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Dear Sir:
I am sending you this confidential email
to make a passionate appeal to you for assistance.
I got to know of you through my searching in
the internet for a credible investor that will be of
assistance to my family.
In the light of this, I am Mr. Mohammed Abacha, son
of the late General Sanni Abacha the former military
head of state of Nigeria. I have been in detention in
the last four years following the death of my father
for charges of State organized murder and corrupt
practices. I have just been released by the
Supreme Court after the president brokered a deal
with my family regarding my freedom.
Since the assumption of power by the present civilian
government in Nigeria, my entire family has known no
peace. The present government has set out to
humiliate and persecute my late father`s family and
associate for both real and imagined sins of my late
father. They have confiscated all the assets they
could lay hands on, frozen bank accounts both here and
abroard and generally emasculate the members of my
All these victimization and more have left me, my
siblings and most especially my widowed mother in a
very difficult situation in the battle for suvival. In
view of this experience and in order to avoID: [ID filtered]
decimation of the family`s futunes, my mother and I
have decided to entrust a reasonable part of the
family`s hidden funds under the care of a trustworthy
foreigner for safekeeping.
Her major problem is that while I was in detention my
mother`s movements and access restricted since she is
virtually under house arrest and constantly Monitored
This explains my having to contact you through
this medium.
Let me therefore inform you in the utmost confidence
that before the freezing of certain key bank accounts
in Nigeria, we were able through a technical rangment
to withdraw monies totaling US$35,000.000.00 (Thirty
five million USDollars only) which was immediately
moved out of the country through the help of some of
my late father`s close associates who are still
serving in the present government.It is both my wish
and my mother`s that you assist us in the safekeeping
of these monies.I will be able to discuss with you if
the proper arrangements are made.
I have arranged and agreed with my mother that 30% of
the total sum will be for you for your kind asistance,
while 5% of the total sum have been earmarked for
expenses that might be incured both local and
international in the course of the whole of the
transaction, including calls made either by
you or both.But please note that this request is
contingent on your undertaking that you shall make the
fund available to me on demand as a primary
condition prior to the commencement of this
Please keep me posted via email as I will be looking
forward to your favourable response.

Mohammed Abacha
Please all contact should be directed to my email address
REPLY TO;abacha1mohammed [at] netscape.net