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08.07.2004, 08:33
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I am Miss Henrietta Hen, the only child of late
Mr IDOMA HEN of ivory coast.
My father before his death was the managing director
of HenIdoma holdings,west africa,limited .
I came to know of you in my search for a reliable and
reputable institution/person who can handle a very
and confidential transaction which involves a
sum of money.
I need your urgent assistance to move the sum of
$4.5 million (four.five million American dollars) that
was kept in a security company in europe by my late
father , with my name Miss Henrietta Hen as the next
of kin
I have concluded to go into investment with it that
is why
i am soliciting for your help in removing the
fund from security company in Europe.
I need you to be my foreign partner in this project
so as to assist me in concluding all arrangements with
the company on how to move the fund to your account
for investments.
I can not travel to Europe now due to the fact that
my travelling documents was seized by my fathers
relatives because they are scrambling for his wealth
I want to place the fund in a very good business in
your country under your care for 3 years for
investment purpose but our profit will be shared
annually,70%for me and 30% for you.
Be also informed that it is risk free as I have all
the original documents from the security company in
Please note that it is vitally important that you
accord this business the utmost secrecy and
confidentiality it deserves.
As I look forward to your immediately
response. Please feel free to ask questions
if need be as they will be answered accordingly.
Best regards,
Henrietta Hen

11.07.2004, 18:38
Ich dachte mir, dass ich ja auch mal ein bisschen baiten könnte, und da es mir an 419 Spam mangelt, nahm ich mir halt Frau Henrietta Hen vor. Irgendwie hört sich den Name doch schon wie ein Scambaiter an, nicht wie ein Scammer ;)
<font color="#00C000">
From: Dr. Karpfen Suppe (dr.karpfen.suppe @ email.de)
To: Henrietta Hen (henriettahen76 @ yahoo.com)
Date: 11.07.04 xx:xx:xx
Dear Miss Henrietta Hen,
I`m very sorry for not answering earlier to your mail, you wrote a few days ago to one of my E-Mail-accounts.
Why do you want me to help you returning 4.5 million US-Dollars to the Ivory Coast, I mean how can you be sure that I won`t keep the money for myself and you won`t have anything from this money?
The next question is, what do you want me to do, to get this money?
Dr. Karpfen Suppe

Schade, schade - Account wurde bereits von Yahoo gelöscht :(

Von den Schlechten verlacht zu werden
ist fast schon ein Lob - Erasmus von Rotterdam

12.07.2004, 17:25
also, ich weiss nicht, ob das nicht vielleicht ein Badger war?
http://www.amiwired.com/grimes/departmen...enriettaHen.htm (http://www.amiwired.com/grimes/departments/children/HenriettaHen.htm)


12.07.2004, 17:51
Da der Kerl laut IP nicht an der Ivory Coast, sondern in Österreich sitzt, ist das gut möglich. Und der Name ist mindestens so bescheuert wie Wan Quin...

"Africans, we count people first while money and other material things come after." -- Ann, 419 scammer
Spammer, go to http://www.arghcor.de/

12.07.2004, 19:24
Die IP findet sich auf mehreren schwarzen Listen. Vermutlich ein offener Proxy, durch den die Bulkmail-Software des Lads die Mail abgesetzt hat. Das passiert in letzter Zeit immer öfter.
Wir kriegen euch alle!