wishing them winning
match tomorrow.
Thanks and God blessed,
I remain yours sister in Christ,
HRH Princess M.Mosheshe.
My dear Mrs. Princess M.Mosheshe,
today is the day of the year,
We are in stress because we have to do many interviews before and after the game and had some technical difficulties with our camera equipment,
seems to be too hot for our sony, but I hope that everything
works and of course that germany wins !
So I do have limited time today and tomorrow.
I have received the mail of john madu but no time to read it,
since time is runnig out for me now, I have to go back to work.
I will write you in the next days
when more time is available,
My boss calls on the phone right now, time to go.

14.06.2004, 15:48
Da aufgrund der EM die Leitungen nach Portugal chronisch überlastet sind (haha), kannst du dir auf http://www.yac.com/ eine kostenlose Nummer als Anrufbeantworter einrichten, die dir die Nachrichten als wav oder mp3 in die Mailbox schickt.
Laß deine Mugus "Es gibt nur ein` Rudi Völler!" als Codephrase singen.
Wir kriegen euch alle!

14.06.2004, 16:16
Laß deine Mugus "Es gibt nur ein` Rudi Völler!" als Codephrase singen
Da heißt es aber hurtig ran http://img.homepagemodules.de/clown.gif ob man das heute abend noch singen sollte http://img.homepagemodules.de/shy.gif
Was auch nett ist als Phrase: "Belegtes Brötchen" an dem ö und dem ch bricht sich der "gemeine" Englisch sprechende gerne die Zunge ...

14.06.2004, 16:19
Ich kenne aus Amerika sogar eine Deutschlehrerin, die nicht in der Lage war, die Umlaute auszusprechen ;)
Von den Schlechten verlacht zu werden
ist fast schon ein Lob - Erasmus von Rotterdam

14.06.2004, 16:35
Auch beliebt ist "Streichholzschächtelchen". Aber das wäre total OT. Zurück zum Thema! http://img.homepagemodules.de/crazy.gif
"Don`t flame the Newbies"

15.06.2004, 18:15
<font color="#00C000"> My dear brother X,
In fact, yesterday was very tough in regarding the
match between your country & Holland. Germany scored
first at the 25 minutes of first-half and strugglely
Holland equallised in the second-half.
My brother, even the match ended 1-1, I am happy the
Germany scored first. Glory be to God for that.
Back to your business, Mr. Madu was here lately
yesterday to inform me that you have not replied his
latest email, but I let him know that you are very
busy with the on-going Euro matches in Portgual
because in the one in charge of transmitting all the
But please my brother due to my ceasless trouble here,
I am realy appealing to you to always make use of any
of your free moment to reach out to us especially Mr.
Madu so that we can forge ahead progressively in the
Lastly I tried many times yesterday again to phone you
through your new mobile number to no avail.
Thanks & God bless us all,
I remain yours sister in Christ,
HRH Princess M.Mosheshe.
SoSo, der/die musste sich das Spiel anschauen *g*
Hat auch was gutes :))
Meine Antwort wird noch etwas auf sich warten lassen.
Hehe das mit der Voicemail ist eine optimale Idee *fg* http://img.homepagemodules.de/clown.gif
Da John Madu immer noch HTML schickt (als Anhang)
werde ich ihn zur Strafe OpenPGP compilieren lassen :) http://img.homepagemodules.de/smokin.gif
Komisch das die [Fax-Spammer] Mailbox voll ist aber [TM] die EM ist schuld ... http://img.homepagemodules.de/devil.gif
Höhö so ein Photo mit Mrs. Mugu mit deutschem Nationaldress und Fussball auf dem Kopf
und mit Schild "Es gibt nur einen Ruuuuuuuuuuudi" wär doch ganz nett http://img.homepagemodules.de/grin.gif

15.06.2004, 20:30
Ich konnte nicht widerstehen *g*
Etwas dick aufgetragen ...
Aber das ist die ROTE Karte für seine fschking HTML Mails.
Die EM Story weckt kreatives Potential :)
Dear Mr. John Madu,
First of all I`m a bit angry about you.
I wrote you in my last mail that I can not read HTML E-Mails here at the internet stations in Portugal.
Your last mail had an attatchment in *guess*: HTML
At work or at home in germany that IS NO problem, but here in portugal IT IS !
So please, please do me a vafour and DO NOT send me ANY HTML Stuff, OK - UNDERSTAND ?!
I had problems in "Compstation", an internet cafe in Porto, the staff fined me with a penalty of 20 euro, cause I had opened your attatchment and their virusscanner had red a alert alarm. - How embarrassing.
The second thing is security.
I do not want to embrace Mrs. Mercy Mosheshe with these technical details.
During a short break I was talking to an administrator and he told me that i should not send ANY financial details without PGP Keys (reason I told you to use PGP)
I dID: [ID filtered]
(MX Records, Hops, Nops, EHLO, Pop3, SMTP, IMAP4 and many things I can`t remember and I dID: [ID filtered]
a) encrypt
b) use PGP
So please do me a favour and get in touch with PGP.
My Passport is right now in my hotel safe at our hotel "Ambassador" in Lisbon.
We have no PC here, we have AVID: [ID filtered]
But a mate from Canal+ (the france TV) which I met yesterday, is able to provide me his apple powerbook, that thing is loaded with many applications - I hope he will scan my passport
[He was a bit drunk and sweared that he love to do that]
Note: I will send you the scan (if it works with the french guy ... If he can remember anything ... Portugal red whine, you know - ouch)
but only with your PGP Key and furthermore my bank details -
the login for http://www.finanz-direkt-24.de/ only with PGP !
Since we both, and I really DO mean both, do want that everything about this financial transmission goes secure and secret.
So how about to meet in Portugal ?
My timetable is completely full, and my flight home is on June, 25, 12.35
Then I will be back in Germany cause our second crew will take over.
- I`ll have more time but Mercy Mosheshe told me that time is running out ...
Please try to reach me at the cellular phone.
Do do a security check, please pronounce "Es gibt nur einen Rudi Völler" as opening sentence
and I will reply "Ohne Holland fahren wir zur WM"
[That is also an advice from the administrator, James Bond Style in my opinion but
even phone calls can be recorded and enemies within ...]
That is as my cellular phone rings every 5 minutes, i hate it already and one or two times i wanted to put that fucking annoying thing in the next trashcan available.
Nice to have such a gadget but everyone want to talk to me and our staff or my boss RIGHT NOW :(
BTW: Please, Please tell Mrs. Mercy Mosheshe that I have no time to write her,(shame on me)
Oops, i have to hurry up, my cellular phone reminder rings, [I hate that thingie]
Shit, Fuck I`m coming too late to Portugal vs. Russia,
but this Mail is VERY important for me !
Please respond ASAP and call me !
In hurry,

16.06.2004, 23:43
und jetzt einen Keil reintreiben:
Dear Mrs. Mosheshe
First of all our crew had a bad day yesterday.
I was late as I wrote a mail to John Madu in an Internet Cafe,
and thank god I was late, since some members of our team interviewed
english fans and they turned to be agressive ...
two men of our crew are in hospital now (Alex, our camera guy and
Armin, the sound wizzard) Thank God they are OK, just minor wounds.
But that makes me sad, i enjoyed the EM and some [censored] idiots
destroy everything ...
The Police was very fast and the Hooligans were arrested, that was
what I saw. I`m glad that I was too late but that is no good feeling at all, i`m to selfish.
It have could be me but now its Alex and Armin ...
I`m a bit drunk right now, but one thing i have to tell ya:
John Madu has written me a second E-Mail with an Attatchment:
in HTML !!!
I was fined 20 Euros as i had opened it-
Please tell him that i will never open a mail from him if he is not able to send it via plain text.
You can do it, he can`t ---
Do you really thrust him ?! I think he just want to grab some money from you ...
If he can`t write a email the second time - I can`t thrust him and you should not thrust him either !
That is my opinion, just leave him out and we both make the deal as i thrust you.
So what do you think about that ?
I really want to help you out of your situation and some (sorry) dumbass want to grab/steal your money ...
We both and only we both should do the deal now and leave him alone.
just my 0,1 cents

17.06.2004, 00:02
als nicht-fussball-fan find ich die sache echt klasse...
pgp-mails *lach*
viel erfolg!

