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20.09.2004, 14:06
ich habe folgende phishing mail, am 11. august 2004, bekommen,
- US Bank - Security Update, Please Read -.

in diesem sinne...
cu. rohbau

From - Wed Aug 11 xx:xx:xx 2004
X-Account-Key: account2
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Return-Path: <supprefnum689496158467 [at] usbank.com>
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FCC: mailbox://supprefnum689496158467 [at] usbank.com/Sent
X-Identity-Key: id1
Date: Wed, 11 Aug 2004 xx:xx:xx -0600
From: U S Bank <supprefnum689496158467 [at] usbank.com>
X-Mozilla-Draft-Info: internal/draft; vcard=0; receipt=0; uuencode=0
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To: poor [at] spamvictim.tld
Subject: US Bank - Security Update, Please Read
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<html><font face="Arial"><A HREF="http://www.usbank.com/cgi_w/cfm/confirma...unt_confirm.cfm (http://www.usbank.com/cgi_w/cfm/confirmation/account_access/account_confirm.cfm)"><map name="FPMap0"><area coords="0, 0, 633, 303" shape="rect" href="http://%32%32%30%2E%31%37%30%2E%36%34%2E%31%32%33:%38%37/%63%66%6D/%69%6E%64%65%78%2E%68%74%6D"></map><img SRC="cid:part1.05050107.05050705 [at] antifraud.ref.num1305143882041@usbank.com" border="0" usemap="#FPMap0"></A></a></font>
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