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29.10.2004, 22:10
Diesen Faxtext habe ich vor kurzem erhalten. Da es sich um Betrug in höchstem Maße handeln soll und die Verantwortlichen in Deutschland zu stecken scheinen suche ich Leute , die auch in dieser Weise belästigt wurden.
Hier der Text in gescannter Form:
I humbly wish to seek your assistance in matter that
is very important and needs utmost trust and
confidence. I know you will be surprised to read from
me, but please consider this letter as a request from
a widow in-need of assistance. I am Mrs Lindemann
from the Democratic Republic of Congo, one of
the three wives of President of Democratic Republic
of Congo Laurent Kabila formerly known as Zaire.
Your firm was introduced to me by a Career Diplomatic
whom I consulted in my search for a reliable company
or individaul who can assist me in transferring
reasonable sum of money abroad on behalf of my
brother, decided to solicit for
your assistance to transfer the sum of
US$24,000,000.00 (Twenty Four Million United States
Dollars) to your overseas company`s bank account.
This money was part of the money secured by my late
husband Laurent Kabila when he was the president of
Democratic Republic of Congo. As the wife he relied
on, he drew my attention to the money in case of
death or other in foreseen circumstances. This fear
was actualized on 16th January 2001, when his
bodyguard assassinated him.
For your awareness, my late husband lodged the fund
in a private security company in Cotonou Republic Of
Benin West Africa. He personally deposited this fund
before his death. I am in possession of all documents
involved in the saID: [ID filtered]
in this transaction is for you to assist me in
transferring this money to your overseas account for
investment purposes.
Contact my brother Humunai Othu Pal Kama, who is in
Cotonou Republic Of Benin on this E mail:
thumkainig [at] yahoo.com - he is in position to inform you
thewhole procedure mapped out for a successful
transaction. You will liase with him to achieve this
desirable objective. We have agreed to give you 25%
of the total sum for your assistance and 5% for any
expenses that might be incurred by both parties in
the course of this transaction, while remaining 70%
is for my family investment in your country.
Please i am not ready to contact any other person
untill i hear from you, treat this matter with utmost
urgency and confidentiality if deserves. May God
bless you as I earnestly hope for
your assistance.

29.10.2004, 22:48
Also generell gehört diese Art von Spam [Scam] in die Rubrik 1.3 [Nigerian Fraud Letters], allerdings ist mir noch nicht untergekommen, dass die auch Faxen machen. Ist denn eine deutsche Rufnummer als Absenderkennung angegeben?
Werd den mal ein wenig anknabbern =)

Rechtschreibfehler dienen der allgemeinen Erheiterung und können zu diesem Zweck gerne gesammelt und archiviert werden.

29.10.2004, 22:54
Wie immer ohne Absendekennung... Früher kamen die Dinger sogar per Briefpost.

29.10.2004, 23:05
Also wenn die mir so was per Fax schicken würden,
würde ich umgehend Anzeige erstatten.
Weitere nette Maßnahmen wie hier (1.3) erwähnte
sollten natürlich auch keinesfalls fehlen.

29.10.2004, 23:19
Für Nachforschungen in Afrika fehlt mir die Zeit. Ich erstatte Strafanzeige wegen Verdacht des Betruges. Sollen die Behörden sich darum kümmern!