17.06.2004, 13:17
*g* tja schade, hat er etwas Geld beim telefonieren gelassen ...
Tja und das mit PGP macht echt Spass, werde ihn gleich nochmal antriggern.
Höhö und ich will ihn selber compilieren lassen und latürnich werde ich einige
Typos in der Anleitung haben *oops* :)

<font color="#00C000">
My dear brother X,
I received your email with great joy. Glory be to the
Almighty God that you were not involved in the ugly
incident. I can assure you, it can never be our
portion at all, in Jesus name, Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
My brother, I have heard all you saID: [ID filtered]
but you see I am not free here to handle this very
transaction by myself. Because I am leaving in house
where those my half brother & sisters also stay. So I
will be endangering the busines if I decide to handle
it by my self.
However, I can reassure you that I trust Mr. Madu
because he really helped my late father in acquiring
almost all his wealth. In short, he was one of the
instruments why my late father left this very money
for me. And that was why I decided mostly to
incorporate him in the business.
Please accept my apology the embarrassement his
message has caused you. Although, immediately after
the incident, he came to me & made me to be aware.
But, he also made inquire about it and find out that
we do not have PGP security system here. He said, he
trued to phone you but no body pick the phone & he was
charged some money.
Can he be reaching you through yahooID?
I am really wishing you health & utmost success in
your job in Portugal.
I remain yours sister in Christ.
HRH Princess M.Mosheshe.

Dear Mrs. Moshehse
We are invited today evening to a villa of a mate who works for the broadcasting company of portugal.
tomorrow is the game we are looking forward - germany vs. latvia - hopefully a strike for germany.
The whole country is wonderful, everybody is nice and friendly,
except those stupID: [ID filtered]
Shame for mankind but thanks god the police arrested 12 of them and sent them home.
Alex is with us again and we hope that Armin could leave the hospital on Sunday.
Today is almost the hottest day here in Porto, about 44 degrees,
so everybody seeks for shadow.
So thats my latest news from Porto.
A big sorry for my last mail one beer is 0,75 l 3.- euros, wow
To the incident with Mr. John Madu:
You thrust him, and as I do understand he had done quite a lot in the past.
He can reach me by phone or send mail via yahoo but as i repeatedly told - NO HTML
And he should go in touch with PGP - http://www.openpgp.org or http://www.pgpi.org/
Download, install, create key, send it with mail, should be done in 5 minutes.
Only that will prove that I can thrust him as I don`t know him.
I hope he can manage it and we can all make that deal happen sucessfully for all parties involved and therein i can help you, that`s all what i want - should be a breakthrough for your family,
I will save you from any harm with the lords help.
As i take the advice seriously that i should only send financial data encrypted via mail.
As you can see even the internet cafes here are good in security.
It`s odd that there are so many black sheeps in the world who are intendend to
steal money from others.
So back to the fun, as i really appreciate that wonderful event
I am hopefully back to the internet on monday.
Have a pleasant weekend and may the force be always with you !
[*g* die Rückkehr der Muguritter ...]

19.06.2004, 10:33
<font color="#00C000">
xx:xx:xx -0700
Dear Beloved,
I got your mail and the contents well Understood.
Beofre we can proceed from here I would want you to send me your names in full,contact Address and a scanned copy of your international passport so that I can forward them to my lawyer who will help you get the necessarey documents to make claims to the saID: [ID filtered]
May the Almighty Lord Bless you.
Abdul Fadi.

My dear brother,
As usual I received your email with great joy. Only
suddenly late yesterday, my mother fell ill & now in
the hospital. Doctor saID: [ID filtered]
which I am suspecting our present predicament
attributed. I have already advised her to always do
not think much, that you, as my brother has strongly
promised to redeem our present diificult situation by
rendering every help to sure our funds leaves Nigeria.
My brother, please I will like to advise you not to
over druck yourself with friends while in Portugal
because we have a lot of goodies in nearest future.
I have also forward the information about PGP you sent
to Mr. Madu.
Lastly, I am really wishing winning game to Germany in
today`s match against Latvia. And please help me in
saying a big sorry to your colleague, Mr. Armin.
Thanks and God Bless,
I remain yours sisters,
HRH Princess M.Mosheshe.

19.06.2004, 13:58
Absolut top, Houser! Das ist so natürlich, wie es nur sein kann - ein Genuss! :)

"Africans, we count people first while money and other material things
come after." -- Ann, 419 scammer
Spammer, go to http://www.arghcor.de/

19.06.2004, 22:51
Wird noch besser, ich habe ja Insider-Informationen :)
Mein besster Freund ist *wirklich* in Portugal und wir phonen oder mailen
jeden Tag ... Mein Ziel hat sich verändert:
Jetzt müssen die Mugus nach Portugal fliegen.
Dumm nur, das die Polizei&Flughafen einen "anonymen" Tip bekommt http://img.homepagemodules.de/mund.gif
Figul, tnx, ohne dich wäre ich nicht auf die Idee gekommen :)

Dear Mrs Moshehse,
now writing from Fargo, wow, i wish you were here, since Portugal scored and Spain is out of the game, here is a party i have never dreamed off - Wow again, I am in an internet station right now near the harbour and i can`t understand my own words. Cars, Flags, People singing and dancing in the streets here, even some boats i can see at the sea have laser shows - unbelievable,
again wish you were here, whole Portugal is a single Party and they rock ! yeah and we are there !
Germany vs. Latvia was a bit uncool but wednesday is the day and i am glad that i`m able to see that match LIVE, since our schedule is until
6.25 - hardcore !
Hah free beer for anyone - cool !!!!!!!!!! - Portugal rulez !
Armin, btw is with me, he is out of the hospital since 12 PM and he is fine -
He do want to write you something:
Hi this is Armin aus Bielefeld
Na wie gehts, Alde ?
Krass oder
Hey don`t believe him anything he have drunk tooooooooooo much Jägermeister, you know
Faro is cool, he saID: [ID filtered]
I will pay the flight
Back again from the wc,i dunno what armin has done, have a party here which is supernatural - again, I wish that Star Trek is real and I could beam you here - unbelievable
Forget Ibiza or anything this is the Place to be !
Some Greeks have joined the party and now Ouzo ...
Oh my god.
I think i have to quit now since we get really pissed now without paying anything :)
I hope with the power of the lord that your brother is in save condition.
I have even called my former gilrfriend (doctor) and told her what you wrote me - fuck i was drunk - we hate each other - and i think i paID: [ID filtered]
To Mr. John Madu, please tell him that I got no phone call on my cellular phone ... I was awaiting his call and by the way I have phoned
today 3 and a half hours - 2 hours with my former, your brother related,
1 hour with my parents - and the last 30 minutes with the company.
But still no call from Mr. Madu.
Armin shouts that i suck and that we heve to party, of so in all i have to end, what a pitty but let`s go :)
Again I wish you were here, Portugal and Greece, what a day, what a night.
Carpe Noctem !

20.06.2004, 14:29
<font color="#00C000">
My dear brother,
In fact, I am very happy that you are really grooving
over there, but please please do not get yourself over
druck too much.
My brother, my mother is still in the hospital and
that is what is keeping me restless because the
hospital bill is really increasing daily, I do not
have enough cash with me right now since I can not
make any withdrawal here from our funds due to the
strict way my late father deposited it with the
security company, strictly demanding that unless the
funds is transfered to my foreign partner before any
withdrawal can be made. And that was why the deposited
Please since Mr. Madu has not suceeded in phoning you,
kindly phone him on his mobile No. +234 803 3036398.
However. I will try and see him today and finf out why
he has not further contacted you.
Indeed, I have been praying seriously over here
concerning the match between Germany & Czech, so that
Germany will carry the day come on Wenseday.
I am really waiting for your quick reply.
I remain yours sister in Christ,
HRH Princess M.Mosheshe.
*G* nicht nur du betest am Mittwoch ...
Tja der arme John Madu, die Leitungen sind ja so überlastet, da kann ich ja gar nicht zurückrufen :)

20.06.2004, 15:24
Um dem "Armen" ein wenig Druck zu machen, kannst Du ihm ja diese "Mitteilung" des Telefon Systems schicken:
http://www.dmine.com/phworld/sounds/mode...dist/vzldfc.ram (http://www.dmine.com/phworld/sounds/modern/longdist/vzldfc.ram)
und ihn fragen, weswegen denn die Nummer wegen "Fraud Alarm" gesperrt wurde. http://img.homepagemodules.de/lil.gif
Nochmehr Telefon Sounds gibts hier:

21.06.2004, 13:06
<font color="#00C000">
Dear Mrs Moshehse
We are in Faro right now and again looking forward to the match tomorrow.
Today is a sad day, an english supporter was killed yesterday.
He was stabbed to death and news are full about that tragedy.
I hate violence and i am shocked.
So therefore a short mail today as I am not in the right mood.
I have tried to contact John Madu via phone.
I tried it 3 times unsucessfully, all I got was:
"The number you have dialed is temportary not available, please call later and try again"
I will write you again tomorrow or on thursday.
Yours beloved,
Dear Mr. John Madu,
I have tried to contact you today via the number you gave me:
+234 803 3036398
I tried it 3 times, last time 5 minutes ago but it seems that phone lines here in Portugal are busy, since all I got:
"The number you have dialed is temportary not available, please call later and try again"
I will try it again later or you can try to reach me at the cellular phone number,
as we are not in the Office in Lisbon, we are in Faro right now.
Greetings from Faro/Portugal
Ja immer diese Kontaktprobleme aber auch :)
Das mit dmine.com gefällt mir gut, gibts das nächste mal.

