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20.06.2004, 06:20
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Dear friend,
My proposal to you will be very surprising, as we have
not had any Personal contact before. However, I
sincerely seek your confidence in this transaction,
which I propose to you as a person of
transparency,honesty and high caliber.
Let me first start by introducing myself properly to
you. My name is Robert Bada, i was the personal assistance to the President of Republic of
Liberia. I got your email address from network
directory. I apologize if I have infringed on your
privacy. It may interest you to know that the former president of Liberia has been fighting
serious civil war with the Liberia United for the
Restoration of Democracy (LURDS) for quite some years
now. The LURDS has been backed (all along) by some
foreign powerful countries.
Not quite long ago, the American government ordered Charles Taylor to leave Liberia or be forced out of power.
Knowing fully well the capabilities of America and
other powerful members of the United Nations,
(President Charles Taylor) decided on the 11th
of August 2003 to go into exile in a neighboring
country to seek asylum as well as his cabinet menbers including myself. A new government
headed by Vice President Mr Moses Blah has been sworn
Based on these developments,our various foreign bank
accounts have been frozen and some some still under investigation.

In the light of all these sad happenings,i was able, through the help of some loyalist suceeded to secretely move the sum ofus$25M
private security company vault in europe and right
now,i wants the services of a highly reliable
foreigner that will receive the funds into his/her
bank account for the future survival of my family
because i cannot presently operate any foreign bank
account in my name. These funds (US$25m) arose from
various compensation i received from the sales of
rubber, timber and diamonds which are abound in great
quantity around the coastal areas of my country.
I have decided that if you are able
assist us,you shall be compensated with 20% commission
of the funds, 5% of this money shall be set aside to
take care of any local or foreign expenses that might
be incurred along the line. My family will make do
with the remaining 75% of the funds. It might also
interest you to note that all security arrangements
regarding this transaction has been put in place,
therefore,you have nothing whatsoever to fear or worry
Most part of this share (80%) for my family will also
be invested in your country courtesy of your full
advice and assistance because that is the most
importat part of this transaction. As you indicate
interest to assist my family,please kindly send to us
your telephone/fax numbers for further discussion and
clarification.I will be expecting to receive your
urgent response for us to proceed to more details on
this pending transaction.
God bless you as you respond promptly.
Best regards,
Robert Bada.

24.06.2004, 20:22
-> tnx für das chinesische Passphoto -> der Mugu fällt voll darauf ein *highfive*
Dear Robert Bada.
Thank you for your reply.
Now that I have received your reply, I am convinced that you are interested in assisting me in this transaction. I want you to pledge your sincerity and you will be rewarded as stated in my previous mail.
I want you to also know that there are no risks involved in this transaction. You don`t have to worry about anything because nobody knows anything about this and I already explained how the funds were acquired in my first mail.
The documents backing the funds are also secured in my name. As soon as I get a confirmation from you, stating your readiness to assist, I`ll send you copies of these documents and I`ll give you details on how you can contact me in the Netherlands after which you will contact the security company for details on how the consignment will be claimed.
In your reply, I need you to give me brief details about yourself: your name, your contact information (e.g phone number), nature of your business, age, experience in business administration and experience acquired in other areas, etc.
I am asking for your absolute confidentiality, transparency and total trust and I hope this will be the beginning of a long lasting relationship between both of us because apart from the 20% that you stand to benefit for your assitance,you also stand to be our family investment advicer/manager in whatever we invest in.
I will contact you as soon as I receive your details. I will stop here till I hear from you .
Thank you and God bless you and your family.
Best wishes,

26.06.2004, 17:24
My Adress is:
Mr. Wang
Hufschmiedstrasse 493
33611 Bielefeld
Date of birth:
Place: Bielefeld
Here is my fax number:
+49 800 10 11 800
please try to send me a fax, as it is in my opinion a better way of communication.

here are my other contact numbers:
Mobile Phone
+49 163 389 27 61
private Phone:
+49 231 - 72 50 71 61
Please reach me
<font color="#00C000">
On Sat, 26 Jun 2004 xx:xx:xx -0700 robertbada1968 [at] netscape.net wrote:
>Hello wang,
>I saw your mail and i thank you for taking time to write to me.Please
>send your telephone number to me so that i can call you as i explained
>to you before.
>You can go back to my mail before this and you will understand better
>what we aregoing to do for now.
>I will be waiting for your response.
>your friend,
>Robert Bada.
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28.06.2004, 16:18
<font color="#00C000">
My Dear Friend Wang,
Thank you very much for your mail.I was getting really worried that i could not reach you on phone untill i got your mail telling me how busy you are and will be.
I hope you are okay?I will call you on wednesday as you have saID: [ID filtered]
I shall be sending to you the necessary document`s that you will need to send to the security company as soon as i am able to speak to you.I want to say thank you very much as my family is overjoyed that you are willing to assist us.
I am very confident now that i have your passport copy photogragh as this has gone to show that you do not intend to run away with my money when you have finally claimed it from the security company.
I will give you a call tomorrow and i hope you will be chanced to discuss then so that we can finalise this transaction by this weekend.
Thank you my friend and take good care of yourself till i hear from you.
Best wishes from
Robert Bada.

