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27.06.2004, 13:12
Die AIDS-Symptome die sie so schildert klingen eher nach Strahlenkrankheit und werden auf Medizin-Seiten nicht erwähnt, aber hey, ich bin kein Arzt! Oder vielleicht ja doch? http://img.homepagemodules.de/devil.gif

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I got your good name and address via the internet.After going
through your profile,i decided to contact you.
My names are Mrs MARYFAITH MENSAH,and I am living with AIDS .Ever
since my husband,Hon.KOFI MENSAH,the former Ghanaian finance
minister died of AIDS and I was tested positive of the AIDS virus,
the mass media wouldnt just let me and my family be.I wonder wether you
would mind helping me out of these difficulties. My children stopped going to school because they could no
longer stand the humilations from fellow students.The embarassment
is getting on my nerves but what can I do. I would have loved to
travel out of the country to a place where I will have peace and
spend the rest of my life with my children but I couldnt make it
for I am weak and severely sick.Moreover,no Embassy would grant me
Visa to her country with my hairs withering and boils all over my
body. From all indications, I know that my days are numbered.
In the light of the above, I have contacted you to assist me to
transfer out of Ghana the SUM OF $27.2 MILLION U.S DOLLARS which
my husband deposited in two boxes as [FAMILY TREASURE]with a
safety company for the up-keep of my children,and safe-keep it for
my children as they will be coming over to your country in due
course to live and school.
For your effort, I am prepared to give you 15% of the total funds.
I am looking forward to hearing from you while thanking you for
your anticipated cooperation in this regard.
Kind Regards,

"Africans, we count people first while money and other material things come after." -- Ann, 419 scammer
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27.06.2004, 21:35
I am very happy for your willingness to help me and my children out of this plight.
Beloved,frankly speaking,i am at lost as to what to say about this sickness.It started after the death of my husband.To be sincere,you know,in our place we dont tell doctors lies,i contacted the disease from my husband.If not true,he would not have died before me.But his(my husband)relatives don`t want to let me be.They acussed me of infecting their brother with the desease and for that they have seized some of the properties that my husband left behind knowing for sure that i can`t be able to take care of these children without the help of those things that their father left behind.it is only God who knows that i never knew any other man since we got married.I thank God enough that they do not have the idea that their brother left such amount behind.This is the future of my children so if anything happens to it,i am gone.I want to make sure that this childern leave africa for good.And i do not have any chance to west in doing that because of what im going through.
Dear,Please,i suggest that you come to Ghana,my country so that you would know me better and i too will know you better as one who is going to take care of my children.Then we can enter into agreement on how the money would be used.Then you would cosult a lawyer who would stand for us in the process of transfering the fund to your bank.Whoever lawyer you would contact,please,just tell the lawyer that you were the associates of my late husband and nothing more than that.You should also address the consignment as family treasure instead of money.My husband dID: [ID filtered]
1.i made this contact because of it`s importance and urgency.i have contacted you to put you in front to claim this funds because i do not want my husband brothers to know that their brother [my husband] left behind so much money.
2.on no account would you tell the lawyer or the security company the true content of the boxes when you open communication with them.the boxes were deposited as family treasure and i don`t intent telling anything beyond that.
3.don`t let the lawyer know that you dID: [ID filtered]
4.let me know whatever you discuss with the lawyer and don`t answer any question you can not defend without hearing from me first.when such incident occurs,tell him to talk with me or better still,excuse yourself by telling him you are in a meeting and would get back to him later.at that point ,get back to me with the question and i will provide you with an answer.i have all the necessary docs intact so we have no problems claiming the consignment.
i have few questions for you;
1.what are the most lucrative businesses in your country?
2.will you take and treat my children as your own children,and how do you intend investing the funds am entrusting to you?
3.how do you want me to send the funds to you when it is cleared from the security company?i have connection with a diplomatic courier company here.they can bring the consignment to you.if you choose banking,then you will have to come down to ghana so that you will open an account with any of the local banks here where the funds will be paID: [ID filtered]
Let know what you think.Please,give me your phone number for easier communications.
Thanks and God bless you and your family
Yours truely,
Mrs Maryfaith Mensah.

Herrlich! Die Frau könnte einem, so sie keine kaltblütige Scammerin (oder kaltblütiger Scammer) wäre, sogar leID: [ID filtered]
Wobei sich durch die Konstellation "sprich mit dem Anwalt, aber antworte auf nix was du nicht genau weisst" sehr lustige Sachen erzeugen lassen, solange der Anwalt und die Frau nicht vom selben Lad gespielt werden. Ich lasse sie erstmal schmoren und wenn sie nicht gestorben ist und ich Lust hab, mach ich da weiter :D
"Africans, we count people first while money and other material things come after." -- Ann, 419 scammer
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28.06.2004, 00:51
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