21.06.2004, 16:57
Apropos Fußball: http://www.footballbadgers.com/
Wir kriegen euch alle!

22.06.2004, 20:12
*grin* cool :) Ich kannte nur das Totti-Spitting Game ... (SPIEGEL Online)
Nun ... Wenn Deutschland verliert, habe ich keinen Bock mehr auf den Deal, weil ich Haus, Hof, Auto und Frau verwettet habe *g*
<font color="#00C000">
Options... Show Actual Message Add Sender To Contacts Block Sender & Delete All Block Sender Block Domain

From: john madu <johnmadu888 [at] yahoo.com>
To: xx


Date: Wed, 23 Jun 2004 xx:xx:xx -0700

Attachment(1).html 3555 bytes


FAX NO.+234 1 7591123 EXTENTION 17
EMAIL: infoo_profound [at] email.com

Dear Sir,
My name is Mr. X hush of ......................... with identification No.......................
I humbly wish to apply for an application in respect of payment of(US$11,560,000.00) as contained in the above mentioned transaction, to be in my favour henceforth as advised by the Next of Kin, Princess Mercy Mosheshe of the Consignment as refered in the aforementioned transaction.
Sir, it would be appreciated if this application is given urgent attention, so that I can receive the claim accordingly.
Thanking you in advance for your anticipated co-operations.
Yours Sincerely,



Do you Yahoo!?
Yahoo! Mail Address AutoComplete - You start. We finish.


23.06.2004, 16:28
und weiter gehts:
Dear Mr. John Madu.
My name is N O T X HUSH.
We have mailed quite long now and you should know that my name is:
Hushmail is the E-Mail provider.
DID: [ID filtered]
Did`t you read my Mails and I have still no call from you ...
What is going on here ?
I have filled the form with my correct details !
[latürnich nicht korrekt, klar oder ? *g*]
Dear Mrs. Mercy Mosheshe.
Game over !
For Germany yesterday was a very bad day. We`re out, we lost,
Bad mood everywhere, some were crying.
Thanks god we are leaving Portugal tomorrow.
Thus that was a very nice trip, and I was the lucky one who was chosen for the first team, the second team is canceled now, it could have been better for Germany at all, and the Coach Rudi Völler has canceled but in 2006 there is the world match in germany and all hopes and praises are with this event.
I got a Mail from Mr. John Madu and I was wondering about the pronounciation of my Name: I`m called X and not X HUSH.
Hush is the international E-Mail provider !!!
I dID: [ID filtered]
Has he problems to read correctly ? We call that here "Legasteniker"
An Advise:
So beloved, I hope you know what to do, regardless what he had done in the past, people are changing, time is changing ...
So my last night at Portugal then,
England vs: Portugal, live in the Arena.
Hope that we don`t meet Hooligans again, Armin will stay at the Hotel.
BTW, I saw a nice website today, http://www.footballbadgers.com/ [Greets to Fidul :)]
funny and pleasant for the game today.
Last Greetings from this lovely country,

23.06.2004, 16:33
I dID: [ID filtered]
Has he problems to read correctly ? We call that here "Legasteniker"
Houser, du herrschst! Das ist so geil :D

"Africans, we count people first while money and other material things come after." -- Ann, 419 scammer
Spammer, go to http://www.arghcor.de/

24.06.2004, 14:50
Dear Mr. John Madu,
Again my Name is misspelled !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Do you wan`t to make me angry, or what ?
I`m not called BOOGIE HOUSER, I`m called DOOGIE HOUSER
Spoken language: `
Dii oe oe jii iy ii
Can`t you even remember 6 characters ?!
If I was your teacher, I would let you write that 100 times down on a blackboard as a little penalty for lameness.
*Aaargh* Banging my head on the wall ...
So, back to business:
I hope that Mrs Moshese is fine and her mother is well.
Send lovely greetings and tell her mother that she should get well soon !
When the security company contacts me, i will write you again.
We have to leave Portugal now, i have little time to get to the airport, so i have to end.
And now you have to remember my name, it`s Doogie Houser. Try to sing it, better for remembering names !
<font color="#00C000">
On Fri, 25 Jun 2004 xx:xx:xx -0700 john madu <johnmadu888 [at] yahoo.com> wrote:
>ON PHONE ONCE YOU RETURNED. MY NO. +234 803 3036398

24.06.2004, 15:34
Try to sing it, better for remembering names !
Ich stell mir vor, wie John Madu in der Anwaltspraxis singt...
Ob Mrs. Ann vielleicht John Madu kennenlernen will? ...

24.06.2004, 15:43
Anwaltspraxis? Internetcafe! Stell dir *das* mal vor - ein Inetcafe voller singender Mugus *g*

"Africans, we count people first while money and other material things come after." -- Ann, 419 scammer
Spammer, go to http://www.arghcor.de/

25.06.2004, 00:03
Stell dir *das* mal vor - ein Inetcafe voller singender Mugus *g*
"To prevent further security problems I want you to attach a voicemail of you singing the `Tip of the Day` to every email from now on."
Wir kriegen euch alle!

25.06.2004, 00:32
"To prevent further security problems I want you to attach a voicemail of you singing the `Tip of the Day` to every email from now on."
Allerdings müsste er dazu noch von einem dieser Aufzieh Affen:
begleitet werden und ein kurzes Video von diesem Auftritt mitschicken http://img.homepagemodules.de/clown.gifhttp://img.homepagemodules.de/clown.gifhttp://img.homepagemodules.de/clown.gif

25.06.2004, 23:31
<font color="#00C000">
My dear brother Houser,
Thank you very much for all your emails.
But it has been hail for me all these days concerning
my mother illness and that was why I was unable to
reply you regularly like before. Thank God she is now
getting better and perhaps will be discharged coming
My brother, in my genuine relationship with you, I
would like to express a little bit angry over your
ignore concerning the illness of my mother, even
though I breifed you many times in my emails about it.
You dID: [ID filtered]
which I definitely expected from you as my closest
brother & partner in life today.
Be that as it may, I wouldn`t want that to bother you
much in addition to your very busy working schedule in
Portugal. I hope you are back in Germany now like you
informed me earlier. Please let me know about this as
quickly as possible & also how far you have gone in
our transaction with Mr. Madu.
Thanks and God bless,
I remain yours sister in Christ,
HRH Princess M.Mosheshe.
My Princess,
I am back in germany right now.
Interesting: new security rules at the airport.
You now have to give your fingerprint(s) and your credit card (AMEX)
... the data is sent to the US - for their databases,
May be nice to avoID: [ID filtered]
at immigration and within the EU ... Next time i will drive by car or train,
that just annnoys me.
Interesting is the weather here, we have here now below 10 degrees, in Portugal we had about 35-40 ...
What a shock . is it winter in summer ?
Antonio Vivaldi - Spring - what spring ?! what summer, you can`t even go to the Biergarten ... I wish that i could beam me back to Portugal then.
Back to basics:
I`m concerned about your mothers health.
I have phoned a former girlfriend (hurts me), she is a doctor,
and after 30 minutes of conversation (and the proposal for two expensive red whines ...)
she agreed to help your mother out (:) I knoww her
btw -> in my mind: John Madu contacted me again via mail,
He misspelled my name AGAIN ! Is he handicapped ? is he dumb or blind or such kind of ?
I`m gonna make the deal with you, my Princess and not with that [censored]
Again - do not trust anybody, if money is involved ! An advice from your brother in soul:
Doogie Houser
Bin ich zu heftig ?

