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03.12.2005, 12:44
Ausgespuckt über Korea:

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GLOBALTRANSFER INC. is looking for new candidates for the position of Financial Courier.

Since the time when GLOBALTRANSFER INC. Investment & Finance company started 2 years ago we have
been catering for a wide range of services in the field of foreign currencies conversion.
Take a flavor of our unique terms and conditions. We work both with domestic customers from
all walks of life and with different clients worldwide. We have been often highly praised
by leading financial periodicals, whilst according to the polling results, we were ranked
the fifth position. We managed to minimize time, necessary for money conversion and further
transaction to any place of the globe, as well as to apply unmatched security level for our customers.
Coupled with the fact, that our Financial Couriers staff around the world considerably exceeds
the number of agents of our major competitor, our advantages are out of question. By leveraging
stability and reliability of our operations we managed to get a far greater ability to gain loyalty
of our partners and confidence of our customers.

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The scope of responsibilities of a Financial Courier will involve processing of money transfers (mainly bank transfers).
This job does not imply any relevant knowledge or experience in the field of finance.

The candidates, able to exhibit sound, smart and prompt operations, will qualify.

You will be able to combine your main job with THERUSMARKET career.

Basic Requirements to the Candidate:

* Promptness of operations, interpersonal skills, responsibility.
* Ability to spend enough time for this job.
* PC, Internet, email handling skills (user-level).
* Basic knowledge of English.

To get the operational scheme details and all necessary forms,
fill out the Application Form first. We promise to react as promptly as possible.

Please fill form at this web-site: http://global-transfer-form.com/

Thank you for your interest to our offer.


Ich plädiere jetzt einfach mal dafür, dass man hier gewissenhaft einige Mugu-Kontaktdaten einträgt.
So haben beide Seite (Mugu und Geldwäscher) eine wunderbare Win-Win-Situation :p