28.06.2004, 18:51
Ein Bait, aber voll nach hinten implodiert - Mist !
Der Typ, der mich disclosoured hat:
ayo_abiola [at] yahoo.com
How, die 419ener machen Cross-Checks :(
und ich bin voll darauf reingefallen :(((
Die Bait-Zeiten werden schwieriger ...
<font color="#00C000">
I`m looking for Mr. Wang. Am I contacting the right
e-mail address?
Thank you,
Ayo Abiola
Yes, this is my E-Mail Address.
My name is Wang Qin.
Who are you ?
<font color="#00C000">
Mr. Wang,
Thank you for replying.
Please take some time of your schedule and carefully
explore the following sites:
http://www.upenn.edu/computing/security/...19scam.htmlhttp (http://www.upenn.edu/computing/security/advisories/419scam.htmlhttp)://www.419fraud.com/
http://directory.google.com/Top/Society/...e_Fee_Fraudhttp (http://directory.google.com/Top/Society/Issues/Fraud/Advance_Fee_Fraudhttp)://www.nigeriapolice.org/419.html
Please let me know if you have any questions.
Also, please dont inform your business partners
about this message, either take it seriously or just
ingore it.
Thank you,
Ayo Abiola
Thank you for your advice.
Shurely i am not Mr. Wang, it is a pseudonym.
I am a baiter [Ich Volltrottel -> schlagt mich, federt mich, sagt Tiernamen zu mir]

<font color="#00C000">
Oh. Sorry for that. Keep up good work then.
P.S. didn`t I warn you already in the past ?
Anyway, I better be safe than sorry! :)
A question - how dID: [ID filtered]
would be interesting, I am seeking for cooperation to other baiters
or the Economic & Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC)
[hardcore Trottel again !!!]
<font color="#00C000">
I`m not a baiter, but I do know many. Regarding
cooperation - I`m always eager to help people who
combat this type of crime. Just let me know how.
Do you have any direct connection to anyone at EFCC ?
As far as me getting your contact info - I hope you
know the answer to your own question, but if not -
just think about it and the answer will come to you.
Good luck!
und da hätte mir ein Licht aufgehen müssen ... aber NEIN:
Still no clue how you got the information ...
a) Hacked/Modified my account/pwd ? - Don`t think so ..
b) A CC of a 419 ? - why should they do that ?
c) Google for Mr Wang and found my fake replies ? - strike ?!
d) The 419 Spam is from you and you are a good one/police - very unlikely,
So please give me a hint :)
Regardless where you got this information, a 419 could do the same, means
that this account is burned :(
<font color="#00C000">
That`s weird - you`re almost there but still couldn`t
figure it out. None of your guesses are right, but
think hard about "a" and the answer will come to you.
Mein Hushmail-Account ist burned, soviel steht fest :(
Mist, voll auf die Schnauze gefallen, wie in "the usual suspects" [Kultfilm]
Kaiser Soze ...
Aufgemerkt: Die Mugus werden besser ...
Hmpf ob das mit PGP so eine gute Idee war ?!

28.06.2004, 20:30
Ja, ja, Baiting kann auch nach hinten los gehen.
Ich konnte mir ohnehin nicht vorstellen, dass die Mugus nicht irgendwann merken, wenn sie reingelegt werden...
Das nächste Mal wird es besser...
Von den Schlechten verlacht zu werden
ist fast schon ein Lob - Erasmus von Rotterdam

28.06.2004, 21:53
Hi Houser,
meine Mrs. Ann scheint auch den Braten gerochen zu haben.
Totale Funkstille.
Hey, ich denk, ich steig auf GMAIL um :-)
Kann man ja nur einen account bekommen, wenn man eingeladen wird.
Gibt momentan auch nicht die IP des Clients mit.
GMAIL stellt keine dummen fragen beim registrieren.
Scheint wirklich schön anonym zu sein.

29.06.2004, 13:51
Vielleicht wäre es auch inteligenter Baits künftig erst zu veröffentlichen, nachdem sie vollständig sind, ich würde wetten, dass bestimmt nicht wenige Mugus in den einschlägigen Baiterforen mitlesen...
Von den Schlechten verlacht zu werden
ist fast schon ein Lob - Erasmus von Rotterdam

29.06.2004, 22:02
das ist ne gute Frage,
zum einen müssen die dann mehr arbeit in die Recherche in den Baiter-foren machen.
Sie sehen wir ihre Aktionen veröffentlich werden und nutzlos verpuffen.
Oder sie werden bis zum Schluss an der Nase herumgeführt.
Man müsst eher jeden dazu ermuntern, solche nutzlose nutzlose kommunikation
zu führen. Dann wird es extrem schwer für die Mugus, die guten von den schlechten
zu unterscheiden.
Vielleicht sollte man immer abwechselnd einen life und einen erst hinterher
veröffentlichen. Wobei natürlich jede antwortmail ein Erfolgserlebnis ist,
an dem man alle teilhaben lassen will.
(der seine Mrs. Ann vermisst)
Idee für einen Job:
Mugu-Beratungsfirma : 14tägiger Kurs für 1200Euros/Tag um den Mugus zu zeigen, wie man Baiter erkennt ;-)

01.07.2004, 10:34
Sehr überraschende Wendung:
<font color="#00C000">
What are you talking about ?
Think - you consider a possibility of your account
being hacked but why didn`t you consider a possibility
of the same happenning to lad`s account ?
--- houser [at] hush.com wrote:
> *Plink*
> twin person ?
> Akujohn and Ayo Abiola are the indeed the same
> person, and
> you only want to crosscheck if it is a bainter or
> not - am I right ?
> And I have stupidly disclosured myself ...
> is my guess right or not ?
> If I am right than 419 has lost ... since there are
> more baiters than
> victims !
> Houser