26.06.2004, 04:27
schön, aber die 10Grad (unter Null?) sind nun wirklich heftig *lach*
Ich denk schon die ganze Zeit drüber nach, ob man nicht John Madu als
guten Anwalt eines Bekannten von Karl Manfred Schmidt-Lustig
ausgeben könnte. Er hätte das Geld bekommen und Mrs. Ann könnte
es bei John Madu abholen. Wir haben ja die Telefonnummern ...

26.06.2004, 22:08
Diese Methode wird mittlerweile häufig mit großem Erfolg praktiziert. Entweder läßt man einen anderen Mugu direkt auflaufen oder aber der mysteriöse Hacker und Super-Guyman Usman Bello wird ins Spiel gebracht.
Auf jeden Fall sollte man eine extra Email-Adresse einrichten, von der angeblich die Mitteilung der geänderten Überweisungsmodalitäten übermittelt wurde. Das gibt dann schöne Morddrohungen von einem Mugu an seinen "Kollegen".
Apropos WU nach Nigeria:
Ich habe da z.Z. einen Freund, der gerne das Honorar für seinen Anwalt auf diese Weise haben wollte. Erst mußte er mir samt Link erklären, was denn WU überhaupt sei und dann passierte das:

Mr.{hier den Namen des 419ers einsetzen},
you have brought me into a very embarassing situation today and I
really want to know what`s going on.
I went to the website you gave me and found out that Western Union
Money Transfers are handled here by the Postbank which is in every
post office. I didn`t know this because they rarely advertise this
service. The reason is probably that we do here bank transfers only
and WU is not important.
When you sent me the link yesterday it was already too late because
they close at 6pm. So I went today to the nearest post office and
got the transfer form from the clerk. I filled it out and gave it
back. When the clerk saw that the transfer was going to Nigeria he
alerted me and even gave me a special warning flyer issued by the
Federal Office for Criminal Investigation (Bundeskriminalamt BKA).
It seems that there are many criminals in Nigeria who try to steal
money from foreign investors. According to the BKA it is called
"advance fee fraud" or "419" after the corresponding paragraph in
the penal code. They even lure their victims to Nigeria and kill
them there after robbing them.
A shorter version of the warning can be found here:
I have attached the official warning to this email. It is from the
BKA website and in PDF format. Surely you can open the document.
This warning is now always issued when somebody tries to transfer
money to Nigeria with Western Union from Germany because this is
the preferred method used by those criminals.
Do you have heard of it? I never dID: [ID filtered]
because there are some similarities to your offer. It was extremely
embarassing for me to be brought into connection with such a crime.
Of course I left the post office without doing the transfer.
Now I want you to explain this to me. Are you real or a scammer?
Herr Armes Opfer

Attachment: nigeria-briefe.pdf

Die Reaktion war nicht von schlechten Eltern. Wenn das nun mehr Leute tun würden... http://img.homepagemodules.de/clown.gif
Wir kriegen euch alle!

27.06.2004, 16:02
Da wird sich John Madu aber freuen ... *g*
lass ihn aber noch etwas zappeln.
<font color="#00C000">
From: profound security <infoo_profound [at] email.com>
Subject: Re: YOUR APPLICATION DATED 24/06/04.
Date: Mon, 28 Jun 2004 xx:xx:xx -0700
IDENTIFICATION NO. 2490001376828
Dear Sir/Madam,
This is to notify you that we are in receipt of the saID: [ID filtered]
On this note, you are required to attach to the application(1) CERTIFICATE OF REGISTRATION of your name in Nigeria, (2) CERTIFICATE OF DEPOSIT which must be handled over to you by the next of kin, Princess Mercy Mosheshe, which in turn will enable us issue the new CERTIFICATE in your name and ((3) AFFIDAVIT OF CHANGE OF OWNERWISHIP which will be obtained in High Court here.
Note that your immediate submission of the above requirements will legally enable this office to start process and effect the saID: [ID filtered]
Thanks while wishing to serving you better,
Yours faithfully,
Mrs. Ugo Ibe,
Head of Customer`s Service,

28.06.2004, 16:14
Dear Mrs Moshehse,
still a lot work to to.
We have tomorrow and on thursday again two transmissions from the EM to prepare and on Sunday is the final game.
Now my job at the moment is to book the satellite lines for ARD tomorrow, that means a lot of phoning and faxing.
I enjoyed Portugal, I would I could beam me back right now !- the normal life got me again and that means a lot of stress :(
Good news - your Mother is fine, then, that makes a litte glory to that messy day at work.
I have contacted John Madu yesterday, as the security company contacted me again and everything seems to go into the right direction.
So god bless you and your mother, I do really hope that she will stay healthy.
Yours Doogie Houser
<font color="#00C000">
On Tue, 29 Jun 2004 xx:xx:xx -0700 MERCY MOSHESHE <princessmm66ng [at] yahoo.com> wrote:
>My dear brother Houser,
>How are you today? Are you now in Germany?
>My mother has just been discharged from the hospital.
>How far have you gone with Mr. Madu regarding our
>transaction? Please update me urgently.
>Thanks and God Bless,
>I remain yours sister in christ,
>HRH Princess M.Mosheshe.

29.06.2004, 14:38
Schon wieder falsch geschrieben - der wirds nie lernen ! Orthographie setzten - Note 6 !
<font color="#00C000">
Since I received the letter you copied to me which came from the security company, I have studied the message very well and find out that the security company needed you to attach those three requirements to the application before they can start the process in your name.
As a result, I met with Princess finally yesterday, and she handled over the certificate of deposit to me to send to you immediately. While she directed me to go and find out the cost of obtaining the remaining two items. So you should be armed with the certificate for now while we finalise in obtaining the remaining documents before submitting the whole documents to the security company.
Have you replied the security company at all? Please if you haven`t, write them immediately informing them that you are currently not in your station, that you will submit the required documents as soon as possible when you are back in your station.
As a matter of fact, I have tried your mobile phone No. +49 1633892761 without getting through at all severally. You can please try mine again if you are now in Germany.
Find the certificate herein.
Best regards.
John Madu.

29.06.2004, 15:09
Dear Mr. John Madu,
Oops, you dID: [ID filtered]
You misspelled AGAIN my name.
This is not funny anymore.
Definition of Boogie:
Pronunciation: bo;`g&ccedil;
Noun 1. boogie - an instrumental version of the blues (especially for piano)
blues - a type of folksong that originated among Black Americans at the beginning of the 20th century; has a melancholy sound from repeated use of blue notes
jazz - a genre of popular music that originated in New Orleans around 1900 and developed through increasingly complex styles
I`m called DOOGIE.
I have nothing in common with that dance style, nothing !
Orthograpical: DOOGIE
Ultimatum: If you DO only once again in your lifetime misspell my name again, I will cancel this deal immediately.
Yours Doogie Houser

29.06.2004, 17:13
und nochmal nachtreten:
Dear Mrs. Mosheshe,
just a short mail 2day, the game kicks of in about 2 hours ...
And that means work, work, work and work.
Mr. John Madu mailed, and he misspelled my name again.
I`m not amused, REALLY not amused.
He should go back to school then, take some Voltax(tm), or is he suffering from Alzheimer ?!
So I hope that you and your mom stay healthy, best wishes again from
Germany !
Doogie Houser

01.07.2004, 10:37
Jetzt geht unserem Freund[TM] der Arsch auf Grundeis, gleich zwei Mails aufgeschlagen *g*
<font color="#00C000">
Received your email.
Please accept my sincere apology for spelling your name wrongly. it is typographic erro especially based on the too much stress Princess problem is giving me over here. Indeed please accept my apology once again as this is not intentional because like you should be aware, it is not going to be beneficial to me at all by making such mistake hence you should stop be angry any more. Because even at times I make such mistake in spelling my own name and anybody can do same.
Back to our business, dID: [ID filtered]
Best regards,
John Madu.
My dear brother Houser,
Thanks very much for your constant updating. Please do
not over work yourself. Take it easy.
It gives me great concern that Mr. Madu made another
mistake, this time misspelling of your name. I am
please hereby apologising on his behalf, while I have
directed him to see me for proper warning. At the same
time to know how far he has gone about the remaining
requirements demanded by the security company, which I
asked him to find the cost.
Thanks and God bless,
I remain yours sister,
HRH Princess M.Mosheshe.

