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My name is Kornkieat Jaravigit a bank manager in a reputable bank in Tepsirin,
Bangkok Thailand.
I am contacting you with the hope of having a private and confidential business
with you. I am writing you asking for your assistance in the transfer of
USD. 20.8M (Twenty Million Eight Hundred Thousand Dollars). Before I go
ahead with my request I will like to inform you that I would love if could
meet to discuss this transaction in person due to its magnitude, I am taking
this urgent move in order to make an acquaintance with you prior to the
time I will be due for an official assignment in Europe
But first I will like to put in the light of this transaction. Close to
the end of 2001 my bank decided to take a major step by changing the policy
of all its branches due to the merger with another bank. Hence due to the
change in policies and top management it became necessary for some majors
customers to determine their positions with the bank. Due to the large amount
involved, some of the foreign customer who believed that that new policy
would not benefit them found it hard to transfer their funds as result of
procedures involved and limited time.
A foreign customer approached me in confidence and asked for my assistance
in the transfer of his funds, which I agreed to. I offered my assistance
in the little way I could and I gave him some recommendation. Apparently
the fund was moved from my bank shortly after this time. To my surprise
I dID: [ID filtered]
to more of my surprise I was contacted by the financial institution I recommended
him to late last year that he has not come to finalize its transaction.

After proper investigation I discovered that he was involved in an auto
accident that took is life. And the deceased customer dID: [ID filtered]
with the bank any close relation. Prior to this discovery, I was compelled
to assume responsibility for monitoring this fund, which is quite difficult
for me due to my position in my bank.
My proposal to you is for us to conclude this transaction together, as I
cannot claim this fund by myself. I am ready to share it at ratio 60:40,
60% for me and 40% for you. I will like to assure that this transaction
is risk free, but privacy is required and cannot be compromised. Please
send to me your private email: phone number and fax, so I can give you
more details. Please forward your response to email kornkieatjaravigit [at] yahoo.com.sg
or my fax line: + 85230147052.
Kornkieat Jaravigit
Fax: + 85230147052
E-mail: kornkieatjaravigit [at] yahoo.com.sg

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