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May I take the liberty to introduce myself as Mr. Chen Quanyong, Bank
Manager of a
reputable bank in Taipei, Taiwan and I have an urgent and very
confidential proposal for
your review and
Just before the last financial quarter of banking operations, I was able to
discovered a
certain Fixed Deposit for twelve calendar months made by a certain
foreign individual,
valued at a sum that is quite impressive.
I made several frantic efforts and investigations and discovered that the
depositor died
in an automobile accident and he died without making a WILL, all
attempts to trace any
of his relatives was fruitless as he did not declare any next of kin or
relations in all his
official documents, including his Bank Deposit paperwork in my Bank.
This sum and the
interest has being rolled over with the principal sum at the end of each
year at the rate of
19% per annum comes to a collosal sum.
The need for a foreign assistance becomes crucial as a next of kin to the
depositor is
earnestly being searched for and as I cannot acquire the funds in my
name. I have already
developed a foolproof, legal and totally risk free transaction through which
the fund can be
transferred to your nominated bank account within a very short time after
documentation and authentication processes are observed. The strategy
is to use my
and influence as the Bank Manager to present you as a next of Kin and
beneficiary of the
as I shall arrange all documentation to support this claim and I shall grant
approval for the
transfer of the funds into your nominated Bank account.
The due processes leading to your acquisition of the funds has been
perfected, and
asssured to be 100% risk free as I want to re-assure you that I have
concluded all
local modalities for the successful completion of this transaction, and I am
sure the
funds can arrive your nominated Bank account within 7 - 10 working days
from when you
agree to assist me and for this, the money will be paid to you by any
means of your choice
for us to share at a ratio we shall both agree on.
Please reply immediately via the private email address above and
endeavour to give me a
private telephone/fax number (stating country and city codes) through
which I can
communicate with you in confidence as the need for secrecy is great to
this transaction.
I expect your urgent response; no matter your decisions to enable me
know what next to
Please pardon my discretion, I shall be more detailed as we progress.
Mr. Chen Quanyong
Taipei, Taiwan.

Laber laber laber. Ein Bankmanager einer renommierten Bank will dieselbe bzw. den Staat / was bzw. wen auch immer bescheißen. Und er erwartet von mir, daß ausgerechnet ich ihm traue, daß er mich nicht bescheißt. Er will bestimmt nur mein Bestes (also *mein* Geld). Und ein whois zeigt nach Nigeria. Irre, absolut irre. So blöd muß man erst mal sein, um da zu erwarten, daß darauf jemand `reinfällt.
Mift, und ein abuse nach Nigeria macht ganz bestimmt viel Sinn. .
Was soll`s, ab damit nach /dev/tonne.