01.07.2004, 12:54
Because even at times I make such mistake in spelling my own name and anybody can do same.
Da muss man aber schon ziemlich dämlich sein, um diese 2x4 Buchstaben auch noch zu verdrehen :D

"Africans, we count people first while money and other material things come after." -- Ann, 419 scammer
Spammer, go to http://www.arghcor.de/

02.07.2004, 09:37
Dear, Mr. John Udu - ehr Mudu - ah - Madu (slap) that`s right then :)
Just kidding btw ...
The Greek have won ! Wow ! cool,
Back to business - I was at my bank yesterday with a printout of your
attatchment, and they do not know what this is ...
What does this file mean or what is this about ?
I have sent this attatchment to the security company you have mentioned,
since i hope they will cross check this.
So time for bed now, very long day at work - 18 hours - slavery-
BTW if you don`t mind i will send Mrs. Mosheshe a copy of this Mail,
she know my name indeed.
Doogie Houser
remember it: Doogie !
Dear Mr. John Yahoo - err .. Madu
The security company sent me a reply.
I think i have to forward it to you now.
Doogie Houser
<font color="#00C000">
----- Forwarded message from profound security <infoo_profound [at] email.com> -----

IDENTIFICATION NO. 2490001376828
This is to confirm that the CERTIFICATE OF DEPOSIT you sent which originated from the next of kin, Princess Mercy Mosheshe is in order. But where are the two remaining documents such as CERTIFICATE OF REGISTRATION OF YOUR NAME IN NIGERIA and AFFIDAVIT OF CHANGE OF OWNERSHIP whic of course must be obtained in the Ferderal High Court here.
Please you are hereby advised to send the remaining documents without further delay because the little delay on your side to submit the total requirements is really slowing the pace of our working procedure, which is against our noted normal faciliating working Policy.
Yours faithfully,
Mrs. Ugo Ibe,
Head of customer`s Service,(PSL)

02.07.2004, 13:04
So, jetzt rückt er mit den Kosten heraus ... $26,250.00 nicht billig das Ganze *g*
<font color="#00C000">
Received your email contents well noted.
Based on my many years experience in advising about financial matters and the utmost confidentiality specifically required in view of Princess transaction, as a matter of necessity therefore, you should please keep this business top secret to your bank and any other third part for now, so as to enable us achieve our aimed objective in the business. Because basically apart from the current Princess family`s matter, it takes top secrecy to succeed in every financial transaction.
Moveover, the certificate of deposit which was just sent to you orginated from the security company which we are now dealing with, despite the fact that it was issued directly to the late father of Princess. And it is document testifying that such funds was really deposited with them by the father, and Princess has legal right to claim the funds through a foreign partner in the same condition that it was tagged SPECIAL OVERSEAS PAYMENT DELIVERY. Hence it is called certificate of deposit.
Lastly, I have finalised on the requiries of the real cost of registering your name here in Nigeria, which is $25,000.00 equivalate. Then the Affidavit of Change of Ownership which the security company advised that must be obtained from the Federal high Court her is $1,250.00 making it altogether $26,250.00. I have just breifed Princess and she looks very worried hence from all indications, all the required cash is really not available with us at moment.
Therefore, please it will be sincerely appreciated should you declare how much you can assist so that we can forge ahead progressive without any delay.
In the meantime I want to meet some friends to see how much I can come up with from my side, while Princess asked me to see her by tomorrow to have the little cash left with them.
Please reconfirm all your phone numbers once again because I have been trying day in day out to reach you on phone to no avail.
Best regards,
John Madu.
Dear Mr. John Madu,
why should i keep this all secret to my bank ?
I am very satisfied with the service, they adivised me always right, i let them manage my stocks and had never a problem with them.
My key account manager has now also my cellular phone number, if you wan`t to talk to him directly: Mr. Klaus Zinssaetzle - 0160 xxxxxx
They manage my funds and my whole money is there, so what is the problem ? Can`t get your Point.
As this is a high amount of money you are mentioning in your mail, i will NEED to go to my bank anyway. Today is too late, since banks have closed at 12.30 PM on Friday, so i hope i can manage that on Monday.
One last thing:
I will refuse to pay 21,590 Euros - way a lot toooo much for me.
I`m not a milionaire. We all three should share the costs, would be 7196.90 Euros for everybody and that is what i can afford.
All other would be a complete madness.
I have again tried to reach you at your phone number but still "The person you have called ..."
So a nice weekend then, and well done. +1 you have spelled my name right.
Applause please.
Als always lovely Greetings to Mrs. Mercy Mosheshe. May the force always be with her and her mother.
Yours Doogie Houser
Nun, der "Prinzessin" muss ich ja auch noch schreiben ...
Hehe - Mugus auf der Wiesn *g*
Dear Mrs. Mercy Mosheshe,
I got a mail from Mr. Madu today - and - you can`t believe it - He spelled
my name right ! Yes its true - no lie - reality +1 !
I was really surprised, he learned his lessons but still faults in spelling
- - He wrote: breifed - that is wrong, the right pronunciation is: briefed.
(I am german, not english, btw)
Again he sent an attatchment, please tell him, that is uncool, since
I could face trouble at work with HTML attatchments.
I printed out his mail and read it three times.
It is still a high amount of money for me to invest in a deal, with people
involved i don`t know face by face, even we share the costs by dividing
by third.
I think it is better for us all to meet in real life.
I have holiday in about one month.
Either you two visit germany.
We have the famous Oktoberfest here, so ID: [ID filtered]
I think you will never forget this event, about 5 million visitors from
the whole world.
Second: I will travel to your country but i have to discuss that with
my girlfriend, so sorry i indeed can not make any testimony on this fact.
She is displeased right now because of the Portugal trip and the overlong
working issue, but this is private.
I will use the weekend for relaxing. No work, nothing. I think my girfriend
and myself are visiting the mountains (Alpen) - just to relax and to
clarify some things.
So please do reach me on monday so we can discuss everything.
Stay pleasant and healty and best wishes to your mom.
Doogie Houser
still at work :(

02.07.2004, 19:08
Na das ging ja schnell ... die Lads riechen $$$
<font color="#00C000">
My dearest brother Houser,
Firstly, how is your present busy working schedule? I
hope you are managing fine. If so, glory be to
Almighty God.
I must start by thanking you so much by hearing from
Mr. Madu in few minutes ago your kind & valuable
acceptance to help with Euro 7196.9
To be candid, since Mr. Madu came to in the morning
and breifed me about the total cost of getting those
documents at $26,250.00, I & my mother became very
weak and worried since we have little or no cash with
us right now. I should have reached you since morning
to inform you about the development but reluntant not
knowing that Mr. Madu has already breifed you. Because
I was reluntant so that you don`t say I am asking too
much help from you, though I should have done that
since there is no alternative closet brother like you.
But as one who is really devoted & committed in
helping me in this matter, you wiilingly accepted to
giving such a financial assistance without me reaching
you, even though we here still need to complete the
balance now. God will continue to reward you
abundantly for doing this, though it is very certained
since you are involved in this very business. My
mother is very very greatful to you and same time
praying for you tiredlessly.
Although, I & my mother can only come up with about
$4,500.00, I have appealed to Mr. Madu in his recent
visit to please strive very hard to see that the
needed balance is sourced from his side, so that those
documents can be obtained earlier next week having
sent your own contribution to him.
May Almighty protect & guide us all especially you for
me till we meet face to face.
Thanks and remain bless in the Lord,
I remain yours sister,
HRH Princess M.Mosheshe.

02.07.2004, 19:21
Die Prinzessin herself schreibt übrigends ebenfalls "breifed"...

"Africans, we count people first while money and other material things come after." -- Ann, 419 scammer
Spammer, go to http://www.arghcor.de/

02.07.2004, 19:54
Ich weiss ... *g* multible Persönlichkeiten oder wie ?! http://img.homepagemodules.de/grin.gif
Naja, nach dem EM F&iacute;nale bereite ich dem ein Ende ...
Wenn sie nur US Fernsehen kennen würden - Das Original war eine Sitcom
und es ward genannt: Doogie Howser - Aber es dünkt mich, dass die Lads nicht sehr gebildet sind.
Oh my dear Mosheshe,
I hope that everything goes fine.
I`m still at work, really frustrated btw.
I called my girlfriend and she will go to Croatia at wednesday for holiday,
since i have no time and no holiday ... *argh*
I hope that is no split, anyway:
Mr. John Madu told that he had informed you about the details.
I am concerned about the John Madu connection. He admitted that he can`t even write down his OWN name right, he told me that I should not tell by bank about this deal, but my money is there.
Does he think that i have a treasure under my bed or something ? Just wondering.
So, time to go, all is booked, satellite lines are ok,
commercial breaks are arranged, dID: [ID filtered]
is Addidas vs. Nike ? I have seen figures today, and that is confidental, but 20.000.000 Euro for both teams from the sponsors.
They even tried to pay us for close ups at shoes - what a mad world today - money is everything - and without money you are nothing.
We refused the deal at the meeting today 5:3 - uncool - moneysharks everywhere.
It`s a game, it`s soccer(football) ... olympic games are starting in about three weeks and that is again fulltime for me.
So long, I wish my bed is here at me right now!
I hope to hear from you at Monday since the weekend is girlfriend related ! I just wanna stop that trip to Croatia.
Yours tired, almost asleep,
Doogie Houser

02.07.2004, 19:59
Die Prinzessin herself schreibt übrigends ebenfalls "breifed"...
Ja so ein Zufall aber auch. http://img.homepagemodules.de/clown.gif
Falls es zu WU kommen sollte - ich habe da diesen leicht panischen Serienbrief... Ein Banktransfer ist auch viel seriöser.
Wir kriegen euch alle!

