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Sven Udo
01.08.2005, 02:33
Ich glaube, Dänemark hatten wir lange nicht - oder noch gar nicht!?
Na' egal, auf jeden Fall auch eine Möglichkeit, Geld zu machen, auf Dänisch halt :stop: !
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Hello, Kaere-Jewellery, a well-known Danish jewelry company, is glad
to offer you a position of transfer manager.

Neither experience nor education in finance is required for the job.
The job takes you 1-3 hours a day several days a week - and it is well
compensated. A transfer manager is paID: [ID filtered]
processing operation, which makes up to USD 2,500 a month! All you need to
obtain this position is good credit history, no criminal records,
access to your e-mail several times a day and bank account or possibility
to open it. We do not employ people under 21!

The transfer manager is responsible for receiving payments from the clients
of Kaere-Jewellery to his personal bank account and sending the money to
Kaere-jewellery. More information about the position and reasons for its
introduction you will find at www.kaere-jewellery.com/vacancy.php .

Apply with an e-mail to vacancy [at] kaere-jewellery.com for the position and
you will get an application form. Fill it in and send it back to us.
We will answer you in a short time. If you have more questions e-mail to
info [at] kaere-jewellery.com.
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Thank you for your kind attention to our offer.
Anders Fogh Rasmussen
Chief Executive Officer
K1264 Kabenhavn K-DK
Tel.: +45 32 69 87 00 / +45 70 211 288
Fax: +45 3311 4012