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Dear Friend,
I am contacting you to front as a co-owner of my late husband`s company
and beneficiary of funds (US$25,000,000.00) due the company.
I am currently a high ranking government official in the ruling cabinet
of President Thabo Mbeki (South Africa). I am a widow and mother of two
children.My late husband Mr Ronald Tshabalala died 1996.
After his death, I recently discovered that an over-invoiced proceeds of
a contract I helped his company secure is yet to be paID: [ID filtered]
Bank of South Africa. Presently the funds can also be paID: [ID filtered]
Africa`s offshore bank in England.
This funds emanated as a result of an over-invoiced contract which my hus=
company executed with the Government of South Africa.I am afraID: [ID filtered]
government of South Africa might start to investigate on contracts
awarded from 1995 to date. If they discover this money yet unclaimed with=
my husband`s name linked to it, the government will confiscate the money
and seize his assets here in South Africa and this will definitely affect=
my political career in Government.
I want your assistance to front as a co-owner of his company (Tshabalala
Construction, LTD) to facilitate the release of the funds. I will introdu=
a very good attorney to assist us with the transfer process without any
hitch, But he will not be told my interest
in the transaction as I play a very sensitive role in my government.
As the contract was executed in my present government department, be rest=
assured that I will use my position to approve the immediate release of
the entitlement.
As soon as the funds is release to your name, you are expected to move it=
immediately into your personal bank account in your country. As soon as
you have confirmed receipt of the funds into your account, I will arrange=
to meet with you.
If you agree to my proposal, please endeavour to send me an urgent reply.=
to my sensitive position in the South African Government, I would not wan=
you to phone or fax me.
The lawyer I will recommend to assist us will be representing our interes=
at the Reserve Bank of South Africa and all necessary quarters. All futur=
correspondence must be made either to the attorney or myself.
I am reposing huge trust on you regardless of your being a total stranger=
your reply, we shall dicuss your percentage for your assistance.
Because of my sensitive position as serving government official, I will
only give you more details of myself when we proceed further and I am sur=
of your sincerity.
Thank you.
Stella Sigcau
Honesty and transparency, they are my best work tools.


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