03.07.2004, 18:28
Jup, ist schon fest eingeplant :)))
Die Mugus hoffen noch ...
<font color="#00C000">
My dearest brother houser,
I received your emails with great joy. Please always
do not over-work yourself because certainly better
days are coming ahead for us.
My brother, please do not allow the fact that we have
not known face by face or little fault you found from
Mr. Madu about the wrong spelling at times cause any
obstacle in your helping me financially in this very
matter, because I can assure you that you will never
reget it at all. Just obey the God who initially gave
you the courage of helping me in that way also,
because from all indications our relationship no doubt
is God`s making and anything He made, success and
endless reward is always the botton line. Definitely,
we must meet real life at the appropriate time, but
due to the big trouble in my polygamous family for
now, it can not be possible until you claim the funds
finally from the securiy company, so that I can leave
with my mother & two sisters at once. Because such
trip must raise eyebrows in my troubled polygamous
family. And also it is very difficult for Mr. Madu to
travel out now because he is the main actor handling
the transaction over here since the ceaseless & big
trouble in my polygamous family can not indeed allow
me to hand the business directly for the safety of it.
And you know for sure that any postponement regarding
your hoildays in one month no doubt must endanger the
business in the hand of the security company since
they have commenced process.
Please let me once again reasure & kindly appeal to
you to continue to work with Mr. Madu without any fear
at all in this very business as you will come to like
him very much at last because he is a very nice,
honest and hard-working man who does not like to
associate his self with any failure in all his
dealings, and that was why my late father worked with
him throughout his life before his death. In fact, I
repeat, he really helped my father acquired most of
his wealth.
Also please do not misunderstand Mr. Madu concerning
the issue of your bank and our business, I sincerely
believe it is for the safety of our transaction.
Afterall, it is your bank that will receive the funds.
I think, he wanted you to inform your bank at
appropriate time perhaps at the final stage of the
business for the really safety of the transaction.
So please you should just go ahead and send the money
through Mr. Madu while I have also appealed to him to
strive in completing it together with the $4,500.00
which he will collect from me on Monday.
God will continue to reward you abundantly as you
continuously obey His word religiously in helping me
in this matter.
Thanks and have a very nice weekend with your girl
I remain yours sister,
HRH Princess M.Mosheshe.

05.07.2004, 14:05
<font color="#00C000">
Since I received your last email last weekend, I have been very very busy with the challenge of completing the required money by meeting some of my friends so that by this week, we can be able to finally overcome the situation. With my vigorous efforts so far, it is hopeful that in two days time I will be able to raise the remaining balance despite the fact that it is a very tough tax for me since Princess can only come up with $4,500.00. And as a man who does not like failure in my life, I have to go all out meeting almost my enemies to have this very hopeful promise of raising the balance money in two days time.
Please I want also bring to your good understanding that I have never advised that your bank should not know at all about this very transaction. What I meant is that due to the circumstances surrounding this very business which demands top secret, it is advisable that both parties should maintain the top secret mainly at this preliminary stage whereby you can then inform your bank about the business later, perhaps three days as soon as you receive notification of a particular date of final remittance of the funds into your account from the security company. I know for sure that your bank manges your money & this very fund must also be received by them. So please do not misunderstand me in this regard.
More importantly, it is absolutely imperative that we endeavour to overcome the present requirements urgently in order to meet up with the strict short-frame working policy of the security handling the process. Because I reliably gethered that each process of any claim by the security company does not exceed 21 working days starting from the date of commencement of the process, otherwise such claim must be revoked immediately, and going by my calculation the proess of our claim has already taken roughly 7 working days. Basically, one you should really concur to the reliable information based on the startment as contained in their last message which you copied to me, which advised and I quote; (Please you are hereby advised to send the remaining documents without further delay because the little delay on your side to submit the total requirements is really slowing the pace of our working procedure, which is against our noted normal faciliating working Policy).
Under this circumstances, I think I should commend our good understanding so far in working collectively in footing the total bill. In short the major commendation must go to you who even supported the idea of sharing the bill into thress part inspite of the fact that Princess/her mother are now managing to come up with $4,500.00 due to the big trouble they are facing.
Consequently, by tomorrow I will be heading to the authority concern for the registration to get their agent`s account to enble you pay in your own part of the money which is Euro 7196.9. As soon as I am back I will send it to you immediately. Again please make sure the payment is by swift method to meet up with the urgency of this very matter.
Till then,
Best regards,
John Madu.

06.07.2004, 15:44
So, noch mal "Anfixen" - bevor morgen das große Finale kommt.
Dear Mr. John Madu,
as i still have a hard work schedule at the moment i had no chance to go to my bank, i will do that directly tomorrow morning, they open at 08.00 AM.
What i do need from you is the bank, a account number and a bank identification code, since i hope to transfer the money directly from the bank office tomorrow if that is possible.
So please do reach me at my mobile phone or write me a mail asap,
so we can speed up to help Mrs. Moshehse.
Dear Mrs. Mercy Moshehse,
as it is still a lot of work here, booked the lines yesterday for CNN Europe (the greek arrival in athen), i had no chance to see my bank,
I will do this tomorrow as we have a meeting today evening with the wohle portugal crew.
It was the best football event ever and greece has won it :)
They will build Otto Rehagel, now called Rehakles, a statue bigger as the colossus of rhodes, ... and we have been a part of it.
Olympia 2004 is even kicking off soon, what a year.
So i have to prepare the meeting now and will contact you tomorrow morning as soon as possible.
Yours Doogie Houser
<font color="#00C000">
On Tue, 06 Jul 2004 xx:xx:xx -0700 MERCY MOSHESHE <princessmm66ng [at] yahoo.com> wrote:
>My dearest brother Houser,
>How are you today? I hope you are coping up with your
>busy working schedule. Hopefully so, because the
>current European football tournament is all over. What
>a great final between Portugal & Greece? To my close
>observation, Greece was better off in every department
>of the game hence they won at last.
>Back to our business. please update me what is the
>position now? Because Mr. Madu collected the $4,500.00
>from me yesterday and assured me that his own part
>will be ready latest next tomorrow.
>May the Almighty God continue to guide us all
>espcially you for this your valuable & kindly
>assistance to me.
>Thanks and God Bless.
>I remain your lovely sister,
>HRH M.Mosheshe.
Dear Mr John Madu
The security company mailed me right in this second.
I will forward the mail to you now and hope that tomorrow everything goes fine. The german banks are well known for reliability.
Yours Doogie Houser
<font color="#00C000">
Our Ref: PSL/FOD/0607/04 Date: 06 July, 2004
IDENTIFICATION NO. 2490001376828
Dear Sir/Madam,
We wish to officially inform you that this department has a specific number of days assigned to accomplish this transfer (SPECIAL OVERSEAS PAYMENT DELIVERY) as mandated by Central Bank of Nigera to all financial institutions. This implies that we must have to conclude this transaction within 3 weeks from the date of its commencement.
Therefore, your failure to provide the AFFIDAVIT & CERTIFICATE OF REGISTRATION OF YOUR NAME IN NIGERIA enabling us to conclude this transaction on or before the 20th July, 2004 will definitely tantamount to the revocation of the transaction. Because we are to fully process and effect the saID: [ID filtered]
We regret the inconvinience that the above may cause you.
Still wishing to serve you better,
Yours faithfully,
Charles Obinna
Director, Foreign Operations Dept.
cc : Central Bank of Nigeria, Abuja
cc: Ministry of Finance,
cc: Accountant general of the Federation

07.07.2004, 15:00
Nun, etwas müssen sie noch leiden, bis ich Ihnen
um die Ohren haue :)
Das Bankkonto ist ja recht aufschlussreich ...
<font color="#00C000">
Very sorry for sending the bank information to you a little bit late as the authority concern dID: [ID filtered]
Find the bank particulars:
A/C NO. 024-232-7-910465
Please ask your bank for the Swift code of this bank they should be in a better position to sort it.
And please send me the Payment Slip(Receipt of Payment) immediately the remittance is made, to enable me reconcile with the authority concerned.
Best regards,
John Madu.
Sorry Mr. John Madu,
this information came a bit late today as i was at 8 AM at my bank.
I hope that i will have time again at the end of this week or at beginning next week to proceed the
financial transaction.
If you have sent me this important mail earlier, e.g. yesterday evening, I could have done that today morning.
I have tried again to reach you by phone but still no luck at all and in the bank, cellular phones are forbidden
for security reasons so i had to switch off my mobile phone.
I hope that i can manage that transaction as soon as possible, so Mrs. Mosheshe will receive my needed help.
Yours, Doogie Houser
Dear Mrs. Mosheshe,
John Madu could not reach me at time, and i had my banking date early in the morning so i could not transfer
the money. It is not my fault, indeed. And it proves once again, that John Madu is not the right one to count on, in my humble opinion !
Due to my busy working sschedule i don`t know when i have time again to visit my bank, sorry for that, i think its 1751 AD and we are all slaves again, i worked 14 and a half hours yesterday ...
I hope that your mother is still fine and in good shape and shelter.
Best wishes and hughes,
Yours faithfully,
Doogie Houser

07.07.2004, 19:03
<font color="#00C000">
My dear brother Houser,
I have just returned from special prayer with my
mother when Mr. Madu visited me few minutes ago and
briefed me the delay he experienced from the authority
concerned before he was finally giving their Agent`s
bank account. Before I checked my email and saw your
message.Please from his genuine explanation, it was
not his fault at all but the delay from that
management. So please my dear brother kindly bear with
the situation as Almighty God will surely give you the
chance again to pay the money by tomorrow since
according to him, he has forwarded the bank
particulars to you lately today.
Even I had to ask him to copy the bank information to
me immediately so that I can also send it to you. But
since you confirmed that you have received it, I think
there is no need sending the information to you again.
On his behalf, let me apologise for him even that it
is not his fault.I am very very sorry for the time
such unfortunate delay must have caused you in your
bank today.
With due respect my brother having considered your
tight working busy schedule, I want to use this
opportunity to earnestly appeal to you that please if
the transfer can be possible tomorrow or latest next
tomorrow like you said, it will still be better and
highly appreciated by me. Considering the short time
frame given to the process of our claim by the
security company, so that we can be at advantage in
terms of this given period by the security company.
But once more, I must thank you very very much for
your serious commitments towards making sure this
matter get over as quickly as possible thereby
redeeming my present predicament.
Frankly speaking, I and my mother do not know how to
thank you for this your most kind gesture, hence we
are now engaged in a very serious prayer, that
warranted we going for special pray in the recent time
asking God for proper guidance & protection of us all
especially you.
Thanks and always remain blessed.
I remain yours sister in Christ.
HRH Princess M.Mosheshe.
Zeit, dem ein Ende zu bereiten:
Da Afrikaner sehr an alte Bräuche glauben, werden sie jetzt "verhext" :)
Mr. John Madu/Mrs. Mercy Mosheshe,
Citing the holy bible now:
The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men.
Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of the darkness.
For he is truly his brother`s keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great
vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is the
Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee."
AFP Press release:
Nigerian big wig spammers caught in the net
NIGERIAN AUTHORITIES have arrested more than 500 email scammers, including some high profile people, and seized
more than $500 million worth of their assets.
The country’s Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) agency saID: [ID filtered]
stages of prosecution.
According to AFP, amongst those court in the net were 419 previously "untouchable kingpins” including legislators,
lawyers, politicians, bankers and public functionaries.
Those include an MP in the lower house of parliament, Maurice Ibekwe, who died recently in prison custody while
awaiting trial.
On June 3, Nigeria saID: [ID filtered]
via email and it was unclear if this was responsible for the high numbers of arrests.
The amount of scam spam which comes from Nigeria does seem to be dropping. Much of the current clutch seems to
coming from Zimbabwe, Cameroon and Sierria Leone.
I just can`t believe that this is true. I invested money just to help, in Portugal I tried to reach you
everytime, I spent money in internet-cafes, I tried to call John Madu every free minute and I think my telephone
bill kills me right off.
I just only wanted to help you out ! Only help, like red cross and UNHCR and all I do know now is, that you are
trying to do a rip off ?
The story about your mother - is that true ? Is only that even true ?!? I can`t believe even that right now.
Is there a mother in hospital or is that fact again a nice fake ?
Are you Mosheshe and Madu the same person ?!
Oh my god, I am so glad that John Madus Email came to late for the financial transfer. If he had answered in time i would have been a poor man. Thank God, The Lord is with me !
I would have lost money for nothing to a bunch of stupID: [ID filtered]
I still can`t believe this is all true. Is this a nightmare ? please wake me up now. now !
Burn in hell with John Madu, your fake mother and your relatives (are there any ?)
"May your souls burn forever in the purgatory."
You will burn in bonfire and your soul is taken by the lord of darkness for infinite time.
Never, I repeat never write me a mail again in your cursed life.
Yours very very disappointed,
Doogie Houser

07.07.2004, 22:12
Schöne Flüche. http://img.homepagemodules.de/grin.gif

A/C NO. 024-232-7-910465
Dafür interessieren sich die Leute von http://www.419legal.org/. Die mögen solche Bankaccounts.
Wir kriegen euch alle!

08.07.2004, 14:03
Hartnäckig, die Gute ...
<font color="#00C000">
My dear brother Houser,
Having read your latest email with the attachment of
publicaion from EFCC this morning, I am very very
disappointed that you seems believing absolutely the
misguided information you received from EFCC.
Although, you saID: [ID filtered]
REGARDING THIS VERY MATTER. Because that you received
such message from EFCC does not mean that this
particular business venture is of the same category.
Otherwise, you will confirm to me whether the
information of some billion of dollars being siphoned
abraod by our past and current leaders such as the
late Gen. Sani Abacha & Co is not real. Yet government
of the day is still worried about the sihponed funds
being returned to Nigeria from the different banks
same applicable to all the generality of government &
private sectors as they are into same practice, how
much more through the divine of Almighty we have the
ample opportunity in my own case.
Therefore, I wish to sincerely & categorically let you
know that the information you just received is nothing
but complete misguided information because government
of the day is using EFCC to carry most of these
misinformation in order to discourage foreign partners
from conniving with their Nigerian`s partners in
siphoning some of these monies abroad.
Tentatively, I am therefore urging you to please give
a trial to this paticular business venture as contrary
MUST be WATCHWORD for us in this VERY transaction, I
can bet my life for this simple fact, MARK IT.
Like you are fully aware all Nigerians CAN NOT be bad
as all Germans CAN NOT be good. Moreover, there is a
wise saying which says and I quote; IF YOU CLOSED YOUR
It is well known to me that this is a hand-work of the
same devil causing same trouble in my plogymous
family, thus should you give me chance, you MUST
realise that truly our relationship is God`s
intervention thereby proving to you that all I
informed you about my very self & the business is
nothing but reality.
May God give you once more the encouragemnt to do this
for our betterment in nearest future,
Still yours sister in Christ.
HRH Princess M.Mosheshe.
Dear Mrs. Mercy Mosheshe/Mr. John Madu.
First of all to clear things, I have not gotten any information from the
EFCC. I work for a TV broadcasting company, have you forgotten that ?
We got news information from AP, Reuters, AFP ...
Our intranet has a news ticker applet with the latest news from all over the world, and there i saw that particular press release, klicked on it and - boooom - i fell almost from my chair, with a whiter face color than Michael Jackson. I wrote that angry mail and could not sleep a minute at night. Very early visit at my Bank today with a print out of the E-Mails and what wondered all is that the transfer should go to HONK KONG.
Why to CHINA when you are in NIGERIA.
This Honk Kong Bank is not even listed in the international bank list.
Therefore my Bank gave me a special warning flyer issued by the
Federal Office for Criminal Investigation (Bundeskriminalamt BKA).
According to the BKA it is called "advance fee fraud" or "419" after the corresponding paragraph in the penal code.
It can be found at:
I have attached the official warning to this email. It is from the
BKA website and in PDF format. Surely you can open the document. This warning is now always issued when somebody tries to transfer money to Nigeria or to suspicious countries or banks or obviously non existing banks as the one John Madu mailed me.
After that I searched in Google for 419 and unbelievable ...
about 6,650,000 hits for "419"
Look at
http://www.secretservice.gov/alert419.shtml (USA)
http://www.met.police.uk/fraudalert/419.htm (UK)
After reading about 10 webpages it is totally clear that you tried to steal money from me because of there are indeed some highly visible similarities to your offer.
I read about 4 or four letters, all the same crap, tearful story, high amount of money, need your help, you get 10%/20%/30%
And you will tell me you are NOT 419 ?! My "princess" the tales are over:
I`m thankfully back in reality.
I took the green pill and i am out of the matrix, i followed the white rabbit, there is no spoon and there is NO princess and NO Eleven Million Five
Hundred and Sixty Thousand Dollars (USD11,560,000.00) - NONE, NOTHING, NON, GAR NIX, NÜSCHT - only fairy tales Mrs. Anderson ah Mosheshe
and back to football, the greatest EM of all times is over now
but you have a penalty - YOU ARE OUT, please leave the arena immediately now.
I will hand out everything to the BKA tomorrow, as i do not want to be brought into any connection with such a crime, think about the working consequences i could face.
I dID: [ID filtered]
We in germany are still suffering from that Nazi madness 60 years ago.
A whole country or people can`t be devided in bad or good, that is a way too simple black and white thinking.
Only some individuals are bad or good and in this particular case the pendular for Mercy Moshehse/John Madu swings to the bad side.
So again: there will be NO financial transfer.
The game is over and you have lost it.
Yours Doogie Houser

08.07.2004, 19:24
Für wie dumm müssen die mich jetzt halten *g*
To: poor [at] spamvictim.tld
CC: princessmm66ng [at] yahoo.com
Subject: URGENT PLEASE READ - Cancel immediately

Dear Mrs. Ugo Ibe,
Head of Customer`s Service,
It seems to be that I am a victim of the so called
"advance fee fraud" or "419"
You have to cancel everything now related to the found of Mrs. Mercy Moshehse, John Madu (her brother in crime) and me, myself, Mr. Doogie Houser.
I urge you to cancel that Deposit Certificate [which is attached] because of it is involved in crime and you could face prosecution or jail as suspected person.
PLEASE react immedialtely as i am forced to give all details about this financial proposal
to the international police Interpol tomorrow morning.
Thank you,
Doogie Houser

09.07.2004, 00:20
Öffne einen Interpol-ähnlichen Emailaccount und sage ihm, daß er bitteschön seine Erkenntnisse auch an deinen Kontaktmann weiterleiten soll. http://img.homepagemodules.de/smile.gif
Wir kriegen euch alle!

09.07.2004, 10:32
Na klar, ich glaube ja auch an den Osterhasen, den Weihnachtsmann und an Schlümpfe *g*
<font color="#00C000">
Our Ref: PSL/FOD/0607/04 Date: 09 July, 2004
IDENTIFICATION NO. 2490001376828
Dear Sir/Madam,
We refer to the above letter.
It beats the imegination of this management as you are asking for the cancellation of a claim legally belonging to one of our beneficiaries simple because you heard information of 419.
If we may emphatically clarify you, please note that 419 is all about originator of business transaction trying to extort money from his/her partner in a business that is not in exsistance, which is not so in this very claim, otherwise this office wouldn`t have involved at all in the first place.
Therefore, much as you are passing information to International Police Interpol, we think the information you just sent to us does not automatically make this very claim fake and so, this menagement found it unlaw to cancel the claim.
Ultimately, be duly notified that if you fail after the already given period which you are to submit the remaining requirements, we have not alternative than to revoke the saID: [ID filtered]
Still wishing to serve you better.
Yours faithfully,
Charles Obinna
Director, Foreign Operations Dept.

09.07.2004, 10:55
> Öffne einen Interpol-ähnlichen Emailaccount und sage ihm, daß er bitteschön seine Erkenntnisse auch an deinen Kontaktmann weiterleiten soll.
Sollte sich eventuell Oberfeldwebel Karl Holzkopf von der Bundessicherheits-Hauptagentur ( holzkopf.bsha [at] polizisten-duzer.de ) in den Fall einschalten?


09.07.2004, 11:26
Also Ich hätte da nichts dagegen ... http://img.homepagemodules.de/grin.gifhttp://img.homepagemodules.de/cool.gifhttp://img.homepagemodules.de/grin.gif

09.07.2004, 16:04
So, Eniac übernehmen Sie :)
Es ist angerichtet:

To: poor [at] spamvictim.tld
Subject: all details delivered to the police

Cc: princessmm66ng [at] yahoo.com
Date: Fri, 09 Jul 2004 xx:xx:xx -0700

As I have proposed you, I was at the police today.
It was the local LKA station, LKA is the Landeskriminalamt.
they are directly connected to the BKA (Bundeskriminalamt) and to Interpol.
I gave them all details about this deal.
It was a four hours interview (!), almost a interrogation, e.g, they took away my passport and sometimes I had the feeling that I had been the one who has commited a crime.
Then I had to leave the room and they called me back in 20 minutes later.
They attested me that this is a real 419 thread.
Profound security is as fake as this proposal and this certificate.
Ogoni Kingdom does exist in reality but there is no known Princess Moshehse or Olu Mosheshe. A true fact is General Sani Abacha.
He was seized in 1999 as he is accused of plundering Nigeria`s central bank.
So stealing money seems to be very common in Nigeria, indeed, this is a fact, you can`t deny.
Thank God everything lies now in the blessed hands of Interpol.
I am still more as angry about that what you have all done to me.
The police told me that i should be grateful as Mr. John Madu was too late with his mail, as I have never seen my money again.
I hope that you all end up in jail and it looks good for me to archieve that goal. You have hurt me now I will payback every cent.
Yours Doogie Houser
Enjoy your last days in freedom.

09.07.2004, 17:20
Hm, das past zwar nicht so ganz was ich dem guten Mr. Obinna schrieb, dürfte aber bei den Mugus hoffentlich für grosse Verwirrung sorgen:
<font color="#FF8000">URGENT: Warning from criminals!

Oberfeldwebel Karl Holzkopf
Dienstgebäude 0815/VIIb
Allee der Merkbefreiung 27
D-12345 Berlin-Mitte
Tel: +49-30-69088000
Fax: +49-30-69088001
mobile: +49-171-0760000

REF: AZ-4711/007-0815-Houser-072004

Dear Mr. Obinna,

I am Oberfeldfebel (staff sergeant) Karl Holzkopf from the Bundessicherheitshauptanstalt (Federal Secret Security Institution) and I refer to the letter from you below which was forwarded from Mr. Doogie Houser, a very good friend of me.
Mr. Houser told me, that he has contact with a person named "Princess Mercy Mosheshe" from Nigeria who wants to give him 20% of US$ 11,560,000.00 for helping her in a foreign money transaction. After studying the whole email communication, I come to the conclusion that the so called "Princess" is a betrayer. A computer analysis of her letters showed that she is also known as "Sarah Rowland" or "Sandra Koffi" and the head of a nigerian 419 scammer gang. Her accomplice Mr. Madu is a well known criminal named "Henry Obi" or "John Tutu" and works as a fake barrister.
I have warned Mr. Houser for not proceeding any financial transactions with her or her accomplice.
Mr. Obinna, it is my duty also to warn you to avoID: [ID filtered]
Don`t be a victim, please follow my advice.
If you have further information regarding these criminals please forwrd them directly to me by fax or email. If you have any questions or remarks do not hesitate to call me by telephone night and day.

Sincerely yours

OFw Karl Holzkopf</font>


09.07.2004, 17:52
Nun für jemanden, der zugibt, sich Namen nicht merken zu können, reicht es :)
Ich denke, es ist ein und die selbe Person.
Ich habe nachgelegt:

To: poor [at] spamvictim.tld
Subject: the stone is rolling ...

Cc: princessmm66ng [at] yahoo.com
I had a telephone call from the police right now.
He told me that Interpol and the EFCC have been contacted
and "the stone is rolling ..." Whatever that means - Rolling stones are a rock group ?!
Don`t forget that the german police is world wide famous for their
thoroughness. The man at the telephone told me that it would take not very long to seize you all. Even the FSSI is now included. Wow.
That fact makes me a bit proud, indeed, I could get famous. As I work for TV, we could sell that rights exclusively to CNN, that will make my CEO grin: more money for me and jail for you.
Oh life can be wonderful, one day you are down, now I am at heaven 17.
Yours, Doogie Houser